Google Expands Duplex to Australia, Canada, and the UK

One of the most impressive inventions seen so far is Google’s Duplex. This AI can make appointments over the phone. Currently, the functionality is available in the US only, and in some parts of New Zealand, a pilot program is also running. But a recent disclosure made by VentureBeat tells Google is secretly bringing Duplex to three more markets.

google duplex

Does this mean Google Duplex will be completely rolled out in all three markets?

Looking at the pattern Google has been adopting it doesn’t look that way. Like in New Zealand Google launched a limited version, it seems the company will do the same in the UK, Australia, and Canada. This means there’s a possibility people in new markets won’t be able to ask Google to make an appointment for them.

Is there anything else Google is planning to do with Duplex?

Due to COVID-19, everything is shutting down. It seems Google will use Duplex to update people about temporarily shutting down the restaurants.

How does Google Duplex work?

Google Duplex is an AI drive voice that makes appointments for the user without any interaction with them. It can also answer a real person’s queries.

You can use Google Duplex on Google phones, iPhone and some other Android devices. To use it follow the steps below:

  1. Activate Google Assistant by speaking Ok Google. Alternatively, you can tap and hold the Home icon.
  2. Give a command to the assistant to make reservations at the restaurant.
  3. The Assistant will then give you a list of nearby restaurants. Not all will support Duplex therefore; you will have to search for the ones that support it.
  4. Once the restaurant that accepts Duplex calls is found. The Assistant will ask details like a number of people, time and date to make the reservations.
  5. Finally, you confirm and allow Duplex to make the reservations.

Duplex AI will do the rest and will inform you within 15 minutes to make the reservations.

Earlier this page had numbers for the U.S. and New Zealand, but now it will have for the other three markets too.

Why this change?

This rollout is part of the announcement made by Sundar Pichai CEO, Google in March. Where he said Google will do everything possible to share useful information and help people during this pandemic.

This looks like tech companies are trying their best to help people in these crucial times. So, now we need to do our part and we all should stay home to fight this deadly virus.

With this, we hope you stay safe, stay home and take care of yourself.

We would like to hear how you are holding up, do leave us your comment to share your experience.

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