Get The Firefox Private Browsing Mode On Default

Now go truly private on Firefox with this update. The privacy issue has raised the bar for web browsers. Firefox Privacy has been introduced to make it easier for all to keep the hidden trackers off their back. Internet users browsing online worry about the data being compromised. The most significant selling point in today’s world is the data of the users. The bigger the name in the industry, the more involved they are in the data market. Take it from the allegations on Facebook stealing our information and selling it to advertising firms or Google using the search results for showing the location. Each one of us who is connected to at least one digital device or has an account online which got its personal information is vulnerable to a privacy breach.
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While the internet is filled with solutions of all kinds, the same keeps its ulterior interest on the hidden side. Whenever we use a web browser on the device or as an app, we are putting in our search keywords, and this is also saved up to keep track of us. The web browser is the most used online service, and even if we open the incognito mode, we often see the suggestion for the search bar. This must not be the case if the web browser isn’t saving up all data we input from our keyboards. Block trackers on Firefox for they are keeping tab of your online activities.

Firefox Private Browser Mode

Firefox is bringing the private mode to make the browsing experience safer for the users. Everything you search online gets saved up in the form of cookies and temporary files on your system. If you get to browse in the private mode, you will not have to worry about the trackers. Just like the Incognito Mode is supposed to restrict the tracking, this will work for you as default. As quoted by TheVerge, Mozilla is working on a module,  which will encrypt the DNS. This will help in hiding what you are browsing on your Firefox browser over any device. DNS which stands for Domain Name Service which looks up for the address of the websites searched by the IP address of the user. If you encrypt the DNS, then it gets tough for the web browser to save any information. This way, you will be away from the hidden trackers as they do not get anything on your browsing history.

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While the DNS is not encrypted for most of the web browsers used by people, it is, therefore, open for the ones who are prying on your browsing data to gain information on you. This is although a wrong practise as what we do online should remain private. It does not need to be marketed to sell the services picking up our data and browsing history. Mozilla putting its foot on curbing this problem with the introduction will help users for now. It is quite safe to say that this encryption will help with a lot of snooping eyes, which are looking for our data. This might not be effective later on with other styles of tracking the user data, just like cookies and pop-ups, which are allowed to enter the websites. Attacks through WebRTC leak are familiar with web browsers. Learn how to disable WebRTC on Firefox and Chrome.

Firefox is always working in advancing the features, just like it launched the Picture in picture mode earlier last year. We hope to see this feature soon on our devices until then you can check out more on private browsing with how Always to open Firefox in incognito mode. If you haven’t already decided on making Firefox your default browser, check these settings to make most of it.

Firefox browsing in private mode is supposed not to save any of these on the browser

  • Visited pages- Any of the web pages opened in private mode
  • Search results- Anything that is typed in the search bar to be searched.
  • Form entries- The information which is entered in the form submissions on the browser.
  • Offline Web content- User’s web data is the content that Downloaded files- The files which are downloaded in the private mode will not show in the download section.
  • Cached Web content- The temporary files used by the websites

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