7 best bookmark managers for readers

The top right corner of one’s browser has an option of saving one’s bookmarks. You have stumbled upon a page that you think is worth saving or rereading at a later time with a relaxed pace, or maybe simple reading. Whatever the reason be, one always has the option of revising the page that has been saved as a bookmark. Slowly, over time, this same browser’s bookmarks transform into utter chaos.

One never realizes how it happens, only that the more pages one marks as a bookmark, the more unmanageable the bookmark list becomes. In the end it is just a big, long list of titles where one has difficulty finding a blog or post of one’s choice. If you relate to this situation, worry not, for one can work wonders with the current chaotic bookmarks. It can be easily rearranged and one can store every blog, page or site in its accurate place without difficulty. The secret that makes sense of this madness is free Bookmark Managers!

What Are Bookmark Managers and which ones to use?

Bookmark managers for avid readers become a handy tool with which one can essentially arrange and connect the data that one bookmarks regularly. They manage to do so with by arranging them according to keywords or size or simply by sorting them according to the site of their sites of origins. With their help, all the bookmarks can be sorted at a single place in a systematic manner. A few of best bookmark managers have been listed below:

1) Instapaper:


Probably one of the most popular bookmarking tools available online, Instapaper is a great tool for avid readers. It primarily organizes saved pages from sites or apps such as Twitter, Flipboard, and Digg amongst others. An extraordinary aspect that makes it a user favorite is that it is not dependent on a particular device. All one needs to do is sync one’s accounts across multiple devices and your bookmark continues to be organized. Apps for the smartphones are available on the main site linked above. With it, one can access their bookmarks on a PC, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch etc.

2) Pocket:


Previously, Pocket was known by the name, Read It Later. After the rebranding, Pocket now enables one to get back control over nearly anything that one has specifically saved from the browser. It also saved data from sites and applications such as Twitter, Email, Flipboard and Pulse, and then saves them for later browsing. One can assign the links with custom labels in Pocket so that arranging, sorting, and discovering content that one has saved becomes easier. Pocket is very user friendly. Also, one isn’t dependent on a net connection to browse and finally read the content that has been put away in Pocket for future reading. Additionally, there are apps available of the same on the main site that shall work on both the Android and iOS smartphones as well as tablets and home PCs.

3) Evernote:


If one has used Evernote earlier, there are fair chances that one is aware of the multiple features that it offers its users. Evernote can be utilized beyond mere bookmarking. It is the perfect tool as a ‘Web Clipper’ a feature that provides effortless saving of any page into a notepad file, saved in the Evernote account and labelled for future reference. Apps of the same are available for use across multiple platforms like Android, iPhone, Mac, iPad, web etc.

4) Trello:


Trello is one of the most perfectly created bookmark managers for smartphones. It can be used as an individual or group coordination tool for sharing data and ensuring the assigned tasks are performed in a timely fashion. Similar in structure to a combination of Pinterest and Evernote, this app can hold different records containing multiple cards of data. It also has an add on feature in which one can drag the bookmarks bar and utilize as and when needed. Here too, there are supporting apps for Android and iOS devices apart from web, wherein one can browse their data as per one’s convenience.

5) Bitly:

While it is fundamentally known as a link shortened and a marketing tool extraordinaire, one can use it as a bookmarking tool. One can introduce and apply the Bitly extension on to Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, on the web in one’s PC or in Android and iOS devices. The majority of the links that have been book


marked will be distinguished under ‘Your Bitlinks’. One can add labels to these Bitlinks and then keep them sorted out according to one’s preference and access them later.

6) Flipboard:


A personal favorite, this site erases any need of creating any bookmarks that result in utter chaos. This personalized application is designed like an exemplary magazine. One doesn’t really need to save links in it as it indicates articles and posts that are shared by individuals and organizations alike. If there is any page, one needs to save, they can do so effortlessly with the help of a single click. Apps of the same are available across multiple devices for easy browsing.

7) BookMark Ninja:

BookMark Ninja

A tool that utilizes cloud based marketing to the max, Bookmark Ninja is an amazing tool for all.  Available as application on multiple platforms, this product needs to be paid for before one can reap its many benefits. While it is available free of cost for 30 days, one does need to pay $ 1.99 per month as subscription fees. However, the paid version has many other features up its kitty than mere bookmarking. Give it a try, you won’t regret it. iOS, Android, Windows phone are supported by installing apps of the same. Download it today!

There you have it folks! No more missing out on that one article or site that one finds interesting simply because it is lost in the bookmark list. With the help of best Bookmark managers, one can sort, organize and customize one’s bookmarks and sit back and relax for hours of happy browsing

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