15 Best Weather App for iPhone

Having a weather app on your iPhone comes in handy, when you live in a place where weather is almost unpredictable or Let’s say you are going on a trip to a place you have never been before, it is always better to be prepared, the weather app will keep you updated with the weather conditions of the place. The question is how to know, which one is reliable and accurate as you can’t trust every weather app listed.

In this article, I have listed some of the best weather apps for iPhone available on App Store so that you never step out unprepared whether it is a sudden downpour or hot summer breeze.

15 Best Weather App for iPhone

1.      Dark Sky ($3.99, iOS and Android) –

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is best known for its to the minute accuracy.

  • Although, it is not for free, if you’re serious about getting the weather updates, this is it.
  • The user interface is simple and it shows you weather notifications and temperature fluctuations.
  • It will also notify you before it starts to rain or snow so that you don’t get startled.

2.      AccuWeather –


Yet another best weather app for iPhone which is also available free on App Store

  • It forecasts weather for about 15 days, which makes one of a kind app with the long-range prediction.
  • It provides a summary of how is weather now, with an indication of anything unusual.
  • It also indicates humidity, wind speed, and wind gust.
  • It even provides information about the sun and moon phases and a map of your location.
  • Just like Dark Sky, it also alerts you about the incoming events like storm, heavy rain, high winds.

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3.      RadarScope –


RadarScope is the app for weather fanatic listed in best weather app for iPhone list.

  • As claimed by the official website, it allows you to view NEXRAD Level 2 radar data and severe weather warnings.
  • It also provides accurate long time predictions.
  • RadarScope displays tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flash flood warnings issued by the National Weather Service.
  • It is available $9.99 on App Store.

4.      The Weather Channel


The Weather Channel is also good app for weather app for iPhone.

  • It is an app which provides timely weather alerts along with accurate forecasts.
  • Easy user interface.
  • It provides weather-related road conditions and videos of forecast to get the better idea.
  • It is available free on App Store.

5.      Yahoo Weather –

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather provides stunning photos with accurate forecast.

  • It can provide future forecast till 10 days.
  • It provides weather information which automatically updates based on your location, and access to weather maps, all with striking animations and a smoothness of speed.
  • It provides weather information for your favorite locations on a single swipe.

6.      WeatherBug –


WeatherBug is a weather app for iPhone for the people who are prone to allergies.

  • In addition to 10-day forecasts, the app also informs about the pollen index for the day, which may trigger allergies.
  • It lets you stay connected to your home accessories Nest, Honeywell and Smart Things Hub to conserve energy.

7.      CARROT Weather:

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather app is the new member of Carrot Family apps.

  • It is available for $3.99 on App Store.
  • It provides alerts on weather forecast with the help of forecast.io and beautiful animations.
  • The app provides weather forecasts up to 70 years in past for any location and long term 7 days local forecast.
  • It alerts you from unusual unavoidable weather changes.

8.      Hurricane by American Red Cross –

Hurricane by American Red Cross

Hurricane by American Red Cross is a weather app for iPhone designed by American National Red Cross.

  • It is a good app for the people who live in the area prone to hurricane, it alerts you when any high wind storm is coming towards you.
  • It is very useful app as it can activate flashlight on your device and can send messages to your loved ones confirming your safety.
  • It has connectivity to NOAA which guides to get prepared for hurricane or any other calamity.

9.      Weather Live –

Weather Live

Yet another paid application but is praised for the real-time weather background images.

  • It provides detailed data for daily forecasts with hourly updates and provides future 7- day forecast.
  • It is different from other apps of this category because of the high quality display.
  • It notifies you every morning about the day’s weather forecast so that you could plan accordingly.

10.  BBC Weather –

BBC Weather

BBC Weather is a weather app available free on App Store.

  • Unlike other weather apps, it provides you with pollution content in the air along with the pollen, visibility, humidity, and UV.
  • It can provide 10-day weather forecast in advance.
  • It provides you hourly updates with detailed information up to 48 hours.
  • It alerts you to any unfavorable weather conditions.

11.  Weather Underground –

Weather Underground

Weather Underground for iPhone is your everything weather app.

  • This app is for the weather geeks who loves to have all the data of weather forecasts.
  • You can report the local weather conditions or any calamity such as floods or power outages.
  • It provides you information about Air Quality and UV Index.
  • It has an additional feature in which you can add photos of weather conditions of your area and get the real-time report from station close to your place.

12.  Living Earth –

Living Earth

Living Earth is a weather app for iPhone which is unique due to the different perspective on time and weather.

  • This app presents the striking 3D imitation of our planet with weather forecasts and world clock which covers millions of zones.
  • It provides real-time weather maps and tracks humid cyclones.
  • Stars, Constellations and the Milky Way are demonstrated correctly with time and space.
  • It displays sunrise and sunsets of different cities.

13.  Swackett


Swackett is an app developed by AG Logic, LLC and possesses different features.

  • This app shows weather conditions of the entire day on a single click, which can help you plan your day accordingly.
  • It provides 5-day forecasts in future and weather history as well.
  • The simple user interface with cool animations (images of people dressed per weather conditions) makes this app lovable by the people of every age.

14.  Haze


Haze is listed in best weather app for iPhone due to its beautiful fluid animations and audiovisual interface.

  • It gives the detailed information on atmospheric pressure, Precipitation and humidity levels.
  • It shows sunshine hours, UV, cloud storage, sunrise and sunset times.
  • It has background animation which shows the next day’s weather forecast. It also provides 5- day forecast.

15.  Fresh Air – Hyperlocal Weather & NOAA Radar Map

fresh air

 Say hello to the newcomer app which has managed to be on the list of best weather apps for iPhone.

  • The 7-day Minute by minute weather forecasts helps you stay prepared the whole week.
  • The Graphical representation of weather makes it interesting and useful.
  • It uses U.S. NOAA Weather radar map for accuracy of forecasts.
  • It alerts you against the natural calamities in advance.

Still deciding, which you should you get on your iPhone, take your time
and download an app which fulfills your needs. Each app listed here is one of a kind. It is good to have a weather app on your iPhone as it helps you in planning ahead. As always said, “Prevention better than Cure”

What do you think about our list? Please let us know in comment box below.

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