How Artificial Intelligence Elevates Social Media Marketing: What Marketers Need To Know?

“AI in marketing is confusing and often speculative and overhyped,” says Gartner Vice President Andrew Frank.

Artificial Intelligence holds the potential to transform the way businesses create & manage social media marketing. That might be the reason why, “AI in Social Media” market is predicted to grow from $630M in 2018 to $2B+ in 2023, based on a recent study from MarketsAndMarkets.

But how is it really impacting Social Media?

How would it drive opportunities to achieve things with a higher degree of accuracy & at a faster rate?

And most importantly, What marketers should learn from this transformation?

So, without further ado, let’s see how AI can reform Social Media Marketing?

Different Ways How AI Impacting Social Media Marketing?

“Anything that transforms the way people use social media, will eventually be going to alter social media marketing.” Based on the fact alone, it definitely makes sense that AI would have a major impact on user activities & simultaneously on the marketer’s strategy.

1. Predictions About Future Outcomes

The primary subset of Artificial Intelligence is called “Machine Learning”. In layman terms, making predictions about future outcomes based on historical data.  For example: Whenever you surf the Internet, information related to your online query is stored for ‘AI Analysis’. This helps marketers to create focused campaigns & target prospects with relevant information and ads.

Predictions About Future Outcomes

2. Use of Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Chatbots have provided huge assistance in benefiting the social media platforms. They have significantly reduced the time consumption & efforts of marketers to engage customers based on their interests.  A recent article by Forbes Magazine, explains how chatbots can be programmed for tracking data & monitoring purchasing patterns of a consumer.

Moreover, marketers can rely on chatbots to compare posts on social media, this would help them to produce reliable tactics & content pieces to attract the right customers.

Use of Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

3. Introduction of Facial Recognition in Social Web Advertising

It’s the subset of AI, Machine Learning, that has made it possible for marketers to integrate emerging technology like Facial Recognition for targeting ads. Facebook already uses a facial identification method to tag the right person on a particular photo automatically.

While, Marketers can take advantage of such technology, to search for images on social media that contains their product or company name/logo. This would help them to know how & where their customers are using their products/services.  For instance: Using such technology, you can search for the bookshelf you designed & how several customers are using it. Some might be using it as a shelf for plants, while others might make it a media console. This valuable information can help you to market your product in a better way!

Introduction of Facial Recognition in Social Web Advertising
Image Source: Business Insider

4. Develop Social Listening Strategies For Business

Out of all the intelligent systems, Social Listening is the most relevant tool to draft better strategies for marketing. While you might confuse the phenomenon with Social Monitoring, but there’s a huge difference between the two terms. Social Listening involves tracking conversations through specific words & phrases. These insights can come useful to create content that appeals to a specific type of audience.

For example There are certain effective listening tools that offer marketers actionable data related to their target audience, competitors, communities, influencers & help them retrieve available opportunities. You can then develop the type of content that would generate a better audience & a market as a whole.

Develop Social Listening Strategies For Business
Image Source: Ignite Social Media

5. Reach New Markets

If you wish to take your company to reach new foreign markets, your content needs to be localized. You ask What’s Content Localization? Well, it’s the process of adapting your content to a specific destination by translating & manipulating it according to a foreign audience for a better connectivity. There are several AI-Translation tools, available in the market, but you’ll certainly not find a dedicated content localization tool that is AI-powered.

But all thanks to emerging techniques, that soon there will be tools that would help you to introduce your business to consumers all over the world. There’s an AI-driven tool, known as Tacotron 2 by Google, that has strong capabilities to use context to distinguish between intricate linguistic differences such as noun & verb forms of ‘present’. Tools as such are surely bringing us closer to AI-powered content localization.

Reach New Markets

6. Decisions Regarding Influencer Strategies

While Influencer Marketing has already reached heights today. They are one of the most effective marketing tools to gain better organic reach & ultimately boost Social Media ROI. But it could only be utilized to its maximum potential if it’s used right.

Today, a marketer can rely on AI to choose the right influencers to promote their brand. Since the market has a vastpool of influencers today, it inevitably becomes challenging to selectthe ideal influencer for your brand. Thankfully, Machine Learning will make the process hassle-free!

Decisions Regarding Influencer Strategies

7. Improving User Experience While Using Social Media Platforms

With an increase of social media users, every single day. It becomes difficult to process a large amount of data that comes from these popular platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence helps in such scenarios as well: Twitter uses AI to monitor trending topics & determine them according to the rankings of tags. This helps in navigating the platform properly & efficiently. Facebook uses AI algorithms to track comments from various posts & rank them at the top of your news feed, based on your interests & engagement activity. Instagram is also improving its mobile app using AI to induce features that help visually impaired people to browse the platform effectively. Moreover, it’s AI only that, detects bullying & abuse in photos and automatically turns it down, violating sentiments & privacy.

Improving User Experience While Using Social Media Platforms
Image Source: Integrify

8. Analysing Competitors On Social Networks

Examining competitors’ social profiles manually is a huge time-taking process. Indeed, the process is essential to determine whether a particular content piece or post has a positive or negative impact on users. Leveraging AI algorithms can help marketers effectively analyze competitors without errors.

One of the useful AI-Powered competitor analysis tools is NetBase. It helps in evaluating content on social platforms based on several parameters that affect the performance. Moreover, you can learn new keywords, content types that can do magic in achieving social media marketing goals.

Analysing Competitors On Social Networks

Why Must Marketers Pay Attention To AI?

Based on the above implications, there’s nothing wrong in saying that Artificial Intelligence does have strong potential to change the marketing landscape entirely. Allowing brands & companies to break through via delivering personalized experience to customers. Discussed are specific reasons for how marketers can get benefits of implying AI in Social Media Marketing.

Why Must Marketers Pay Attention To AI

1. AI Easing Mundane Tasks

Since there are dozens of apps from everyday use like Netflix recommending shows to watch, Google Maps predicting traffic, Gmail composing sentences. Most of the people have no or little idea about how it works & everything is done via Machine Learning. AI does make lives better by providing personalized experience & it would get better every single day.

Hence, marketers can make the most out of mundane things they do daily & scale in a way that is currently limited due to human-powered marketing.

2. AI Changing Marketing Careers

There’s no denying that AI is helping businesses make decisions in a better way & at a faster rate. Newly added techniques will certainly transform the marketing profession & open gates to new career paths & inviting more jobs.  A certain segment of AI-powered software & tools would be developed & introduced to be used. This would not only give newcomers a head start but also entice marketers to start exploring AI & what benefits they can cater to simplify their tasks.

This might sound overwhelming for a lot of people to understand the real context. But regardless of any reason, brands could see an immersive growth in comparison to other brands, who aren’t implying AI in their marketing strategies.

3. AI With Content Creation Domination

Based on certain tools like & more, marketers can satisfy the emerging content need & ensure target delivery. Since creating quality content demands a lot of time & skills, technology like AI can be a real savior in this case.

Now marketers would not have to personalize the content for each customer manually. They can consider using AI chatbots, which are significantly handling customer relationships amazingly . They get smarter each day & are capable of carrying out quasi-conversations with consumers to deliver real-time solutions.

Bottom Line

Keeping up with marketing trends is not really a matter of choice for businesses; marketers need to remain competitive to stay ahead. But as technology advances, so do consumer’s expectations & almost every business leader should make their way out and try to meet those expectations.

Thankfully, with the help of a variety of solutions and up-to-date platforms, marketers can keep a check with an ever-changing social media marketing landscape.

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