10 Effective Tips and Tricks for a Better Google Chrome Experience

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Google Chrome is a popular web browser and is loved by millions of users. Since 2002, Google Chrome has been providing us with the best services like lightning fast browsing speed, easy to use interface and a lot more. Google Chrome has several aces in the hole, which would make our life much easier and enhance user experience.

Google Chrome tips and tricks

So, let us walk you through some tips and tricks to boost your browsing experience.

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Chrome Tip No 1: Drag Multiple Tabs in unison

Google Chrome tips and tricks

Many of us are acquainted with dragging and dropping tabs into a new browser window. But you might not know that you can drag multiple tabs at once. In order to do that, you need to press CTRL and click on all the tabs that you want to drag and then drop them into a new browsing window. For MAC users, replace CTRL with Command Key.


Chrome Tip No 2: An easy way to explore words and phrases

You can highlight a word and drag and drop in Omni box to perform a web search is as simple as performing a copy and paste option. Having said that, you can also right click on the highlighted word and you will get a pop-up option to perform a web search for the word. For MAC users, press Command and click on the highlighted option.

Tip 2 An-easy-way-to-explore-words-and-phrases-

Chrome Tip No 3:  Get your unintentionally closed tabs back

Accidentally closed the tab you were working on? Don’t worry as you can easily restore that. You just need to press Ctrl+Shift+T (Command+Shift+T for MAC) and Voila! Chrome will open the most recently closed tab. To get more closed tabs, keep pressing the keys, chrome will open the tabs from your browsing history.

google chrome Tip - 3 Get-your-unintentionally-closed-tabs-back

There is also another way, Open google chrome, right click on the new tab, you will get a pop-up, choose Re-open closed tabs.

Google Chrome tips and tricks

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Chrome Tip No 4: Use Omni bar to search for personal Gmail account

  • Go to Settings->Manage Search Engine -> Add new search Engine
  • Type the Keyword – Gmail.com, Name the search engine – Gmail and type this URL – “https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/#apps/%s” and click on done.
  • Now you can search your e-mail in Omni box.

google chrome Tip 4 Use-Omni-bar-to-search-for-personal-Gmail-account

You can set the same for Google Drive through this URL https://drive.google.com/#search/%s

It will increase the efficiency and will reduce the time taken to search the e-mails.

Chrome Tip No 5:  Drag a URL to make it a Bookmark

If you want to bookmark a webpage that you visit frequently, then all you must do is highlight/select the URL and drag it to bookmark bar and it is done. Now you can easily access the webpage anytime.


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Chrome Tip No 6: Switch through tabs using key Commands.

What if you are working on one of the tabs and you must quickly browse another tab? Simply hold down the Control key (Command key on MAC) and a number Key. Let’s say you are working on tab 2 and want to browse tab 7, press CTRL and 7 (Command + 7). Number 1 through 9, each number is associated with the tabs opened, number 1 would be the first tab on the left and which will move till 9 to the right.

Tip -6 Switch-through-tabs-using-key-Commands.

Chrome Tip No 7: No need to install an application to view Photos and videos

Want to view photos or videos, but don’t want to install any application? Simply drag that video or photo you wish to see into the browser.

Chrome Tip No 8: Wish to revisit the page past the one you last visited.

To revisit the page past the one you last visited, hold on to the back arrow beside the Omni box, you will see a list of webpages visited.

google chromoe tip-no-8-wish-to-revisit-the-page-past-the-one-you-last-visited

Chrome Tip No 9: Control what you allow certain webpages to capture.

You can check and control the information captured by webpages, by clicking on the page icon displayed on the left side of the URL.

google chrome Tip 9 Control-what-you-allow-certain-webpages-to-capture

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Chrome Tip No 10: Add a “guest browser”

Just like a guest account in Windows OS, to keep your browsing history safe from your friends, in Chrome you can create a guest browser

Chrome-> Settings-> Enabling Guest Browsing -> Add person

Google Chrome tips and tricks

Select any icon, to add a person.

Now there would be a desktop shortcut for Chrome created with that person’s name.

You can also control and see what websites have been accessed by the person, if you click on sign in to control and view the websites this person visits.

Tip 10 Add-a-_guest-browser_,

Some keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl/Command + T opens a new tab
  • Ctrl/Command + W closes your current tab
  • Ctrl/Command + Shift + T opens your last tab
  • Ctrl/Command + L highlights whatever’s in the Omni bar
  • Ctrl/Command + Tab moves you a tab to the right
  • Ctrl/Command + Shift + Tab moves you a tab to the left

These are some hacks that could enhance your browsing experience and could save your time too.

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