9 Google Assistant Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

We’ve all been using Google Assistant since a while, but are you making the most of it? Voice assistants have surely become a main attraction of today’s technological era. With the announcement of Google’s latest Smart Phones Pixel and Pixel 2, Google Assistant became even more prominent. And now we’re even more glad as Google Assistant comes with all modern Android devices.

We all use Google Assistant on a regular basis, right? So, here are some of the best Google Assistant tips and tricks you should all try.

Best Google Assistant tips and tricks

1. Daily Briefing

 Daily Briefing

Daily Briefing is one of the best things to start your day with! Simply launch Google Assistant on your Smartphone and say, “Good morning”. You’ll get all essential info on the screen including calendar events, current weather update, traffic info to plan your commute smartly and more.

2. Create Your Nickname

Create Your Nickname

Voice assistants are not just machine gadgets, in fact they’re improvised in a more human like way so that they become our everyday companions. So, if you want you can assign a nickname for yourself so that Google Assistant will remember to call you by that from so forth. Simply launch Google Assistant and say, “Call me Spidey” or any other name which you like. From then onwards Google Assistant will use this nickname to address your during conversations.

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3. Sing Happy Birthday Carols

Sing Happy Birthday Carols

Celebrating your best friend’s birthday? Let Google Assistant sing the Happy Birthday song in the most melodious tune. Launch Google Assistant and say, “Sing Happy Birthday” to hear the birthday song.

4. Let Google Remember Things

Let Google Remember Things

Our human brain is stuffed with a lot of things. So, at times it gets pretty tough remembering about all little stuff, isn’t it? Don’t worry, let Google Assistant remember things for you while you stay stress free. Launch Google assistant and say, “Remember that ”. You can ask Google to remember tiniest of things like where you parked your car at the mall or about your friend’s birthday or anything.

5. Know All About World’s Events

Know All About World’s Events

Stay updated with all sorts of world’s events that are happening around you. Launch Google Assistant and say “What’s the news? “Google will then display all news info from your subscribed sources.

6. Search Within Google Photos

Search Within Google PhotosGoogle Photos is one of the best backup solution for Android devices to keep your memories safe and secure. As we tend to click a lot of photos from our Smartphone, our photo gallery often gets way too cluttered. And then it takes forever to find a particular photo from our collection. But now just ask Google Assistant to search your Google photos upload and look for what you’re looking for within no time. Simply say “Show me photos I took in Paris” or “Show me photos of my birthday” or request anything to Google Assistant.

7. Get Entertained

Get Entertained

Feeling bored and got nothing much to do? Well, Google Assistant can entertain you right away. Launch Google Assistant and say, “I’m Bored” and see how Google surprises you with a variety of fun things to do.

8. Flip a Coin

Flip a Coin


Can’t make a decision whether to wear red or black? Or whether to eat Chinese or Italian cuisine for dinner? Simply ask Google Assistant to flip a coin to solve all the confusion. Say “Toss a Coin” to assistant, pick one option and see whether it was heads or tails.

9. Google Translate

Google Translate

Traveling a foreign country? Having troubles to understand the native language? Let Google Assistant help you out a bit. Simply launch the assistant and say, “Hello in Spanish” or any other language so that Google translates it and displays the results on your screen.

So folks, here were some of the best Google Assistant tips and tricks you should surely give a try. Google Assistant can be your all-time favorite companion, just start making the most of it with these cool tips and tricks!


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