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At times the biggest itch can be a tune stuck in your head which you can’t remember. Technology is here to help you again to find the name of a song online when you don’t even know the lyrics. There are several song recognition methods available which will help you identify the song with your smartphone. To save you from this constant urge to find out what song is playing you can use these online services. In this post, we discuss the methods you can try without having to download the song finder apps.

It gets easier to find the name if you get the lyrics right, or at least a few words of the song. You can search the words/lyrics to find the title of the song along with other details. The results generated will give you the one which you have been searching for. You can also use the song lyrics finder apps if using a phone. The real difficulty is faced when you can only hum the tune of the song. It is possible that you heard the song around you, but can not remember the song.

Identify Songs Online –  Find Out What Song Is Playing In Your Surrounding?

When you are nowhere near the lyrics of the song, you can always go to use either of the methods given below. Methods to find the name of a song, includes the most effective Google search:

1. Google search

How do I get Google to identify a song? Use Google Assistant to find the name of a song for your Android devices. Now you can get the song name in few moments as you assign the work to search for your song. Launch the Google Assistant and speak to it or type the instruction – What song is it? If you do not have the app, go to the search bar and tap on the Microphone sign. Now place your phone close to the music playing device, the option will appear as an icon in the corner of the search. This will be called What’s this song?


Google Assistant identify the song

As the song is identified, it will take you to the search page; you can see the results related to the song. Mostly they include the YouTube video links and more about the song with the title and description.

2. Siri

For all the Apple devices which come incorporated with Siri, the smart voice assistant can be used to identify song online. Turn on Siri and place your iPhone or iPad near the music playing device and ask what song this is. It will listen to the song playing and will give you quick results for the song.

The ability to find the name of a song with this Apple voice assistant is very assuring as the results were correct as we tried a few songs.

3. Alexa

Alexa is great at listening to the audio commands, and therefore, it can help you find the name of a song easily. If you are meddling for what song it could be and trying to find a solution, better ask Alexa. Let it take the matter to its own and then Alexa does what Alexa does best, listen to the song playing carefully, and give you results. It will speak to you the results after identifying song online. It is a great way for song recognition while you are connected to your internet. A song finder feature will let you find a song with a few words or could identify the song with the phrases.

4. Shazam

If you Shazam, that is the best and most well-known app to identify the song playing around you. All you need to do is launch the app, and let it hear the song and then it will give you the result from its database of audios. It is capable of identifying the movie, television show, advertisement and song.

The song recognition feature works for the official website of Shazam too. All you need to do is type the song lyrics which you remember, and it will give you instant results. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can get the app for the Apple Watch and Android wearables too to find the name of a song playing in your surroundings.

Remember that these services work with internet connection as they fetch the results to identify the song.

Found your song yet?

We hope you get the answer you were looking for to identify the song. The latest  Voice assistants are here to make your work simple as you have to just say Ok Google identify this song and it will. Same goes for Siri for iOS devices.  For the smart home devices, it’s even easier to give commands to Alexa to identify songs online and play it for you. Other methods involve the websites such as Shazam and Lyrstr which are good to find out what song it is with the help you few words from the lyrics. Which method do you use?

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