Top 9 Battery Booster & Saver iPhone Apps: Extend Battery Life in a Tap!

Your iPhone still needs one of the best battery booster & saver apps, no matter how pro user you are, when it comes to managing your files or handling services & apps! 


  • Things that drain & kill your iPhone’s battery the fastest. 
  • Know the trending & most useful Battery Booster & Saver Applications for iPhone 2020. 
  • Are you suffering from Low Battery Anxiety? Yes, it’s real, know the real symptoms!
  • Learn the best tricks to extend the iPhone’s battery life. 


A newer iPhone’s battery should at least last as long as 24 hours with moderate usage. However, streaming videos, calling, playing games, listening to music & other activities can be blamed for faster battery drainage. But most of the time, it is certain background actions responsible for eating your battery’s life without your knowledge. We’ve narrowed down five main culprits that hamper your device’s battery from running long. 

Things That Are Draining Your iPhone’s Battery The Most

  1. Cold Weather 
  2. Screen Brightness 
  3. Reduced Mobile Coverage 
  4. Useless iPhone Applications 
  5. Numerous Notifications Popping On Your Lock Screen 

But fret not, there are certain ways to conserve iPhone battery life without much hassle. Yes, we’ll be discussing the best battery booster & saver iPhone apps that every user should install to optimize their mobile battery significantly! 

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Minimize iPhone Battery Drain With The Top Battery Saver Apps

Using any of the following battery boosters & instantly extend the daily life of your iPhone’s battery. Try them now & let us know your experience in the comment section below! 

Best iPhone Apps To Monitor & Save More Battery Install Now Price
Battery Life  Get It Here!  Free
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Battery Life Doctor Pro  Get It Here! Free
Best Battery Manager Pro  Get It Here! Free
Battery HD+ Get It Here! Free
Battery Life Magic  Get It Here! Free
Battery Toolkit  Get It Here! Free
Battery saver – Wi-Fi analyzer  Get It Here! Free
Battery Care  Get It Here! $1.99

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Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer: Top Battery Saver Apps 

Use these iPhone applications to monitor system-level operation, figure out the real status of battery & maximize its performance significantly. 

1. Battery Life

Battery Life

Want to keep a tab on the battery consumption of your iOS device? Well, there is no better app than Battery Life to monitor that. Keep an eye on your talk time, Wi-Fi & LTE browsing usage, video & audio streaming time. Have a complete overview of your device’s runtimes with estimated raw data, so that you can always know what’s wrong with your battery and take necessary steps to optimize your iPhone’s battery! 

2. Battery Saver by lin tingtong

Battery Saver by lin tingtong

It’s essential to keep a check on your battery’s health so you can analyze how well it can perform. Battery Saver is an amazing iPhone application that lets you know about your device’s real battery condition. This app to save battery on iPhone allows you to check what files are occupying large storage space on your phone, view its memory status, and provides an easy-to-understand set of tips to conserve iPhone battery life. 

Note: This app has been discontinued.

3. Battery Life Doctor Pro

Battery Life Doctor Pro

Only a Doctor can help you figure out what ails the battery of your iOS device & what steps can be taken to fix it. You can easily monitor your battery life & usage from one dashboard. It lets you check the memory status, disk space consumption, and step-by-step method to clean your iPhone’s storage for better performance. 

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4. Best Battery Manager Pro

Best Battery Manager Pro

Track your battery charging habits with this Battery Saver & Manager application for iPhone. It works quite well to help you maintain & log your battery charging habits. Like other battery optimization apps mentioned here, Best Battery Manager Pro offers a dedicated set of tips to maximize your battery life. What makes it different from other apps is that it provides lots of battery themes for fun, options to set lock passwords, and activated alarm during charge. 

5. Battery HD+

Battery HD+

It’s one of the most popular battery monitoring apps for iPhone users. The battery booster & saver brings a beautiful interface, all packed with usage and charge alerts. Battery HD+ instantly lets users know how much duration is left for them to listen to music, browse, play games, use a flashlight, record videos, read books, watch videos, capture photos, and so on. This helps them to maintain their phone usage & ultimately save a lot of battery. 

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6. Battery Life Magic

Battery Life Magic

Battery Life Magic is one of the most stylish battery saver apps present on this list. This battery saver app is an excellent performance monitoring tool. You can check the complete set of stats showing how much time you have left to perform a specific activity. Plus, you can take advantage of the tips it offers to charge and optimize your iOS battery optimally! 

7. Battery Toolkit

Battery Toolkit

Well, Battery Toolkit is a very convenient iPhone application packed with a variety of tools like Battery Booster, System Status Monitor, Flashlight, Ruler, and much more. It even shows the most common usage activities, like Standby, Calling, Video, Audio, and more, by time in hours and minutes. It also offers a Unit Converter that lets users convert areas, currency, date, angler, energy, and whatnot. Cool, right? Check out this battery saver app for iPhone now! 

8. Battery saver – Wi-Fi analyzer

Battery saver – Wi-Fi analyzer

Get the best tips for battery maintenance with this battery saver for iPhone. Further, you can navigate to its Battery Health option to get a brief report on your iPhone’s battery usage. It also proffers hardware tests to know more about the functionalities of your device’s volume button, flashlight, 3D Touch, and more. Moreover, you can check your disk space, RAM usage, network usage status, and so on. 

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9. Battery Care

Battery Care

Last but not the least in consideration, Battery Care is our paid iPhone app in the list. It enables you to explore the in-depth battery data in an easy to understand graphical user interface. It acts as a smart guide that fetches reliable and useful information for users so that they can better take care of their iPhone. The battery saver app for iOS is available in more than five languages, including English, German, French, Chinese & more. 

Did You Know

According to LG’s survey conducted last year, thousands of individuals suffer from the fear of losing their smartphone power. Although it’s not a real illness or anxiety disorder, the concept of Low Battery Anxiety exemplifies, people, feeling instant panic attacks when their phone battery drops to 20% or lower. 

Low Battery Anxiety

Check out our detailed guide with several tips & tricks to save and extend your iPhone’s battery life

There are endless tips & tricks out there to help you extend your iPhone’s battery life. You can try each of them mentioned in the aforementioned guide to making your iPhone battery last longer. If you have any suggestions to add, please feel free to shoot them in the comments section below! 


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