10 Best Internet Speed Test Apps For Android And iPhone

Ever since internet got into picture, its speed has been improving beyond expectation. You can still recall when the internet speed of up to 2Mb a decade ago used to be categorized as a high-speed line. Now that you’ve got 4G and 5G, even the mobile internet works effectively to help you stream. With faster speed, you’ve got speed test apps to determine whether you’re good to go in an area or not.

Presently, there are hundreds of internet speed meter applications for Android and iPhone that you can download. However, you may not be able to get an authentic report from each of such apps. To help you with, we’re going to talk about the Top10 internet speed test apps that you can get.

What are The Best Internet Speed Test Apps for Android and iPhone?

Internet speed test apps helps you get a clear picture of the download and the upload data transmission speed in bandwidth. The internet speed may depend on the location and the distance from the nearest mobile signal tower. Below is the list of the best internet speed test apps that you can download on your Android and iPhone.

1. SpeedSmart Speed Test:

SpeedSmart Speed Test

When you’re not getting your promised internet speed, SpeedSmart Speed Test comes handy in testing it for you. SpeedSmart needs no introduction due to its proficiency and user base. The tool helps you get the optimum result based on various factors. SpeedSmart helps you know the download speed, upload speed and the network ping time. You can also check the entire history of the test to compare the current and previous speed. This way, you can know if it’s time to change the carrier or not. You can enjoy the tool on both Android and iOS platforms.

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2. V-SPEED Speed Test:

V-SPEED Speed Test

V-SPEED Speed Test needs no introduction being one of the best speed test apps for Android and iPhone. It is a powerful app that helps you measure internet connection speed with its modern and intuitive interface. V-SPEED comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi and mobile signal finding tool with an ability to select the default server for speed test. With V-SPEED, you can always test the download and upload speed and find out the delay in ping time. Also, the tool provides you basic information about your connection like IP address, carrier etc.

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3. FAST:

FAST - internet speed tester

FAST is another internet speed meter app provided to you from Netflix Inc. This way, Netflix makes sure that you’re getting sufficient speed to enjoy your favorite movies and shows over its online streaming service. You can also go on the FAST.com website to check internet speed on your desktops. With FAST on your smartphone, you can know your download speed, upload speed, latency, your current location, IP address as well as your internet service provider with its server location. What else is required?

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4. Meteor:

Meteor - speed tester for adnroid and ios

Meteor is another great application that helps you check internet connection and the speed. The tool is dedicatedly designed to determine whether you’re getting the promised speed for your download and upload or not. One of the best things about Meteor is that it never provides you the peak (maximum) speed and only takes the average speed as a result, which you get most of the times. Meteor makes a performance check on your Wi-Fi and mobile internet by running Facebook and Twitter speed test. It may also help you in knowing the streaming video speed test.

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5. Speedtest Ookla:

Speedtest Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is one of the most popular speed test apps that also helps you check internet connection. Ookla provides you with an easy to understand speed test result for your internet connection. With Ookla, you can know the download, upload speed of your internet with its ping time delay. Ookla also keeps a track of your search results, which you may later use to compare the current speed to determine if it has improved or if it is the time to switch the carrier. Ooka is also one of the few apps that lets you verify and troubleshoot the promised internet speed on your device.

6. Internet Speed Meter:

Internet Speed Meter

As the name reflects, Internet Speed Meter stands amongst the best internet speed test apps for Android. The tool gives you a real time speed test result by showing you the current speed in the status bar of your device. Unfortunately, Internet Speed Meter by Dynamic Apps is currently unavailable for iOS platform but may soon be floated. The tool gives a speed update and data notification with daily traffic usage alerts. Moreover, the tool doesn’t drain your battery and helps it run longer. Internet Speed Meter by Dynamic Apps comes in both free and pro versions, where the pro version would carry more benefits and features.

7. Speedtest Master:

Speedtest Master

If you’re looking for a dedicated internet speed meter that is designed especially for iOS, Speedtest Master is for you. The tool is developed to work with almost every generation of internet to test its speed like Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, DSL, and ADSL. You can get accurate result generated in just 30 seconds with one tap. The tool checks your internet speed though thousands of servers worldwide to generate a meaningful result. With Speedtest Master, you can check your download and upload speed with Ping time delay and get the real time graphs showing connection consistency.

8. Sensorly:


Do you wish to see for how long your phone was really connected to a 4G network? Well, Sensorly is one of those few apps that helps check internet speed with network coverage map. The tool is available for both Android and iOS platforms to let you know the coverage area in the map. This way, you can also rethink your adventurous trips to certain areas, where you might not be able to call for help. With Sensorly, you can instantly know your data transmission speed and share it on your social media or with friends.

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9. Speedcheck Internet Speed Test:

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test is another great way to check internet speed of your Android and iPhone. The tool provides you an accurate result to determine whether you’re getting sufficient speed to stream videos and play online games or not. With Speedcheck Internet Speed Test, you get your download and upload speed checked with ping latency. Also, the tool is smart enough to provide you speed test result for your Wi-Fi and LTE. If you suspect on receiving the promised speed or having trouble in consistent good speed, you can also schedule automatic check to monitor your and check internet connection and speed.

10.  Internet Speed Test by Speed Checker:

Internet Speed Test by Speed Checker

When you face tentative internet connection or a broken speed, Internet Speed Test by Speed Checker is there to test the data transmission for you. The tool is one of the best internet speed meter that provides you download, upload and the ping time with accuracy. With this tool, you can get your results saved for later comparisons. With intuitive interface and fast response time, it makes it to the list of the best internet speed test apps for Android and the iPhone users.

Overall, speed test apps for your smartphone not only reveals the bandwidth but also helps you check internet connection and its strength in a specific area. You can check internet speed and signal strength of an area that you are visiting to know the place better. This way, you can also determine if you would be able to get enough speed to stream an online web series on Netflix or you would just have to rely on your downloaded collection while traveling. Now that you’ve the list of the best internet speed test apps for Android and iPhone, it is time to mark your territory and check signal strength.


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