How To Remove Junk Photos In WhatsApp?

Like most apps on Android, WhatsApp does tend to leave a lot of junk photos and image cache on your smartphone. If you don’t clean your phone regularly, WhatsApp’s way of downloading photos to your phone can become a problem. WhatsApp media files that are forwarded can wreak havoc on an Android phone’s internal storage. It was just a few days ago that the sheer volume of these Good Morning texts was consuming our phone capacity.

Manually deleting WhatsApp media files is inconvenient in certain situations, and stopping the auto-download feature is impractical because you can lose out on critical files. This is where a third-party app like Systweak’s Photo Cleaner comes into play.

How To Remove Junk Photos In WhatsApp

One of the most appealing aspects of the Photos Cleaner software is how simple it is to use, as well as how little time and effort it requires. Here’s how to erase images from an Android device with the Photos Cleaner app:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store or click the link below to get Photos Cleaner.

Step 2: Open the program by tapping on the shortcut you generated, and you’ll be taken through a small tutorial. Tap Next in the right bottom corner to see the steps, or Skip in the left bottom corner to skip them.

Step 3: Next, read and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, then click the box labeled “I have Read and Accept”.

Privacy Policy

Step 4: The app’s home screen will appear, and you must hit the Scan Photos icon in the center of the screen to proceed.

Scan Photos

Step 5: On the screen, you’ll see a prompt asking for permission to access your storage. In the right bottom corner, click the Give Permission link.

Give Permission

Step 6: Your Android phone’s File Explorer will now open.

Step 7: The three horizontal lines in the top left corner must be clicked.

Step 8: Click on USE THIS FOLDER button at the bottom of the screen to select your Phone’s storage.

Phone’s storage

Step 9: Click On Allow on the next prompt to grant the app your permission to access the storage,

access the storage

Step 10:  Click on Allow again in the next prompt from your smartphone’s operating system.

smartphone’s operating system

Step 11: A list of folders with images grouped into several categories such as Android, Hidden, and so on will appear on your screen.


Step 12: To view the contents of any folder, tap on it. If you wish to see more information about a hidden image, tap on it and then tap the Information Icon (little alphabet I within a circle) to get more information.


Step 13: To permanently delete the hidden photographs or photos cache that you do not want, pick the images and touch the Trash Bin Icon on your Android device.

What Makes Systweak’s Photos Cleaner So Beneficial?

Systweak's Photos Cleaner

Unwanted photographs on an Android device can be removed by simply deleting the ones you don’t want and organizing the rest into folders. This task can be completed manually, but it will take a long time and effort. Instead, we can remove images from an Android phone with third-party apps. Photos Cleanup by Systweak Software is one of the greatest photo cleaner programs. The following are some of the most important features:

It’s easy to use

When analyzing an app, the user interface and steps are two of the most crucial aspects to consider. Even without instructions or training, the Photos Cleaner software has a simple structure and is easy to use.

Sort All Images

In a photo cleaning tool like Photos Cleaner, users can categorize photographs by name, size, and date.

Delete image cache

Photos Cleaner can also be used to erase photos temporarily and then restore them once they’ve been used. These hidden photos are duplicates that eat up a lot of storage space on your Android device

Preview before you delete

Users can inspect photographs after they’ve been scanned before eliminating them with the Photos Cleaner software. Users can choose which photos to delete and whether or not duplicates should be kept.

Internal and external storage are scanned

The Images Cleaner inspects both the phone’s internal storage and the external SD card, allowing users to erase all of the photos on their Android device.

Enhances the performance of your Android device

The Android device runs faster and performs better when the transient and cache photos are removed.

The Final Word On How To Remove Junk Photos In WhatsApp?

Systweak’s Photo Cleaner is a fantastic program that makes it simple to recover photos from your SD card on Android smartphones. The majority of hidden images are undesired images such as garbage files and photos cache, however there are a few that can just brighten your day. Another advantage is that you will be able to delete unwanted photographs and reclaim critical storage space on your phone.

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