Enhance Your Coding Skills With These Top 7 Free Coding Games

Learning to Code online is no more a new thing and doesn’t even require special lessons or skillset within the enthusiasts. Moreover, coding is also not limited to only IT professionals or the industries that use it very frequently, but also within various artists, designers, creative business professionals, etc. for fun and gaining new skills. If you are also new to the field, some Android and iOS apps are efficient in doing so.

Along with mastering into this like an everyday session, you can tweak the whole environ with interesting coding games. We never said that they are limited to a beginner base, but any advanced level coders also enjoy these games thoroughly. So, practice enhancing already learned skills today and get entertained with these free coding games!

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Best Free Coding Games For Windows

 1. CodinGame

CodinGame free coding game

Learn more than 25 programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc. with CodinGame. The game environs are quite challenging and allow you to compete with other players around the world. You can also compare your results with them and learn their expert tips as well. Shoot the aliens, enjoy racing motorcycles, or solve the whole maze while enhancing coding skills with CodinGame.

What’s Cool?

  • Games are quite engrossing along with enhancing programming skills.
  • Gamers can take their knowledge to a new exciting level.

Play & Code Here!

2. CheckiO

CheckiO coding game

Solve some creative challenges using Python or JavaScript while playing CheckiO! In this, you are basically defending your base from the enemies and plan to attack others with programming languages. These programming tasks are just perfect to learn as amazing graphics are set at the backdrop to entertain.

It is also taken care of by the community code reviews that you are running your game on the right track. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, solve these challenges and win the war smart!

What’s cool?

  • Game translations are available in many languages to ease out the differences.
  • Add-ons are available on Chrome and Firefox to extend the in-built features.

Play & Code Here!

3. Code Combat

Code Combat

Play this coding game on any browser you have and see the reaction of the characters according to the code that has been typed. This is such an enjoyable way to learn languages with an amazing background of forests, deserts, mountains and more. You need to solve small challenges with CoffeeScript, JavaScript, or Python as the characters move ahead to the next level.

Whats’ Cool?

  • Trace your knowledge to find whether you are following the code lessons well or not.
  • Build your own levels within the game once the quests are finished.

Play & Code Here!

4. Robocode

Robocode best game to learn code

How about coding your own battle tank to win over others in the game arena? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, Robocode is one such coding game that asks you to write specific codes in Java or Scala that perform actions, win the battle and ultimately show whose code was best in the whole game.

What’s Cool?

  • It forces you to think upon winning the battle using smart codes.
  • Battles are played with this coding game online and in real time.

Play & Code Here!

5. CodeMonkey


This coding game suits best to all the beginners, to begin with. Though advanced learners can also play it and enjoy its cartoon characters to solve the quizzes using programming languages. In fact, coding professors can use this game to teach their students and track their progress using the classroom version. Its interface also combines an answer key to the puzzle.

What’s Cool?

  • CodeMonkey participates in Hour of Code as well.
  • Learners can create their own apps or games based on present learning.

Play & Code Here!

6. Code Wars

Code Wars

Learn to code, enjoy your game and master various challenges with Code Wars. This coding game is perfect to sharpen your skills in more than 20 languages like PHP, C++, Java, Python, SQL, etc. While you practice kata exercises, you will be able to absorb optimized approaches for reference.  Plus, you also get to view solutions from other players and have a chance to learn further.

What’s Cool?

  • Progress through kata rankings and solve your game with advanced players.
  • Codewars community subscribers can also interact online and move ahead with challenges.

Play & Code Here!

7. Ruby Warrior

Ruby Warrior code learning game

A quest for love and destiny combines within the game that thrills at one end whereas you learn to code at another. Play this coding game online, let your character reach the top of the tower and throw away all the dangerous enemies on its way.

What’s Cool?

  • From Syntax to Artificial Intelligence, you need to break codes to save Ruby (your hero’s love) from the tower.
  • Your game will remain saved to the present level by logging through the same account.

Note: This game has been discontinued.


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So many coding games online are here on the list above that can exercise your brains, make you learn how to code and let you compete with other participants. Another bright side is the presence of catchy characters, creative colors and breathtaking challenges which are perfect to drive the tone of a gamer for a longer time. What could be more interesting than having fun and learning something new each day?

Let us know in the comment section about your coding game experiences and the ways you believe in enhancing this lifestyle skill.

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