How To Find Out Who Hacked Your Phone

‘I guess my phone is hacked. Who could have done that? How to find out who hacked my phone?’ 

These lines itself seem to be one of the biggest nightmares nowadays. It is because our lives are highly centered around our phones. From checking emails to connecting with friends, GPS tracking to social media apps, payment option to storing essential information; I can name unlimited things for which we are highly dependent on our phones only. 

Now imagine if the phone is hacked through any means like unknowing clicks on a malware link, downloading phished emails or scraping your passwords, it is not such a pleasant scenario to be in. According to security researchers, “The most common way of hacking a phone is malware.” So even if your pin and passwords are secure, your awareness for phone’s activities and installing antimalware app.

All that said, let’s come back to the question of how to find out who hacked your cell phone. 

Though it is not such an easy task to locate the specific culprit without the help of a cybersecurity expert, you can still find out the red flags and report the authorities or national law enforcement about the situation.

How To Find Who Hacked Your Phone? (RED FLAGS)

1. Scroll Through The Apps List

Go through your app list and find out the application you don’t remember downloading at all. Now check them online or Play Store if there are any negative reviews based on hackers present there. 

If there is such a case, it is most probably not to target you alone. Instead, it is only because the hacker wishes to spread the malware everywhere so that he can scrape out the passwords and steal your data. 

2. Keep An Eye On Phone Bill

How to tell if your phone is hacked? The best version is keeping a check on yourphone bill. It is because you can keep an eye on any of the premium rate texts or international calls that you didn’t make.. A malware intruded could make your phone forcefully send or receive texts/calls that ultimately helps cybercriminals to earn money.

Contact your cell phone number provided to inform them of the theft or download an anti-malware app for advance security. You can also text STOP to the number from which text messages are being received. Also, it is best to delete third-party apps that allow messaging. 

3. Check Flash Light or Battery Saver Apps

As we are already discussing, some applications come up with their share of malicious links. History says that some of the flashlight apps were infected with malware. Now, when you are set to find out if your phone is hacked, it is best to go through these specific ones for sure.

Try uninstalling third-party battery saver and flashlight applications. If you find out that the phone is running smooth, you have successfully eliminated the culprit. 

4. Call List Scanning

Let’s face it, apps are not the only way for phone infection. Did you pick any unknown call lately after which your phone started behaving differently? Yes? Maybe you got the answer for how to find out who hacked your phone already. 

Such calls may try to take information from you even before you realize it. Moreover, these scams hack your information and also record the voice for further scams. It is best to keep yourself at a distance from them.

5. Clicked The Wrong Link?

Pop-ups like ‘A virus is detected’ or ‘Virus threat. Click this link’ are indeed call-to-action links. They are mostly loaded up with malware that is capable of hacking the device and storing your information like passwords, social security number, etc. If you have a robust anti-malware installed , your phone can escape from negativities.

But if you do not have a protection software already, it is best to contact the security expert. Such links are not able to answer your question accurately on how to find out who hacked your cell phone. 

Lessons Learned

Now that you have learned how your phone can be hacked, it is time for some tips to stay away from such scams.

  • Avoid using public or open Wi-Fi. They are the major channels from where hackers can find a way to get into your phone’s information.
  • Delete all the apps that look malicious in nature. Or even download the app only after knowing its reviews and details.
  • Keep your phone updated and install a reliable anti-malware system.
  • Check if there is any information in the news regarding the phone hacking or virus outbreak. 

What To Do If The Phone Is Hacked?

Android users: Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Erase all data.

iPhone users: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all data.

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