Best Social Media Apps For Marketing Your Business

Social media is a powerful platform to market your business, where you can be creative with your content and easily reachthe right audience. If you look at the facts, out of the total world population of 7.715 billion, more than half of them are available on some of the other social media platforms. Now, you may understand why social media apps are a huge source of getting clients and marketing your own business products.

We understand that social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are already very much known to people in every corner of the world. Probably, you are also using these platforms in different manners like a guide to get Instagram verified, hacks to make money from Facebook, or how to get subscribers on YouTube fast. Yet, we would like to tell you some other popular social media apps where you can market business smoothly and get a vast clientele.

Social Media Apps For Your Business

Since, we are considering that you are already acquainted with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, let’s begin with some unconventional list of social media apps.

1. Planoly

Social Media Apps - Planoly

Sipping coffee and have some free time? Why not plan your social media content in advance and lighten up your workload? Planoly helps in arranging your Instagram, where pictures and videos can be uploaded from the computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Its Free plan lets you manage 2 social media pages (1 Instagram and 1 Pinterest) with 30 uploads for a month in each. Check your analytics, discover hashtags, add team members or make mini-campaigns using this social media management app.

Download: Android | iPhone

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Best social media apps

LinkedIn is one such place where professionals connect with each other for new opportunities, learn the professional changes around the world and promote business differently. Well, apart from all these, LinkedIn is also acting as a smart social media app to show the world your authority and leadership in a certain industry.

While you are promoting your business, you also get a chance to hire talents, follow various companies and even share knowledge of the same industry.

Download: Android | iPhone

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3. Meetup

Meetup - Social media apps

Suppose you are doing an activity or organizing an event in the city and wish to reach a lot of people in the region, what would you like to do? Of course, spread it out, and this is where this top social media app will help you. Be it tech meet up, book club, language or social meet up, you just need to upload the required information here.

Doing so would not only market your business, but you may also find new ideas for the future while meeting new people. Talking, helping and mentoring each other is simply great to boost your business growth.

Download: Android | iPhone

4. Reddit

Reddit - forum social media apps

More than 40 million people asking questions, answering and taking the in-depthdiscussions ahead on Reddit. It would be absolutely cool if you consider it as a powerful social media app to bring traffic to your channel or market business.

It is free and open for anyone to come to discuss, post, vote or share anything. Moreover, this social media app also keeps you updated with latest news, memes, and hot trends on the internet. Perfect place to promote your business smartly!

Download: Android | iPhone

5. Pinterest

Pinterest - social media apps

Let your most creative side come alive with Pinterest, which is no less than an awesome social media app. Whether you wish to get your dress stitched or get your room re-done, Pinterest is the last resort solution for you. Here, you can collaborate with your friends, show them your topic of interest and learn back from their styles.

It’s simple! Find, Save and Do!

Download: Android | iPhone

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6. Tapebook

Tapebook - best social media app

Known amongst iPhone users, Tapebook is one of the best social media apps to bring you close to #Socialreality. Record your audio or videotapes and upload them on this app, your followers will be instantly notified. The community can easily connect to you while taping audio comments or writing down to you.

Now if you begin to promote your business on this cool social media app for marketing, you can be sure of doing it differently than other platforms.

7. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a smart social media management tool that lets you create, schedule, plan and monitor with your audience from anywhere. You are free to create and edit new posts and post them according to the calendar schedule. Keep a check on how people are reacting to your posts and deliver them back the timely response.

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8. Crello


Social media apps alone won’t be so helpful until apps like Crello are not available. Yes, to make your posts stand distinct from the world and get more engagement on your accounts, Crello can be used. It contains professionally designed templates, animated objects and backgrounds that simply change the look of your account.

In fact, blog graphics, video templates, AutoShare and a whole big library of all of them make it a special social media app for you.

9. Tumblr


Bond over with what you love and discover yourself at this platform which is an absolutely best social media app. To make a difference where you stand, post videos, GIFs, live videos, audios and let yourself be only YOU.

With this, connect with so many people with your genre of #tags. If you like, start a private conversation or send the messages for detailed discussions.

10. Tik Tok

Tik Tok

Tik Tok doesn’t even need an introduction, we believe as the best social media app for today. Where you can enjoy videos that others have made and posted, you are also free to share your views through it. Use emojis, merge videos, make comedies, or add quirky elements, this social media app allows you to be most creative in any way.

11. QQ


While finding new friends and doing business is not new anymore, QQ allows the same with endless opportunities like video calls, voice chats, texting, etc. Moreover, you are free from any language barrier here as an in-built translator can work smartly for you and your business.

Share your good moments with everyone, transfer files, manage contacts and let Group messaging assistant take care of multiple groups.

Flourishing Business

Even though there are multiple other ways to promote businesses like blogging, sending emails and distributing hardcovers, social media is simply the coolest way amongest all. Yet if you wish to keep yourself away from social clutches, read:

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    As i am running a fashion and clothing business i have tried pintrest and getting good response towards my business , here you are sharing such nice list for business marketing.

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