10 Best Language Learning Apps for Android

For many reasons, you might have realized the need of learning a new language. Maybe because you are going to travel the world or trying to expand your business overseas. Language learning classes have now changed a lot with smartphones. Now you do not need to go for classes at a fixed time. You can learn a language anywhere, anytime with some of the best language learning apps for Android. To make the selection of language learning app easier for you, in this article we are listing 10 best applications which will help you to learn languages.

Best Language Learning Apps for Android-

1. Duolingo:


Duolingo is the most popular app to learn different languages. It works on the concept that language learning should be free. Thus, its language learning tools are available across platforms. It teaches you a language with the help of small games. According to the developers and regular users of the application, 34 hours of play on the application is equal to one semester. It is a great app for a beginner to learn a new language. You can choose from the most popular languages of the world and get started with this must-try language app.

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2. Google Translate:

google translate amazing tips

Another best app in the list of best language learning apps for Android is from Google. You might have used Google translator on the computer to check translations. From a long time, it has been an amazing tool to translate. In the Android application, it works in a different way. You can point the camera to translate the signboards and the other text. Though it is a translator application but you can use it to learn languages too. You can use its hands-free translation feature to listen and translate. Its auto language detect feature makes it worth picking up.

3. Memrise:


Memrise is another app in the list of popular language learning apps. The app has free and pro versions. The free version offers basic lessons. While the pro version is a subscription that gives you full access to all the lessons. The application also works on learning in games. It covers almost all the popular languages of the world. It is fun to learn languages with exciting games and with videos of real native speakers of the language.

4. Learn Languages:


The application from Rosetta stone claims that you will start speaking a new language on day one. First lesson is free and then you need to subscribe to learn more. The application forces you to learn a language in landscape mode and this is why the application works very well on tablets too.

5. Learn 50 Languages:

learn 50 language

The application covers 50 major languages of the world and known for it’s big list of covered languages. In this application, you can learn languages by going through some exercises. Picture association is very helpful to learn languages. It has exercises based on common situations that help you to learn things quickly which makes it the best app to learn a language on Android.

6. Tourist Language:

tourist language

As you understand by the name the application is specially for tourists.The application is not going to teach you the full language, it will teach only the specific part which is required as a tourist perspective. This application is very useful when you have a time constraint and you just want to learn the basics.

7. Mango Languages:

mango language

You need to sign up in the app to start learning the language. Though the application has some wonderful features which gives you an adorable learning experience. It covers 60 foreign languages. Gives you intense training of vocabulary grammar and pronunciation.

8. Lingua:


Lingua is the best language learning app for Android. This Android app is very easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface. You can also add words with the help of a smart dictionary. The application continuously wants you to share your learning status over the Facebook which can be annoying but overall experience of learning a language using this application is good.

9. Quizlet:


As you can understand by the name itself the application allows you to go through quiz for learning languages. The application helps you to improve vocab and pronunciation in specific languages. A feature which you will like the most about this application is offline access to your preloaded content. You can set a date for test and the application reminds you to get efficient in the language by the date.

10. Babbel:


This application is very well rated on the Google play store because of it usability for business and travel purposes. Your learning process will be synchronized across all your devices and you can easily pickup right from where you have left. Lessons are based on the real-life situations which makes the application a fast learning solution.

So from this list of best language learning apps for Android now it is easier for you to choose a language learning app for your Android device as per your requirement. Pick a language learning application and ditch those bulky books.

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