Hey Siri: 100+ Assistant Commands To Refresh Your Memory Of What Siri Can Do For You

Apple users must likely be familiar with the sophisticated digital assistant, Siri. However, several of them might be oblivious to the best Siri commands. Fortunately, all it takes is just a few simple phrases & you can master the incredible things, the voice assistant can do for you. Be it for acquiring general information, sending messages, making calls, playing music, writing notes and more. Siri is a well-sophisticated operator, which is why you need to learn the tricks to get the most out of it.

Hey Siri, Are You Listening? Top 100+ Assistant Commands Every iPhone User Should Know.

Start using Siri to its full potential, check out this complete list of voice commands to get your every task done without any hassle.

Commands You Should Know To Get The Job Done

Category: Control Your Devices Best Siri Commands 2020
Hey Siri “Turn Wi-Fi on/off”
Hey Siri “Switch to airplane mode”
Hey Siri “Brighten the display” or “Darken the display”
Hey Siri “Launch Settings”
Hey Siri “Open Gallery” (Or any other name of the iPhone application)
Hey Siri “Open www.systweak.com” (Or any other website)
Hey Siri “Set an alarm to 8 AM.”
Hey Siri “Take a selfie.”
Hey Siri “Increase the volume to 100%” (decrease the volume to 10%)
Hey Siri “Flip a coin.”
Hey Siri “Roll a dice.”
Hey Siri “Capture a panorama shot.”
Hey Siri “Set a timer for 20 minutes.”
(For Mac Users) Hey Siri “How much free space do I have?”
Category: Information  Best Siri Commands 2020
Hey Siri “What time is it?”
Hey Siri “Tell me about today’s weather?”
Hey Siri “Will it rain today.”
Hey Siri “How is the traffic today?”
Hey Siri “When is sunset tonight?”
Hey Siri “How cold will it be next week?”
Hey Siri “What was the score in the Liverpool game?”
Hey Siri “What’s Google stock trading today?” (any company’s stock)
Hey Siri “What is 1284 + 3456234?” (or any difficult math problem)
Hey Siri “What is the definition of Grommet?” (or any other word)
Hey Siri “What is the synonym of Agelast? (or any other word)
Hey Siri “How do I make Dalgona coffee?  (or any other recipe)
Hey Siri “What time is it in Japan?” (or any other place)
Category: Productivity Best Siri Commands 2020
Hey Siri “Wake me at 7 AM” (or any other time)
Hey Siri “What alarms do I have?”
Hey Siri “Set an appointment with Dr. Regina Phalange at 9 AM” (date & time)
Hey Siri “Remind me to pick up pastries at 5 PM (Reminder & Date/Time)
Category: Entertainment & Sports Top Assistant Commands 2020
Hey Siri “Show me the game score.”
Hey Siri “Play/pause/stop/skip music
Hey Siri “Play the next/previous song.”
Hey Siri “What is this song?
Hey Siri “Play name of the song.”
Hey Siri “Play popular songs from the year.”
Hey Siri “Play songs from the artist.”
Hey Siri “Did the sports team win?
Hey Siri “What is the summary of Sweet Virginia?” (or any other movie)
Hey Siri “Play workout music.”
Hey Siri “Shuffle my playlist.”
Hey Siri “Add this song to Favorites.”
Category: Navigation Top Assistant Commands 2020
Hey Siri “Take me home.”
Hey Siri “Find driving, walking directions to a destination.”
Hey Siri “Where is a business name?”
Hey Siri “Where is the nearest restaurant?” (or any business type)
Hey Siri “How long until we arrive in Tokyo?” (destination)
Hey Siri “Check the flight status of airline & flight number.”
Hey Siri “What’s a good Chinese restaurant near me?”
Hey Siri “Where is the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot?”
Hey Siri “Find me an Uber.”
Hey Siri “Show me the bus route to”
Category: Conversions & Calculations  Top Assistant Commands 2020
Hey Siri “What is 50 IDR in Euros?
Hey Siri “What is the cube root of 10648?”
Hey Siri “What are the 20 cups in litres?”
Hey Siri “What is 10 plus/times/divided by/multiply 2?”
Hey Siri “What is 25% of Number?”
Category: Messages & Calls Top Assistant Commands 2020
Hey Siri “Call name.”
Hey Siri “Call name on speaker” (contact name)
Hey Siri “Send a message to a contact.”
Hey Siri “Send a message to contact & let them know I’ll be late for dinner.”
Hey Siri “Facetime with contact.”
Hey Siri “Read my emails.”
Hey Siri “Post to Facebook”
Category: Photos & Videos Must-Know Voice  Commands 2020
Hey Siri “Take a picture.”
Hey Siri “Record slo-mo.”
Hey Siri “Open my album” (album name)
Hey Siri “Show me photos/videos from Cloud” (or other place)
Hey Siri “Show me photos of the name of the person identified by faces.”
Hey Siri “Scan a QR Code
Hey Siri “Show me today’s pictures.”
Hey Siri “Show me photos/videos from date.”
Category: Random Tips & Tricks  Must-Know Voice  Commands 2020
Hey Siri “Tell me a joke.”
Hey Siri “What does the dog say?”
Hey Siri “Knock knock”
Hey Siri “Say my name.”
Hey Siri “What is your favorite color?”
Category: Fun Things To Ask Must-Know Voice  Commands 2020
Hey Siri “What does Siri mean?”
Hey Siri “Do you follow the three laws of robotics
Hey Siri “Are you intelligent?”
Hey Siri “What do you dream about?”
Hey Siri “Can you stop me”?
Hey Siri “Make me a sandwich.”
Hey Siri “What are you made of?”
Hey Siri “Do you have pets?”
Hey Siri “What are you scared of?”
Hey Siri “Are you alive?”
Hey Siri “Are you human?”
Hey Siri “Does Santa Claus exist?”
Hey Siri “Why did Apple make you?”
Hey Siri “Are you a man or a woman?”
Hey Siri “Do you have kids?”
Hey Siri “What comes first, chicken or the egg?”
Hey Siri “Can I call you Jarvis?”
Hey Siri “Can you dance?”
Hey Siri “How much do you earn?”

Well, that was all folks!

Siri does have the potential to help users with almost everything from getting the weather information to booking appointments. Hope our list of best Siri commands enables you to make the most out of your device. Do you know any other funny assistant commands we can ask Siri for getting some hilarious answers? Mention them in the comments section below!

Spread Laughter! 😀


  • comment_avtar
    Thanks for sharing! Never knew that Siri could do so much! I wonder if the Google Assistant on Android devices is equally versatile..

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mansi Vijay
      Hi Shashank, Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, you are absolutely right, digital assistant for Android also features some incredible functionalities. Check out our blog: Google Assistant Best Tips & Tricks

      4 years ago

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