Live Chat Software For Websites For Better Customer Experience

A lot of times, many users misinterpret live chat software to be the ones you can chat live on like Skype, Line or other platforms. But, we are talking about the live chat software for websites that can help your customers solve general queries in a go when they come to your website. Communication is vital for every business and introducing a support option can help you gain customer loyalty by delivering them the best customer experience.

For any business, a website plays a vital role along with other additional factors. One of them is the Help and Support section. This can be designed keeping user’s general queries in mind and can be presented through a chatbot at the bottom of the website saying for instance, ‘How can I help you?’. The user will click on the chat icon and it will hit some general queries along with an option to choose ‘others’ if you have any unrelated query to ask from the support team.

What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software is a service that can provide instant support and information to the customer landing on your website. It is an instant messenger that allows customer and support team to communicate in real-time. It is an online communication tool that can be added to your website allowing people to engage with your business whether they want to ask questions, need any help or to find any particular information on your website.

Top Picks: Live Chat Software For Websites

If your website is still not having an option to a quick chat with the support team, it is the time to jump in. Introduce a live chat option with these best live chat software for websites to get an edge over your competitors.

1. LiveChat


LiveChat is one of the leading live chat service providers and its major strength is in its simplicity. This wonderful tool is embedded with many beneficial features along with its clean, clutter-free and easy-to-use interface. Other than the chat console, it offers apps for Windows and Mac, delivering an integrated help desk solution.


  • Customizable tool to suit best of your needs.
  • Secure tool various verification steps.
  • Makes your business goals turn reality with better customer engagement.

 2. Intercom


Add fun in your live chats with emojis and GIFs. Intercom’s aims at sparking conversations that can connect you with the target audience keeping it light. It is more or less a contact form that aims at instant replies from the website support team. With intercom, even voice and video chats are possible. Also you can send emails through intercom giving rise to your customer engagement and interaction.


  • Helps in revenue growth.
  • Ease communication by integrating more apps.
  • Customizable tool for your brand’s specific needs.

 3. Olark


Olark is one of the great live chat software you can embed in your website to offer great customer engagement with its real-time chat feature. It is easy to use and fun tool that has notable features including chat automation features that allows you to send auto messages to visitors visiting specific pages. As an additional feature, Olark lets you hide the chat for certain geographies.


  • Real-time chat option for better customer engagement.
  • Allows efficient organization of customer data.
  • Offline messaging.

 4. Acquire


This is yet another in the list of best live chat software for websites that works for better customer experience. With Acquire, you can boost conversion rates on the web or mobile, providing efficient support through intelligent bots, and much more. This wonderful tool comes handy with video and voice call functionality. Acquire can help you improve the quality of conversations.


  • Support Bots
  • Video recording
  • Smart suggestions

 5. LiveHelpNow


Last but not least, LiveHelpNow is a customer engagement tool on a website that makes customer support simpler with live chat services, FAQ dashboard and much more. You just need a single account to provide support to multiple brands and websites. LiveHelpNow is available for use for a package starting at $21 per month.


  • Instant language translation.
  • Support tickets.
  • SMS support to customers having a liking for texts.

 Why Is There A Need Of Live Chat Software For Websites?

Yes, there is a need of live chat software for websites for the major reason that most of the customers prefer to live chat over any other contact channel. And the popularity hasn’t just stopped, it is popularly rising. This is a great tool for instant communication for any queries and better services can benefit businesses grow and rise with more customer loyalty.

With a better live chat software for websites, you will be able to change the way companies interact with their customers. Live chats are leading digital content methods as whenever a customer has a query, they are more likely to rely on your business website and seek their solution thereby connecting with any of your team members via live chat.

What can live chat software for websites do?

Well, there is no doubt that with better communication comes better results, and with an efficient live chat option, you can respond to customer queries instantly and can proactively send them the probable answers far before they even ask you.

If you’re serious about having live chat software for your website, there are plenty of options available with many notable features. Even, we have listed here some of the best live chat software options you can consider for your business. We recommend you opt for a paid plan as they offer more security and reliability for businesses. The software listed in this article are affordable and even free for a certain period of time.

If you have any further questions or feedback, let us know in the comments below.

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