5 Best Apps To Fight Social Media Addiction

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What happens to be the first thing you do after you wake up? Sip coffee or head to the gym? Let’s be honest, for most of us the answer is, no! We are so miserably trapped in social media web that we check our phones first thing in the morning. Not just morning actually—all day long! From scrolling news feed on Facebook, checking recent posts on Instagram, tweeting on a trending topic or adding fun filters on face on Snapchat. So, we are sure by now you must’ve got a slight clue that our post is about best apps to fight social media addiction.

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. Don’t believe us? Just grab your Smartphone and check how many social media apps you have on it. You’ll be stunned to see the results! But don’t you think this social media fever is affecting our real social lives? Well, yes of course social media helps in connecting with friends and family far and near. But what if this obsession disconnects us from the real world?

Wanna know if you’re actually addicted to your Smartphone? Here are the 5 best apps to fight social media addiction and get a chance to connect with real life once again.

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5 Best Apps To Fight Social Media

1. Social Fever

Social fever

Social Fever by Systweak is a nifty app that allows you take charge of your life goals rather than being stuck in the virtual world. Majority of us waste precious time by going through the same photos and videos over and over again. The app keeps a track of time you spent with and without your Smartphone. In this way you’ll be able to get a clear picture about your addiction. The app also shows a detailed preview by listing time spent on individual apps. You can also set an alarm to keep a tab on your digital time. Give your eyes and ears some rest. Roll back, relax. The time you lose is not going to come back, right? Let’s do something more productive!


2. Offtime


Unplug yourself from digital addiction and focus on more significant moments of life. The Offtime app allows you to use quality time for better peace of mind. It gives you a chance to make profiles that blocks down all incoming calls, texts and notifications. You can set exceptions for close and dear ones or convey custom auto-reply that let others know when you’re back on the network. Furthermore, you won’t ever miss a thing that happened while you were gone. You can take a look of the activity log and view a comprehensive list at anytime.

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3. QualityTime


Do you think you’re overdosing on Social media? Quality Time app can help you track time you spend on digital apps. It even allows you to set usage alert to limit certain apps. QualityTime offers a unique and in-depth analysis of your Smartphone activities by tracking total usage, screen unlocks and individual apps with hourly, daily and weekly summary reporting options. You can also set custom alerts like “Take a Break” or “it’s time” which will remind you to manage and cure your addiction. You can also connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) to set alerts that tell you when you are overusing your phone!

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4. SPACE-Break Phone Addiction

Space addiction

Space is featured as one of Google’s Essential app this year. Cell phones have turned into one of the basic necessity of our day to day routine life. In any case, the consistent stream of interferences and interruptions can abandon us feeling distracted, disengaged, overpowered and expelled from our loved ones. So to maintain your life balance without missing out any significant moments, Space helps you to stay healthy and kills FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) feels.

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5. Flipd: Distraction Blocker


If any of the above mentioned apps didn’t work out and you still feel caught up in the social media web then this might help. Flipd follows a more aggressive approach in curing your social media addiction. With this app you won’t be able to cheat or hack any other way to use social media apps on your Smartphone. Flipd shuts down your device for a limited period and then there’s no going back. Even restarting the app won’t help! It keeps you away from distractions by actually locking you out.

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So, these were our 5 best apps to fight social media addiction. Breathe, go for a jog, rest your eyes. It’s time to do something more productive with your life.

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