5 Opera Browser Tips and Tricks for Better Browsing Experience

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox may overshadow opera browser, but it still holds a right place in the web browser segment. Opera has always been considered a bit underrated in the race of popular web browsers, but that doesn’t make it anything less. Opera browser features a wide variety of useful features, but maybe it’s just less explored, as not many of us use Opera for web browsing. 

But the good thing is that over all these years, Opera has still managed to rise and shine and never gave up when it comes to competing with its rivals. Yes, that does make it unique! 

Opera Browser Tips and Tricks
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From built-in tools to privacy features, Opera offers everything that you look for in any web browser. Giving thought to try the Opera browser anytime soon? Here are a bunch of Opera browser tips and tricks to make your browsing experience more pleasant and productive. 

Let’s get started. 

Opera Browser Tips and Tricks

Instant Search

While we’re surfing the Internet, there are a couple of times when we jump to Google search looking for answers to our queries. Well, you will be glad to know that Opera comes with a search shortcut that allows us to search for anything while browsing instantly. To use this, either tap the Control + Space key or hit the search icon on the left menu pane. 

Instant Search
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So, yes, next time, when you want to search for anything, you can instantly fire up this option instead of opening Google search in the next tab. Doing so will save you some time and effort. 

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Fraud and Malware Protection

Opera leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your online privacy while browsing. So, to make sure that no website can track your online activities, Opera offers a feature where you can enable fraud on malware protection. 

Fraud and Malware Protection
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Tap the Opera icon on the top-left corner, select Settings> Preferences. In the Preferences window, switch to the Advanced tab and then select “Security” from the left menu. Check on the “Enable Fraud and Malware Protection” option to make sure your browsing activities remain secure.

Use My Flow to Share Content

Use My Flow to Share Content
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Opera browser offers a unique “My Flow” option that allows you to seamlessly share content between your smartphone and desktop if both the devices have Opera installed. This will make your browsing experience more seamless as you can instantly share content between your mobile device and desktop. You can easily find the My Flow option in the Opera browser’s settings menu. 

Delete Cookies and Other Browsing Data

We spend our majority time browsing the Internet, right? And due to this, a lot of cookies and browsing data keep on occupying unnecessary storage space on our device. Well, Opera offers you an easy workaround where your browser automatically gets ride of cookies data the moment you exit the browser window. Awesome, right?

Delete Cookies and Other Browsing Data

To enable this feature, head on to Opera Settings> Preferences. Switch to the Advanced tab and select “Cookies” from the left menu bar. Here, you can easily manage how you want to manage cookies while browsing on Opera. If you want the browser to delete cookies each time you exit the browser, check on the “Delete new cookies when exiting Opera” option.

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Enable Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode
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Yes, we’ve got the Dark mode almost everywhere now so why Opera leave behind? Opera also offers an in-built dark mode theme option for a more pleasant viewing browsing experience. To enable this feature, head on to Opera Settings and then select “Appearance”. Check on the “Enable Dark theme” option to enjoy a revamped look of your Opera web browser. 

Here were a handful of Opera browser tips and tricks to make the most of this underrated web browser. We hope these tips will help you in getting started while keeping your online privacy secure while browsing. 

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