Best iOS Apps for Beginners to Learn Programming

Coding is a hard nut to crack and not everyone can get along. It demands patience and interest to overcome the fear of those alien languages. You must think differently, adopt logical thinking and develop problem-solving attitude to understand the minutes of coding. These simple apps are of immense help, but it cannot replace the need of a real computer for writing and executing codes. However, with these apps, you can carry your codes anywhere you want or perform tests in your free time.

Best iPhone Apps for Beginners to Learn Coding

In this blog, we have gathered the best code learning apps for iOS especially designed for beginners.

1. Mimo

One of the best iOS app for beginner to learn coding and programming. Mimo offers a fun and interactive platform to learn website and application development. This app has gained its popularity for incorporating an exhaustive program for novice developers in a simplified manner. From hacking to developing games, you can choose programs as per your interest and create real-time projects.


Mimo challenges you after each lesson you complete on the app, hence giving you the opportunity to learn quickly and efficiently. As you win challenges, you earn points and achievements that you can use later to learn other projects. With this app, you can also create real time projects allowing you to code at your convenience. The app is available in different languages and is highly recommended for beginners.


2. Udacity

If you want to learn coding and programming from experts, then Udacity is one of the best coding apps for iOS. Unlike other apps that have cliché teaching aptitude and old-fashioned coding programs, Udacity has something unique in its bucket. This app encompasses courses that are recorded and explained by experts in Google, Facebook, Amazon and many more. Also, it has some of the best and latest courses to offer like Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing and IoT.


The owner of this app aims to empower every student with education by offering courses that are in great demand in every industry. Udacity let you virtually take part in the classroom, interact with teachers, and check your progress simultaneously. A platform that encourages every student to innovate and excel.


3. Lrn

If you intend to learn coding in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby and Python, then Lrn is the app for you. It is a tutorial-based app especially designed for novice developers to help them build their skills in coding. You can learn programming lesson starting from the basics and through interactive mini-quizzes. Like other coding apps, Lrn also let you practice after completing your lessons.

Lrn- learning apps for iOS

With this app, you can discover methods to read, understand, write, and express the language of programming. This app has been featured in various hot-shot companies like Gizmodo, Business Insider, Next Web, Product Hunt, CNET, LifeHacker and many more. Lrn is an all-inclusive tool to learn coding that keeps you motivated to earn skills efficiently and is one of the best iOS apps to learn coding.


4. Learn to Code with Python

Python is a difficult language to learn but with this app, you can learn it directly on your phone. Not only basics, Learn to Code with Python app also allows you to learn and use code in the app itself without downloading. This app has some unique features that makes learning process fun and exciting. For instance, whenever you will achieve a certain milestone by unlocking a new lesson, the app will introduce a badge for you.

Learn to Code with Python

You can also take part in challenges thrown at various levels, rounds and earn experience points. This app allows you to enter the zone of like-minded python community, where you can interact and learn simultaneously. It is one of the best iOS apps to learn coding and hence highly recommended.


5. Encode

Encode offers a platform for enthusiasts that aims to learn coding while doing other jobs. This app allows users to learn coding slowly and steadily while covering every minute details. The highlight of this app is that it teaches lessons precisely and to the point rather than lengthy boring lectures.


Also, with Encode, you can code right in the app without downloading making it one of the best coding apps for iOS. Take part in challenges to test your knowledge. And develop real-time web pages after learning HTML and CSS directly on the app. Encode is all-encompass application for learning fundamentals of coding and programming. Highly recommended for those, who are focusing on developing websites and applications in future.


6. Time To Code

This free iOS app offers an all-inclusive series of small-sized lessons on every iOS device. Especially designed for beginners, this app helps every novice to gain knowledge about CSS, HTML and JavaScript along with a mobile code editor. The highlight of this app is its smooth, interactive, and inbuilt HTML editor that makes coding fun and easy to learn. You can learn and practice coding anytime and anywhere.

Time To Code

Each lesson is crisp and concise that helps to grasp the basics in no time making it one of the best iOS apps to learn coding. With the aid of its powerful and instinctive code editor, you can practice programming with ease. Also, you can carry the app wherever you go and learn basics in your free time.


7. Khan Academy

This free app is a hub of every coding language available in the market. Apart from coding, you can also cover subjects like science, math, computer, history, economics, arts and many more. Everything is available for free and you can learn to code without any help. However, the interface of the app is not friendly, and you must put a significant effort to find the topic you are looking for.

Khan Academy

Also, the quality of every lesson is not same and searching for the exact content from the large database is a hectic job. However, this app helps you learn coding in the budget and you can also bookmark your lessons for future references.


8. SwiftBites

If you want to learn coding quickly, gain command over the languages and become an expert in this field, then you must download this free app. SwiftBites smooth interface allows you to learn coding in an interactive manner and test your knowledge via regular challenges. The app also allows you to run sample code and learn from the outcome.


Once you complete all the lessons and excel in every test, you shall be given a certificate from SwiftBites. This app will make you a professional coder in no time.


9. Codecademy

With this app, you can gain an incredible learning experience in the journey of coding on your smartphone. Unlike other apps, this app involves less reading and watching and more instructions to follow. Here, the app gives you instructions as you continue with the coding lessons and guide you at every step.


Designed for beginners, the app focuses on building the foundation first and then takes you to advanced level. The highlight of this app is Code Hour, where the app vows to teach you a topic within an hour. With flexible learning techniques and smooth interface, you can learn to code on go on your iOS device. The best feature of this app is that it forces you to apply the information you are gathering every day. it also explains to you whether your answer is right or wrong and the remedies to fix the issues.


10. Tynker

Coding is boring and demands arduous work and patience. As innovative technology is appearing, the scope of coding in future will be all time high and so does the competition. If you are planning any future of your kids in coding, then you can start giving trainings via this Tynker app on iOS devices. This app makes coding fun and interactive via puzzles and games. Its “100 step-by-step” lessons create a sturdy foundation for your kids to learn advanced languages in future with ease.


Its drag-and-drop feature makes the app easy to use. The app is available in trial version too, where it tests the knowledge of the children at elementary level. Depending on the interest of the children, parents can buy the full version of the app. Here, kids are molded in a fashion, where they can read instructions without any help and solve puzzles by their own.


So, these are some of the best iOS apps to learn coding that you can directly download from the Apple store. If you have any other app in the store that we have missed out, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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