8 Amazing Google Chrome Facts You May Have Not Known About

Agree or not, but Google Chrome happens to be one of the most popularly used web browsers worldwide. Initially released in 2008 and since then we have always seen better versions of our most favorite browser with each new update. Thanks to Google!

google chrome tips

As Chrome recently turned 10 this year, we saw a ton of major updates from revamped design to enhanced security. Surely, a makeover to celebrate!

So, as we all love Google Chrome (a little more than much than other browsers) here are a few Chrome facts you may have not known about yet. Let’s explore some of the best Google Chrome facts, hidden tips and tricks to make the most of our surfing experience.

1. Use Search Bar as Calculator

Use Search Bar as Calculator in chrome

Whether you’re stuck with some complicated calculations or doing basics like rechecking your grocery bill total, Chrome can be at your earliest service. Yes, that’s right! No need to grab your phone or open the calculator app anymore. You can use Google Chrome’s search bar to do simple calculations and get instant results. Doing so can save a substantial amount of your time and efforts.

2. The Little Things You Do…

The Little Things You Do in chrome

Well, you may find it quite amusing but Google keeps track of each and every little detail of our recent activities while browsing. For instance, if you open more than 100 Google Chrome tabs on your Smartphone you’ll see a tiny laughing “Smiley” icon on the top right corner. And in case of Incognito tabs, you’ll see a wink icon. Like we said earlier, Google really pays attention to small details—indeed!

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3. Direct mp3 Links

Direct mp3 Links in google chrome

Most of us like to download our favorite music tracks for the sake of collection. Google Chrome can really be of a great help if you’re willing to download mp3 tracks on your system. If you wish to see direct mp3 links of your favorite music tracks here’s what you need to do.

Copy this link on Google Chrome’s search bar: intitle:index.of?mp3

You’ll be amazed to see the results. An index of files will appear on the screen. All you have to do is, right click on the song title and tap on “Save Link as” to download mp3 on your system. It can save a lot of time and efforts and you can download all your favorite music tracks in a jiffy. Yes, you can thank us later!

4. Experience the Earth View

Experience the Earth View in chrome

If you’re a true admirer of Earth’s beauty then download this extension called “Earth View From Google Earth”. Once this extension is successfully installed on your web browser, then each time you open a new tab you’ll see a new beautiful breathtaking image of Earth from Google Earth Satellite imagery. And if you love any picture, you can also save and download it on your system, use it as a wallpaper or something, share on social media etc.

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5. Welcome to Stellar Neighborhood

Welcome to Stellar Neighborhood in chrome browser

There’s a website as 100,000 Stars so the deal goes like this! If you open it on Google Chrome, you can explore an entire amazing galaxy in there full of stars and constellations. This is one of Chrome’s experiments and the website runs on amazing Javascript hacks which are only compatible on Google Chrome web browser. Must try it!

6. Use Chrome to Take Down Notes

Use Chrome to Take Down Notes

Why rely on a third party note application when Google Chrome can do the job for you?

Just type in data:text/html, and on the search bar to quickly note down anything while browsing. You can also use this feature on your Smartphone and even save your notes as PDF file format.

7. Use Chrome as Media Player

Use Chrome as Media Player

Not many of us are aware about this, but Google Chrome can act as a dedicated media player as well. You can use it to play most common audio, video and photo formats to save the trouble to launch or install a separate media player application.

8. Use Chrome for Viewing Images

Use Chrome for Viewing Images

Just like media files, Chrome is a suitable platform for viewing images. All you have to do is simply drag and drop an image file on to Chrome browser. Ta da!

So folks, here were some of the best Google Chrome facts which most of us are not aware about. Hope after learning about these interesting facts, tips and tricks, you’ll love Chrome even better!

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