The Best Apps To Learn Spanish Before You Visit Spain

Globalization has made so many things easier, whether it’s flying to another continent in no time or learning a native language from home. While learning a new language is not alone exciting, it does provide a peek into a country’s culture. So today, let’s say ‘Hola’ to this beautiful language, El Espanol or Spanish!

Before you plan to fly to Spain for your job or honeymoon or have a Spanish partner to surprise, we have got you covered with some of the best apps to learn Spanish.

Meanwhile, you can also keep an eye on:

1. Duolingo


Be it Spanish or any other language you aspire to learn, Duolingo is a savior in all the senses. It’s fun to use this Spanish learning app by playing a game and learning vocabulary, grammar, verbs, phrases, sentences and much more.

The language learning course includes Spanish pronunciations, game-like matching words to pictures, rearranging jumbled sentences, or listening to sentences that ultimately keeps you going every day.

To learn any new language, it is basic to grab its base. And Duoling is a perfect place to begin with. Moreover, if you go for in-app purchases, you can download offline lessons too.

Duolingo: Android | iPhone

 2. Memrise


Well, you have reached the best app to learn Spanish which is already downloaded by more than 42 million people around the world. Memrise works on the opposite concept of teachings like a textbook or classroom as you get to enjoy quizzes, fun video clips, learning difficult words, etc.on screen.

Memrise has brought various native speakers at this platform and their voices help you in improving conversational phrases, grammar, pronunciation while picking up the speed of speaking Spanish. Get new words and phrases creatively every day with funny images popping up in between sentences through this Spanish teaching app.

Memrise: Android | iPhone

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Trusted as one of the best apps to learn Spanish, Rosetta Stone is made to improve your Spanish pronunciation through the Truaccent which is considered as the best speech recognition technology.

It keeps the Immersion Method in line so that you can learn everything, from words, phrases to conversation swiftly. You will also be able to learn basic greetings, questions, and simple talks through this application.  This app can also improve your expressions while you can tomorrow communicate with the other people in Spanish easily.

Rosetta Stone: Android | iPhone

4. Babbel


Short & effective lessons, situational actions and well-rounded practice for speaking Spanish make Babbel, the best Spanish language app. With some time, you can learn vocabulary, grammar, and test huge scores via online tests. A nice teacher, right?

Through tricks and tips, bring perfection into your language learning capacity. In fact, you can download various lessons for offline use anytime. From travel to business, a wide range of requirements back you up for real-time sync.

Babbel: Android | iPhone

5. SpanishDict


For all those who are learning Spanish surely need this Spanish teaching app that provides translation services through the dictionary and conjugator. This dictionary provides full details along with examples of regional and contextual use.

Learn a new word every day through this best Spanish language app where push notification plays its role quite effectively. You can also try typing any phrase you wish to get translated and receive back its 3 translations. Indeed, helpful in solving a new genre for yourself.

SpanishDict: Android | iPhone

6. Anki


How about learning Spanish through an intelligent flashcard program? Yes, Anki is the best free app to learn Spanish with free cloud sync service across multiple devices. Moreover, the interface is so intuitive and flexible that you do not want to switch it off while comprehensive graphics support the back.

More than a lakh of flashcards is present here which is rigged with images and audio clips. So, use it for reference or getting educated, Anki is perfect for all Spanish learners out there.

Anki: Android | iPhone

7. Busuu


Offered with a number of languages, you can speak your favorite through high-quality content where native speakers are supporting this best app to learn Spanish. It makes sure that you can speak a new language so smooth that people may call your local real soon. Plus, improving vocabulary, grammar while writing and speaking the same is just possible now.

Later, you can take a language placement test here to find which level have you attained. In fact, you can take a short travel course here before flying to Spain for your next holiday!

Busuu: Android | iPhone

8. LinguaTV


Well, if you think what is special about LinguaTV then hear us out! You have got here a video format learning tool that specializes in interactive sessions. The user totally enjoys the whole learning and native speakers help in progressing the capacity each day.

Through dialogues based on situational aspects, this app teaches you interaction smoothly and is hence known as an awesome Spanish learning app. Enjoy video quizzes, an integrated dictionary, a glossary to check and grammar touch-ups through the application.

LinguaTV: Android | iPhone


Learning Spanish has become a matter of days now where you don’t need to join any class and pay fee less than expected to any of the best Spanish language apps. Now that when you get well versed with grammar, verbs and do not need a dictionary anymore, let us know in the comments section.

Say ‘Thumbs Up’ if we were of any help to you! With that, also go through the Best English Learning App for you or your Spanish friends. Spread Language, Spread Love!

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