15 Best Google Chrome Themes You Should Try in 2023

Google Chrome is indeed one of the best and fastest browsers of today. It’s simple and refined with all the required functionalities. Yet how about some customization with Chrome themes that can brighten up the browsing experience every time you open the browser. We hope you want to do that and forget the same look.

For the same, let’s look at cool Google Chrome themes and make Chrome exciting and attractive!

15 Best Google Chrome Themes

 1. Material Dark

Material Dark - chrome themes

This cool Chrome theme comes using the extension while you click on ‘Add to Chrome’. It is being loved by millions of users around the world for a sleek interface. Interesting features to note include:

  • Inspired by Minimalistic dark material design.
  • Good for the eyes of those who work on Google Chrome for longer hours.
  • It provides a contrasting balance to the user.

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2. Oceanic

Oceanic - cool chrome themes

Just another cool Chrome web store theme is Oceanic and as the name soothes, so does this Chrome theme. It’s deep and mysterious and makes you feel calm while the browsing session is in process.

  • 100% safe to install on Chrome.
  • Sleek and simple interface which soothes the eyes of the user.

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3. Beauty

Beauty - chrome theme for nature lover

Natural beauty might not be easy to find in urban zones but this is one of the best Google Chrome themes for nature lovers. This bright pink sunset and grass plains are so wonderful that you really want to open your Google Chrome again and again.

  • Works on Windows and Mac and is followed by many users worldwide.
  • Simple, calm and beautiful are some words that can define this browser theme.

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4. Night Time In New York City

Night Time In New York City - best google browser theme

Can you handle the nightlife of New York city? If that is a yes, this Google Chrome theme is love. The skyline, architecture, and moon at the top of this can all be experienced while you are sitting at your PC in any corner of the world.

  • Enjoy a perfect night view of the dazzling city.
  • Keep your eyes safe from bright colors.

5. Blue/Green Cubes

Blue Green Cubes themes

From blues to bright, this Google chrome background is gorgeous overall. The colorful cubes are intermingled with each other in a beautiful pattern, perfect for all.

  • Simple and balanced aesthetics.
  • Visually appealing colors want you to come back and open your browser.

6. Flying Paint

beautifull Flying Paint theme

Those who love colors very much while still managing a balance of vision, Flying paint is the top Google Chrome theme for them.

  • Its visual appeal is simply beautiful when rainbow colors are flying in the white background, coloring it all.

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7. Zodiac Animals

Zodiac Animals theme

It is a very cute and awesome Google Chrome theme, to be precise. You can select any animal from tiger, dog, monkey, snake, pig, ox, dragon, sheep, rooster, horse and rabbit and set it up. The simplicity remains maintained but the touch of your favorite animal gives a smile on the face.

  • Sleek, simple and calmest Google Chrome theme.
  • It provides you with the option of choosing animals.

8. Greek Beach

Greek Beach chrome browser background

Travel passionate people wouldn’t let this theme remain alone, honestly. Greek beaches are fine and beautiful and having them as a Google Chrome background is an inspiration to be there, enjoy and bask in the sun.

  • Free to download and free for lifetime.
  • New custom backgrounds can be added for a distinct experience.

9. Space


It simply feels awesome to keep such a good Google Chrome theme on your computer. Away from the worldly pleasures, enjoy the effects of the galaxy right at your desktop.

  • An amazing Chrome theme to make you immerse in the space world.

10. Sahara


Ever wondered what the night in the Sahara looks like? Install this Google Chrome theme in your system and you would love to see the glittering sky right in front.

  • This Chrome theme is made up of various different pictures and compiled to form one good Chrome background.
  • The designer has tried to capture the caravan on Arabian nights where Milkyway is spreading its wings from the top. One of the best Google backgrounds to look at.

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 11. Iron Man-Material Design

Iron Man-Material Design

Iron man fans, you have got an amazing and best free Chrome theme for yourself. The power is all within your hands!

  • The combination of colors and space utilization is very typical and cool.

12. Lamborghini Cherry

Lamborghini Cherry

The color red on the versatile Lamborghini is not only the most popular theme but also gives you a different zone to work in. The car is a love of many for many years and is the most amazing manner to show your love to it.

  • You can change the settings and zoom in/zoom out the car.

13. Midnight Train Dark Blue Theme

Midnight Train Dark Blue Theme

Hello train lovers, this railway track is for you! We know that you love the sound of train whistle, the smell of the iron bridges and the conglomeration from where it passes, and this is why this is the coolest Chrome theme to put up.

  • All the active tabs are displayed clearly despite the dark theme.
  • Fits well as a 4k Chrome theme.

14. Raindrops


A good mood and a positive vibe come when Raindrops are settled on your screen through this Google desktop theme. It seems like you are driving a car and the window pane is covered with beautiful rain droplets.

  • Light and beautiful Chrome theme for calm minds.
  • It provides a real-life experience to the one who is browsing.

15. Sunset Theme

Sunset Theme

Sunset is indeed a gorgeous thing to look at. It cools down your soul and makes a way forward for a lovely night. So make your moment special with this browser theme!

  • Simple and serene to look at.
  • One of the best Chrome themes and loved by thousands around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Chrome Themes?

Chrome themes are a way to make your Google Chrome browser look different from others and make it aesthetically appealing. There are a variety of Chrome themes based on minimalistic design, travel, space, automobiles, landscape, etc.

Q2. Where Can I Find Chrome Themes?

One can find Chrome themes at Chrome web store. However, we have listed the best Google Chrome themes for you to choose the right one.

Q3. How Do I Get Rid Of Google Chrome Theme?

To get rid of Chrome theme, open your computer > go to Chrome > At the top right, click ‘More’ > Settings > Appearance > Reset. And it’s done.

However, if you update the new theme and do not like it, an option to ‘Undo’ appears right above the new theme.


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