Top 5 Open Source School Information Management Systems

For schools and education centres, it is very much important to have managed systems whether online or installed. For a better performing school, good practices are substantial and schools nowadays are competing for quality school management and administration. Although managing everything for school administration comes up with enormous challenges in the aspect of planning, staffing, organizing, communicating, directing, reporting, budgeting and keeping everything in control.

For them, i.e. educational institutions, school information management systems is the only solution that can maintain students’ information efficiently and allows parents, teachers and students to communicate with each other. If you want to give it a try, we will recommend using free and open-source school management software for your ease.

Here is a list of the best options for better school management and administration that will help in running a school successfully.

What is a School Management Software?

School Management Software consists of various levels of management that allow schools to automate multiple tasks related to management and administration. There are many options available that offer a wide range of functions, from scheduling to student performance tracking. Having an efficient management system can help schools to improve communication with increased transparency with the parents.

Efficient software is able to manage a number of tasks including bill-pay and invoices, grading and progress reports, attendance tracking, communication between teachers, parents and students.

What Can A School Management System Do?

With efficient school management systems, school administration is enabled to administer activities related to students, their attendance, tests and examinations etc. Get one of the best school information management solutions to maintain a healthy relationship between teachers, students, and parents. Such software can efficiently reduce manual work, enhance productivity and offers a student-teacher collaboration beyond the classroom.

Effective management software can increase productivity by reducing the time frame. It maintains track records and increases the accuracy of data organization for better management of educational centres. These management software brings an innovative collaboration between modern schools and educational institutions.

Best School Information Management Systems 2022

1. Fedena


Fedena is one of the leading school management systems having a powerful programming framework. It is an open-source platform built on Ruby on Rails framework and is honoured by several awards. Fedena is a software that has everything from school management to grade book and reports, parent-teacher collaboration to Time-Table, attendance and scheduling. It is simple and easy software with amazing features and unlimited student, teacher and parent logins. You can use this software online or on your Android and iOS device.

Fedena Highlights

  • User-friendly dashboard with customizable and secured system.
  • A wide array of features that can help to communicate effectively.
  • Allows creating error-free time table in no time.
  • Manage multiple courses.

2. Gibbon


Gibbon is a flexible school management platform that is able to solve real problems for educators every day. It can help school administrations to explore a wide array of educational experiences. Gibbon is one of the amazing school information management systems that fit well with the needs of teachers, students, administration staff, parents and school management of course. It is a free, flexible and open-source multilingual school platform.

Gibbon Highlights

  • Unified access and quick student finder.
  • Manage fees easily, billing and invoices right on the dashboard.
  • Error-free generation of attendance data and reports.
  • Flexible school platform to use.

3. PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS is student information management system for educational centres. With such a solution you can drive efficiency in your K-12 educational institution. Monitor daily operations, reporting tools, grade book management and much more with this amazing school management platform. With PowerSchool SIS, you can streamline the complex process of K-12 administration. The administrators, staff and teachers can quickly access and manage student information on the go.

PowerSchool SIS Highlights

  • Modern and easy-to-use dashboard to improve daily operations.
  • Boost administrative productivity with school information systems.
  • Monitors daily operations, reporting tools, grade book management, and real-time insights into classrooms.

4. OpenSIS

Open SIS

OpenSIS is yet another efficient school information management system that is capable of handling all types of education centres. This particular platform is currently used by more than 30K institutions worldwide, catering to more than 12 million students. It has an intuitive and responsive design, dynamic dashboard that is secured and scalable. Open SIS is built for the cloud and helps your institution to surge ahead by increasing student achievements and performances.

OpenSIS Highlights

  • Arena scheduling available.
  • Have a built-in messaging system.
  • 360-degree information about students.
  • A portal for parents.

5. Fekara


When it comes to choosing the right school information management system, Fekara is an extensive option to choose. It is an all in one web-based software for the school’s better administration and management. This is an amazing software for school management that offers one common school database system. It is easy to use software that configures all the user profiles in your school. This school management solution allows everyone from administrators to teachers, students and parents to share necessary information with each other.

Fekara Highlights

  • Highly customizable to cater to specific needs of any educational institution.
  • Hosted on mobile and tablet versions and cloud servers.
  • Multilingual school information management software.
  • Secure and reliable platform with a wide range of features.

Wrapping Up

With many school management software available, it becomes difficult to select the right one to cater to your educational institution needs. Therefore, we have listed the top-rated open-source school information management systems for educational institutions to manage everything at ease. The right software for school administration can help you complete several administrative tasks in school and automate the process. From attendance to assignments, teachers, parents and students can access everything with utmost transparency and multiple user logins on a single platform.

Which one do you feel is the best school information management system? Share with us in the comments section below, if you know any.

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