Uninstall These Apps If You’re Tired of Draining Battery

Almost every Android user can relate to the problem of draining battery. Though we are aware of the popular apps that drain battery, we tend to ignore the fact that there are several other apps which might be affecting the battery life of your android adversely. Time and again list of the most battery sucking apps is released but do we read each one of them? If not, then do we really know those apps which are capable of decreasing the battery life of your Android phone?

Are you curious to know about them? If yes, then you are at the best place to be as here is a list of those apps which might create problems for your phone’s battery!

1. Snapchat


Yes, Snapchat is a lot fun, but utilizes a lot of resources for its operation! This app appears constantly in the lists that guide about apps that drain battery on android. You can always enable travel mode which will help a little!

2. Netflix


Favourite of all those who love to binge watch, Netflix has also secured a place in list of battery draining apps in Android! You ask why? Well because this uses internet! Also, you see videos on screen which consumes ample power. However, you can always save battery by reducing the brightness of your phone while watching your favourite series.

3. Amazon Shopping


This app is on the list because of two things! First it is not optimized accurately and secondly it runs in the background like other essential apps such as Weather, email and others. This makes it consume a lot more battery than standard apps. To optimize your battery, you can use this shopping app and then hibernate it! However, if charging phone every quite frequently is not an issue for you, there is no harm using this app continually!

4. Outlook


The most popular emailing app, Outlook has a reputation of using up much more battery. The surprising part is Microsoft itself makes a few best android apps yet fails to design an app which is judiciary using the battery!

5. WhatsApp

whatsapp- batter draining app

When this famous chatting app was launched, it was much better! Though this is not the only messenger which is on the list, but certainly this one is most popular. Uninstalling or avoiding this is brutally difficult but you can always alter the settings in this! Avoid turning on the auto download for all the media, it will help up to an extent!

6. Clean Master

clean master

Claimed to be one of the most popular antivirus, this one has also bought limelight to itself as it consumes an enormous amount of battery and is known under the category of battery draining apps in Android! It has several tempting features which allure to download this, but later they become enemy to your phone and you end up with low battery!

7. LINE: Free Calls & Messages

line- the battery draining app

Another messenger that has variety of stickers to keep you entertained! Basically, it is addictive if your conversations have too many emoticons or stickers. But try getting rid of this as it is harmful for your battery’s health.

8. Default Apps of Samsung

There are a plethora of applications that come along with android phones of Samsung. However, they keep running in background and take up resources! The worst part is you cannot uninstall them, but you can disable them! So, try disabling these apps and you’ll witness a remarkable chain!

9. Facebook Messenger

facebook massenger drains battery

Yet another irritating app for our phone’s battery! But we cannot go even a day without this, can we?  Well, the Facebook has made it almost impossible for us. Without this, we won’t receive our messages, but try removing this from your phone and you’ll note the rest!

This is not an exhaustive list of battery draining apps in Android! However, do not forget that continuous usage of phone also drains battery. So, only uninstalling these won’t help! We have tried mentioning the most notorious apps that drain battery on Android.

We cannot ignore the fact that every Android device is different from other. Thus an app which is consuming too much power on one device may not have similar effects in another! So check about those apps from the settings and then take any significant step.

Don’t forget to tell us which apps you got rid of and if they had any significant effects or not!

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