How To Use Alexa To Play Amazon Music

Alexa is one of the popular digital assistants which have proved to be very useful. You can use Alexa to fix appointments, book a table at a restaurant and play your favorite songs to set the mood. Alexa can play songs from Amazon Music app on your tablet, phone similarly as it can play songs via Echo device.

 Use Alexa To Play Amazon Music

If you want to use your voice and Alexa commands to play songs, then you need to download Amazon Music app for the device you possess, Android phone, iPad, Fire tablet, iPhone.

All you need to be is Amazon Music Subscriber; it can be done either by being a Amazon Prime member or getting a monthly service of Amazon Music.

Note: One thing that you need to remember is you can’t use Alexa for Amazon Music on Mac or Windows computer, also it wouldn’t work if you use web browser to stream music. You can use Amazon Alexa app to control Echo devices but in this case it is better to use Amazon Music app.

How To Use Alexa On Amazon Music With iPhone and iPad

Amazon Music app on iPhone is similar to that on iPad, so if you are familiar to asking Alexa to play music via voice commands on iPhone, then you can easily use iPad to do the same. First step will be downloading Amazon Music app from App Store.
To know how to use Alexa on Amazon Music via iPhone/iPad, following these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Activate Alexa in Amazon Music app

  1. Locate Alexa icon from lower right hand side corner and tap on it
  2. It will prompt you to give access for microphone, tap Allow to proceed.
  3. Now tap OK for iOS notification to make sure microphone access is enabled.

This is it! You can now use Alexa to play music from Amazon Music app. To do that, tap Alexa button, use a music command. If the Amazon app is open then, just say Alexa to wake it up and it will start listening.

Note: With this, hands-free with Alexa feature is enabled by default till Amazon app is open.

In case, the setting “hands-free with Alexa” is disabled, you have to tap the Alexa button to wake it up, and give a command.

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How To Use Alexa on Amazon Music With An Android Device

The Amazon Music app for Android device works similar to the one on iOS. The only difference is that Amazon Music app will seek permission to access microphone when downloading itself.

Once you have downloaded the app, launch it.

Now locate Alexa from the right hand corner of the bottom menu.

Note: Not every Android smartphone supports Alexa inside Amazon Music app. In case your device doesn’t support the app, you will see a magnifying glass for search instead of Alexa icon. This means, you need to type in the box to search songs.

How To Use Alexa on Amazon Music With a Fire Tablet

If you own a Amazon Fire tablet (4th gen or later), then Amazon Alexa will work on it. You don’t need to download anything to start. Let’s see the steps that needed to be followed:

  1. Get Alexa by holding Home button (circular shaped)
  2. Once you will see the blue line, give a command to play music.
  3. Alexa will start follow the command and play the song from music collection.

Note: Apart from Fire Tablets, you can use Alexa to play music via Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Edition, Amazon Tap, and Fire TV Stick.

Try Alexa Music Voice Commands

Alexa doesn’t only play certain song or artist. It can also play from a certain genre, if asked. Let’s say you asked to play Rock, Jazz, Pop or any other category, Alexa will play the song that falls into the category.

You can also ask to play according to your Mood (Sad/Happy/Excited/Romantic). Furthermore, you can ask Alexa to play according to time of day or location.

So, in this way you can use Alexa to play Amazon Music with iPhone/iPad, Android and Fire Tablet. If you own any of these devices and have Amazon Music subscription/are an Amazon Prime member, use Alexa to listen to your Music as per your mood or time of day.

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