40 Best Google Chrome Extensions- Part 2

In continuation with the Chrome extensions discussed in previous part we list down some more. These extensions will make shopping, accessibility, socialising and communicating easier. Extensions are small programs that customize your browsing experience yet they’re impactful. They help user to customize Chrome functionality as per their choice. They are built on HTML, JavaScripts and CSS.

Social and Communication Extension

1. Privacy Badger

Paranoid when it comes to online privacy? Use Privacy Badger to stop trackers from tracking your web presence. Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and, invisible trackers. It ensures that businesses are unable to track your browsing history without your consent.

The extension automatically protects your privacy from being compromised by third party trackers that silently load when you are online. With each request you make online a Do Not Track header is sent by Privacy Badger to stop the tracking. Even after that, if the site tries to track your online prints the request is blocked and you are not allowed to visit the web page.

It even blocks aggressive advertisement based on how they work.

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2. Pablo

Want to design attractive images for your social media account? Use Pablo chrome extension to post beautiful images that will easily fit into your social account. Use it to create perfect size images for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest. Plus, the formatting options will help you design the images the way you like.

Not only this, you can highlight any text, use any image and use it to create your personalized design for your social account.

3. Highly Highlighter

Save and share your favorite, important texts using Highly Highlighter. Using it, you can post sensational headlines, mail and message important parts of a text to your contacts via email client, iMessage or Slack. As Highly Highlighter can also be installed as an app on iPhone, iPad you can organize highlights, follow other users, and can make your writing more interesting.

4. Boomerang

Forgot to send an important email or want to set a scheduler in Gmail to send an email later? Boomerang is an ultimate email productivity extension that helps you to send mails later, track responses and use AI to write better emails. Using Boomerang users can schedule emails sending and reminders. This service allows to set a schedule to send mail even when you are not there or you are unable to access internet. Plus, you can postpone incoming mails and see them later at a specified time and can set a reminder if you have not received reply for an important email sent. Free users can use it with a limit of scheduling 10 messages a month, while paid users have unlimited access.

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5. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension created by EFF and the Tor project to switch thousands of insecure websites to secure “https”. HTTPS Everywhere encrypts your online browsing and communications thus protecting you from surveillance and account hijacking.


1. Mercury Reader

Unable to read the complete page content due to the clutter? Increase readability with Mercury Reader Chrome extension. It removes ads, distractions and leaves the clean page for better reading view. Plus, it includes social sharing features and Send to Kindle functionality.

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2. Turn Off The Lights

Missing cinema experience while watching a video, use Turn Off The Lights, it fades entire page to dark giving you cinema like experience. You can set Turn Off The Lights to automatically dim the background while watching videos and click on lamp button to return to normal page. Plus, you can customize the add-on to set custom colors to your screen while playing videos. It works for all known video sites like YouTube, Vimeo Dailymotion, Hulu, Metacafe and many more.

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3. VideoStream

A handy Chrome extension that allows to stream videos directly from PC to your Chromecast or Android TV. Plus, it supports subtitles and a wide variety of video formats at full 1080p resolutions. Premium users have more options to explore as compared to free users.


1. The Camelizer

Want to see historical pricing and current pricing of the products offered at Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg use Camelizer. In addition, get email whenever there is a price drop.

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2. Honey

Want to save some extra penny but unable to find coupon codes and discount? Honey might help you in this case, as it automatically finds and apply coupon codes for more than 100 online stores in the US, Canada and the UK to your shopping cart. Just shop as you usually do online and on checkout hit the Find Savings button to let Honey track down and apply coupon codes.

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1. Hover Zoom

Unable to view images clearly, use, Hover Zoom a nifty extension that zooms in the picture on the same page. Simply hover over the image and view it in full size plus, it automatically resizes the image to fit in the window. No more struggling with new tabs to view the images see them on the same page with Hover Zoom.

Search Tools

1. Web of Trust

Protect yourself from online threats especially while shopping or browsing. Web of Trust creates a secure browsing environment, displays website security icon next to all URL and alerts if you visit any unsafe site. Web of Trust adds an extra layer of by permitting you to measure a link’s reliability based on the experience of other users worldwide.

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2. TinEye Reverse Image Search

An official Chrome extension that finds out where it came from and how it’s used or helps you find higher resolution version. It works for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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1. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate, makes capturing screenshot and marking web pages easy, You can capture all or selected part of web page, add comments, blur sensitive information and share with one click uploads.

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1. Signal Private Messenger

This extension makes privacy possible, you can say anything, send group messages without fear of somebody reading them. As Signal Private Messenger sends encrypted messages. Also, it allows you to connect using your existing phone number and address book. No separate logins, usernames, or PINs are required.

This is all for now, hope you find these extensions useful. To use most them you don’t have to pay anything they are Free. So, it’s worth giving a try they will not only make your browsing much simpler but will also add more functionality to your browser. But don’t rely on these extensions when it comes to security they can help but to stay protected always run an updated anti-virus and keep a check on your online activities.

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