6 Things Extremely Crazy About Nintendo Switch

Good old fashioned gaming is hard to come by in this age, with VR and Holographic technologies in gaming taking the main stage. Sure PS4 is alive and kicking and XBOX One is also keeping traditional gaming alive for fans. But, we know that video games are currently in a dark phase and need some serious rescuing. Moreover, Nintendo have also announced the demise of their marginally successful ‘Wii U’, making things even darker for console gamers. But the company responsible for some of your favorite childhood memories, certainly do not want to leave gamers in dismay and have presented a solution.

The knight in shining armor this time, is their latest piece of art – the Nintendo Switch. Many of you nerds might already be aware of the Switch coming out in March 2017 and its crazy new features. For those who don’t know, we’ve prepared a list of features that make ‘Switch’ a ‘must-have gadget’ for video gamers.

1. Combines Home and Handheld

Sad that you cannot play console games on-the-go? Switch marvelous solves that pesky problem by combining a home console, with a portable screen docked inside. It comes with its nice looking ‘Joy Con’ controller. At first looks, it looks like a regular gamepad with 2 analog sticks on each side, trigger and shoulder buttons along with the regular d-pad on the left and action buttons on the right. Whenever you want to go portable, simply slide these controllers out and attach them to the screen docked inside console and presto! You now have a handheld.

Combines Home and Handheld

2. Enjoy 2-Player Gaming with Portable Play

The Joy Con controller certainly offers tons of possibilities for you and your friends. You can use them while being attached to the screen in handheld mode. Or you can also slide out the controllers, open the kickstand at the back of the screen to make it a stand-alone display. Additionally, you can also use these controllers individually for two-player mode with your friends, anywhere you go. Its standalone display can also be used with spit-screen for a great-two player gaming experience.


3. Multi-Touch Screen

Forget the boring stylus-operated touchscreen, as the designers at Nintendo have certainly learnt their lessons. This time, they have equipped the handheld with a 6.2-inch multi-touch screen capable of running 720 p resolution. With a display as good as the PlayStation vita, the only thing that would make it even more awesome is multi-touch capabilities. According to several reports, the Switch will also have a 10-point multi-touch capacitive display. Although this hasn’t been revealed yet by the organizations, speculations are certainly high due to the presence of an IR pointer device in Switch.


4. Easy Pairing with Sister Devices

Split-screen on a 6.2-inch screen might sound a little claustrophobic to some. Thankfully, you can always pair it with multiple Switch devices for instant multi-player fun, anyplace you go. You further add more number of players with split-screen on multiple paired devices to expand its possibilities beyond its threshold.


5. Quickly Switch Between Console and Handheld Mode

The Switch is a total grab and go with quick switching between console mode and handheld. You can start playing your games from exactly where you left them off on home console mode. Nintendo has certainly hit the ball right out of the park with this immensely impressive feature.


6. Also Comes with a Conventional Controller

Console purists might complain about the oddly shaped Joy-con controller. But Nintendo have announced that they will release regular controllers for old-fashioned console gamers. These controllers can be paired with both home console and handheld screen, making things even more interesting.


From a company responsible for top-notch and high selling gaming gadgets such as NES, SNES and GameCube etc., anything ordinary would’ve totally been blown into oblivion. Thankfully, the Switch’s awesome features will certainly make it one of the best consoles for old school video gamers across the globe. But how will it fare against its competitors, we shall only find out in 2017.

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