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Do you want to build your own software or planning a career in website or application development? Then, it is indispensable to have a good command over coding. If you are a technically sound person and have an interest in this arena, then you can straightaway download software from the internet and start learning to code. But if you want to study programming on your smartphone, then here are some best Android apps for coding.

Best Android Apps to Learn Programming

1. Codemurai – Learn Programming

If you are a beginner at coding and is constantly travelling, then Codemurai offers a fun and engaging way to learn to programme. You can grab great command and skills by taking lessons from industry experts on game development, web development and app development. With this Android app, you can learn to program in CSS, C# HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, MongoDB, ES6, Angular 2, Android SDK, React, Java, iOS SDK, computer science, Object-Oriented Programming, Phaser and Unity 3D.

Codemurai - Learn Programming

Also, you can test your knowledge by taking part in coding challenges and quizzes offered by this app. You can become a programming expert by completing your lessons as per your comfort.


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2. Programming Hub – Learn to code

One of the best Android apps for coding is Programming Hub. It can single-handedly solve all your programming problems. This app is a compilation of all top coding languages and over 1800+ programs in 17+ languages that you can learn and practice anytime and anywhere. Also, you can learn and practice HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in offline mode.

Programming Hub - Learn to code

If you are determined and dedicated towards coding and programing, then Programming Hub is your one-stop solution. Also, you can turn your boring lessons interesting by switching to the point course material. These lectures are to the point and precise that will let you learn languages in a simplified manner.


3. SoloLearn: Learn to Code

One of the best Android apps for coding especially for beginners that teaches basic of coding at free of cost. This free learning app is one of the fastest growing community at the global level for coders. With SoloLearn, you can learn 11 programming languages and cover more than 900 topics. You can cover each topic at 3 levels: Basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

SoloLearn- Learn to Code

With this app, you can first learn programming concepts first and then test your knowledge by trying interactive quizzes. Also, you can discuss your problems at the forum and at the same time, help other members. One of the most exciting feature of this app is that it allows you to challenge other learners for testing the skills making it one of the best Android apps for coding.


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4. Encode: Learn to Code

If you are a working person and intend to learn to code but are unable to spare time for the same, then Encode is your app. Its precise and to the point lessons on programming allows you to learn to code anytime and anywhere. It has an interactive code editor, which is run by the world’s most prevalent programming language i.e. JavaScript.

Encode-Learn to Code

Some of the features are writing real code on smartphones and tablets, getting a command over HTML and CSS, and helping beginners to learn to code in a simplified manner.


5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

If you cannot afford any coding app or pay for your classes to learn programming, then you can download Khan academy app. This app has a large database of content and various courses to offer for free. You can pursue your dream of coding by educating and practicing codes at your own convenience. However, finding the right content on this app is a painstaking task, so brace yourself. But the app is free, hence equalizing the positive and negative.

Also, the quality of every content is not the same, so you might face disappointments. But, then Khan Academy is the best app if you want to learn to code in the budget. The main highlight of this app is the massive catalog of lessons with bookmark feature. It means that you can also bookmark your article and read it later.


6. Lightbot


In this fast-changing world, when the competition is getting stiffer, it is vital to prepare your child beforehand. Lightbot is an app especially designed for children to learn basics of coding in a fun and interactive manner. Your child can learn coding while playing games, hence challenging their brain and mental skills. Features like procedures, sequencing and loops make coding exciting for children.

Coding is difficult and not everyone can crack it and hence, do not force your children to learn coding unless and until, the kid is interested. This app will ease their process of learning in sequenced manner. The app has 20 levels for free and for the rest of the levels, you must upgrade to the full version.


7. Learn Programming

Learn Programming

It is an offline app that does not offer individual lessons but has a unique list of data types, functions, definitions, and keywords. If you are unable to find the content you are looking for, you can type related keywords in the search bar and hit enter. Available in 30 languages, Learn Programming app has an inbuilt web browser for testing web apps. It is one of the best apps for programming on Android currently available in the market.

The Sandbox section of the app allows you to test your knowledge. Here, you can take part in challenges and measure your growth. Also, you can change the appearance of this feature. Learn Programming app has another excellent feature that let you save programs to the phone memory. Also, you can use the app in offline mode and do not need internet connection to learn coding.


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8. SwiftBites

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or experienced coder, SwiftBites has always something to offer. From trending programming language to basic languages, it has everything. Take an adventurous ride to learn coding via interactive lectures. Here, you can learn at quicker rate, perform tests to understand the concept and excel in the field of coding.


The app covers the concepts of each language in comprehensive manner. You can also run sample code and watch the outcome. Furthermore, the app helps augment familiarity by matching syntax coloring with Xcode. Finally, you can brag about your knowledge by showing people your SwiftBites Certificate after you complete your course.


9. Code Hub

Unlike other apps that cover every language of coding, Code Hub app only focuses on CSS and HTML. You can gain command over these two languages from the beginning. The app is designed for beginners, designers, and developers as well. The app covers Web, HTML5 and CSS3 in 50 lessons across 4 chapters.

Code Hub

The app is multilingual, where you can learn HTML and CSS in both Hindi and English language. Also, you can clear your doubts by instantly questioning them. The app works offline, and each course is efficiently divided into lessons, videos and examples for better understanding.


10. Udacity – Lifelong Learning

With Udacity, you get the opportunity to learn and take training from some of the best industry experts like Facebook, Google, Github, Amazon and many more. You can become Master of Technologies that are in-demand and achieve skills currently needed in every significant industry, then Udacity is one of the best apps for programming on Android.

Udacity - Lifelong Learning

Udacity offers an innovative platform to every student, who want to empower themselves with education and under the guidance of the world’s most innovative companies. You can join the classroom online and record your progress simultaneously. Whether it is data science, digital marketing, or Artificial intelligence, you can receive in-depth knowledge in every field.

So, these are some of the best apps for programming on Android that are currently available in the market. Go ahead and try them. If you have any other app in the mind, feel free to comment in the section below.

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