15 Best Browser Games In 2022 You Shouldn’t Miss

Tired of workload and want to enjoy a little but don’t want to get away from the screen? Stretch your hands off, blast those knuckles and try out the best browser games! Games are indeed the best method to unwind a stressed mind while forgetting all the work worries for some time and diving into a distinct virtual world. At times, you also meet, chat and discuss various gaming strategies with strangers online, which is why you would never be judged, unlike the real world.

No need to download anything on your system as top browser games for computer are a click away, provided you have a good internet connection.  Moreover, sometimes malicious tags come along with your downloads so better be prepared and set Advanced System Protector for all future purposes.

Best Online Browser Games for PC

  1. Powerline.io
  2. Abobo’s Big Adventure
  3. Laseshark.io
  4. Blast Arena
  5. Street Skater
  6. Threes
  7. Isleward
  8. Nightpoint
  9. Wings.io
  10. Vikings Village Party Hard
  11. Line Rider
  12. War Brokers
  13. Sunset Bike Racer
  14. Astro Lords
  15. Snail Bob

 1. Powerline.io

Do you remember the Snake game in old Nokia phones? Did we shake up your childhood memories? Want to play the game?  Now you can enjoy a similar but good browser game called Powerline.


What’s So Cool With Powerline?

  • The length of your snake increases as you get to power up with collectables.
  • It can be easily controlled using arrow keys.
  • You can enjoy a modification here, other snakes also can be seen, but you need to avoid touching any of them or else you die.
  • Keep an eye on the Leaderboard to the right to know your position.

Play Powerline!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

2. Abobo’s Big Adventure

If you are missing those classical action role-playing games that we used to play in Nintendo Entertainment System, Abobo’s Big Adventure is a true saviour. The game is based on Abobo whose son has been kidnapped, and he has to face new challenges on every step to save his son.

Abobo’s Big Adventure

What’s So Cool With Abobo’s Big Adventure?

  • You get to experience various gameplay modes like beat em’ up, underwater platformer, side-scroller, dungeon crawler, wrestling, and much more.
  • Various bosses can assault you in between the challenges which need to be fixed.
  • Free on your computer and is one of the legendary web browser games of all time.

Play Abobo’s Big Adventure!

Compatibility: Google Chrome

3. Laseshark.io

Consider yourself as a shark who is carrying a laser light on the top of the head. Now you are going to buzz out this laser to kill other sharks and swim safely. There are small fishes swimming around you; all you have to do is eat them and gain energy.


What’s So Cool With Lasershark?

  • Find and get health packs within the water arena and keep killing other sharks.
  • Try to be great with laser shots as they are pretty typical, well that’s what the real challenge is!
  • The more you kill, the higher your name on the Leaderboard.

Play Lasershark.io!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

4. Blast Arena

When you can imagine yourself in a maze where walls could be broken off after planting powerful bombs, you are playing one of the best browser games. Now you use bombs to break the stone walls whereas these bombs have no effect on metal walls. So make your way smartly and collect prizes on the way.

Blast Arena

What’s So Cool With Blast Arena?

  • Collect maximum items and win the game.
  • Plant a bomb anywhere by pressing the Space Bar but make sure you run away a few blocks or you die!
  • This one is a killer! You can steal the opponent’s awards in your way.

Play Blast Arena!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

5. Street Skater

Skateboarders, if it’s raining outside or your boss doesn’t let you go out, you have a solution with this amazing and fun browser game. Wear a cap, tie the headband or coolest helmet above the head and play the game.

Street Skater

What’s So Cool With Street Skater?

  • You have a choice to slide the skateboard or flip it in between to escape the hurdles.
  • Collect the rewards and coins on your way and become the highest gainer of the leaderboard.
  • Simple to play as well as cool pastime makes it one of the best browser games.

Play Street Skater!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

6. Threes

Fans of 2048 have a modified version with the name of Threes. This brainy but best browser game can be played using arrow keys and your own mind. All that is needed is combining or adding tiles until the whole board is full of numbers.


What’s So Cool With Threes?

  • You have some restrictions like 1 can be added to 2 only. Whereas twin numbers can be added with each other.
  • It looks simple at first glance but gets tricky as you move ahead.

Play Threes!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

7. Isleward

Isleward may look a little complicated at the beginning, but this multiplayer web browser game is perfect for you to explore the city of Stratford. Now your character will be exploring different islands, fight with monsters, and search for the treasure hidden somewhere.


What’s So Cool With Isleward?

  • You need to strengthen your character by looting others and gain new levels.
  • From a various class of spirits like Owl, Bear, and Lynx that come with few levels up allow you to gain new modification.

Play Isleward!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

8. Nightpoint

Nightpoint is a multiplayer game where you have to fight with zombies right away after the game begins. The twist is that these zombies carry weapons and you have to escape from their bullets. This is one of the best browser games in itself that excites and creates fun within all the team members.


What’s So Cool With Nightpoint?

  • If a bullet hits and injures you, you are not dying right away. You can increase the life span by upgrading arsenal.
  • You also get to change new and upgraded guns by killing zombies carrying them.
  • If you can shoot all the zombies, you are a winner!

Play Nightpoint!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox (Though it runs best with Google Chrome, as recommended by the website)

9. Wings.io

Bring a rush into your heart and mind with Wings which needs your attention to kill other fighter planes around while collecting the parachutes from above. Your mouse will change the direction jet is facing whereas space bar will shoot it out. Now it sounds simple here, and once you play it, you know the technicalities already.


What’s So Cool With Wings.io?

  • Simple to use but keeps your eyes stuck on the screen till you top the leaderboard.
  • Upgrade your health by collecting items from the sky.

Play Wings!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

10. Vikings Village Party Hard

A cool multiplayer and one of the best online browser games is Vikings Village where simple mouse control allows enjoyment of various game modes, powerups, and even new skins. This is, in fact, a battle of beards where you are one of the Viking and fighting with others to win the whole battle.

Vikings Village Party Hard

What’s So Cool With Vikings Village?

  • To kill the other Vikings, you are allowed to punch their face, throw the objects, etc.
  • You can also combine other abilities like firing the objects, adding health to your lifeline and ultimate top the whole leaderboard. Are you ready? Then Play!

Play Vikings Village!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

11. Line Rider

Draw your lines and let the rider take the course, you decided for him. This is why Line Rider can be called as one of the best web browser games. Yes, a boy is standing in the middle of the gaming screen, and you need to draw a line or track which he will be riding.

Line Rider

What’s So Cool With Line Rider?

  • You can create smooth or rough tracks where he can drive. Make sure to be realistic.
  • Click the Play button to see if the path drawn is right or not. If not, stop the video and draw another way out.
  • It smartly tests your excellence. Show them the skills through this fun browser games.

Play Line Rider!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

12. War Brokers

The game is a first-person team shooter kind where you are not just dealing with a deathmatch but also defending yourself from others’ unpleasant thoughts like throwing a missile at you. It is currently available in beta version.

War Brokers

What’s So Cool With War Brokers?

  • Switch between a variety of game modes, weaponry, and maps as per the liking.
  • Face the brutal competition, win the mission and get the rewards.

Play War Brokers!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

13. Sunset Bike Racer

As the sun goes down, bikers get up with one of the best browser games called Sunset Bike Racer. You need to take your dirt bike on tough terrains and control it smartly so that you don’t fall. If you fall, you lose! Simple!

Sunset Bike Racer

What’s So Cool With Sunset Bike Racer?

  • Apply basic physics principles to clear the tasks.
  • Enjoy surprising effects in between the game.
  • Simple key buttons to adjust the speed, turn and apply brakes so you can reach the destination safely.

Play Sunset Bike Racer!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

14. Astro Lords

Are you ready to rock and roll in the space? Science freaks would fall in love with this best online browser game. You become the Asteroid Lord after defending your zone, sending the spies to various other asteroids and hiring the captains.

Astro Lords

What’s So Cool With Astro Lords?

  • Settle on your Asteroid or even colonize on other empty ones to enlarge the territory.
  • You can hire 6 captains where each of them has skill sets and power to win the game.

Play Astro Lords!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

15. Snail Bob

Last but one of the best browser games to play and enjoy is Snail Bob. Here the snail keeps moving at its speed, and you keep him guiding which steps to take. It is pretty interesting to see the snail taking leaps and turns on our finger snap.

Snail Bob

What’s So Cool With Snail Bob?

  • You can increase Bob’s or your snail’s speed by tapping on ‘2x’.
  • Every new level brings you to another challenge that looks easy but needs you to use brains.

Play Snail Bob!

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox

Game On!

These best browser games are perfect to unfold a new journey of your pastime. So what are you still waiting for? We believe we have provided you with a great list of best web browser games. Now, click on the web page and then PLAY! Boost your mental energy through puzzle games like Threes whereas burst the stress with War Boxers. Whatever be the mood, we have kept you covered with multiple options.

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And enjoy!

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