How To Get Subscribers On YouTube Fast And Free In 2023

Every YouTuber has a dream where he/she wants their channel on top of the list to become successful. As a YouTuber, each wants their channel to become viral and eventually get monetized.

But, this can only be done when your channel gets more traffic, which will get more YouTube subscribers and views.

A YouTube channel drives the most traffic from its subscribers. This is because they spend more time watching your channel than the other viewers who have not subscribed your YouTube channel. And, on YouTube, channels with high watch time and views, stay on the top in search results. So, to build a subscriber base is must for a YouTuber.

To do that you need to get subscribers on YouTube. But, How on earth will you get more YouTube subscribers? And, if your channel already has some than how will you increase YouTube subscribers?

Don’t worry! Today, in this article, we will be talking about the best ways to get free subscribers on YouTube fast.

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How To Get Subscribers On YouTube?

There are many ways to get free subscribers on YouTube. All the ways we have mentioned in this article are efficient and effective to get more YouTube subscribers. So, if you are a pro YouTuber or just a beginner, you should follow these best ways to get free subscribers on YouTube.

We have divided this article in four sections:

Starting Now!

Essential Tips To Get Free YouTube Subscribers In 2023

Don’t worry if you are a beginner and have just started with basics. This section will guide to through some basic and essential tips to help you gain more YouTube subscribers in 2019.

1. Plan And Create A Script For Your Videos

Plan and Create a Script for Your Videos
Source: powtoon

The first and the most essential step for starting YouTube channel is to strategize and plan what your channel is going to be about.

Plan on videos of what you love creating and about your field of interest. Once, you have decided, you need to strategize the structure of the videos.

You can get more YouTube subscribers through the scripts you select for your videos. Scripts helps in organizing and creating efficient videos, which also attracts viewers, and totally depends on the way you write it. It will ensure that you stay on track while recording. This will bring out the well-focused and streamline video.

Here is the list of things that you can add in your video script:

  1. Write down the exact words you will say.
  2. Rehearse the actions you will perform in video.
  3. The points on which you need to focus more.
  4. All the necessary calls with action. For example, click on this link, subscribe to my channel, etc.
  5. While writing script, keep target audience in mind, and their level of understanding as well.

2. Create Highly Informative And Engaging Content

Content you are creating should obviously be engaging, entertaining, and informative. So, while writing make sure your content stays entertaining and informative throughout the video. This is the basic standard for writing the script. And, if you are using ‘Screencasts’, you can make them entertaining and informative as well.

Just before pressing the publish button, make sure that your video is highly entertaining and informative and will be of value to your audience, which will help you to get more YouTube subscribers.

3. Increase Your Consistency And Frequency Of Uploading Videos

Increase Your Consistency and Frequency of Uploading Videos
Source: inspiretowin

Now, saying this is easy, but executing and planning is much more difficult. Viewers subscribe the channel only because they like the creativity and content of the publisher and want to follow him/her in the coming future. If the content is bad or the uploader isn’t coming out with consistent and more entertaining videos, users do not usually like and subscribe that YouTube channels.

As we all know, uniformity and consistency are the two things that develops and long-lasting relationship with the YouTube subscriber. So, make sure you release videos in a timely manner, at least one video in a week should be uploaded.

Stick to the schedule you have prepared and don’t go off this schedule, as it may result in downfall of your channel.

4. Start With An Intro And Outro That Keeps People Interested

Start with an Intro And Outro That Keeps People Interested
Source: shutterstock

Your YouTube video should have a cool and funny intro and outro, which helps in branding your channel as well as helps in building up the structure of video. If your video has an amazing intro it will definitely bring down the bounce rates, till the time you don’t come up with something irrelevant and cliché.

Intro and Outro will display your sense of professionalism and also will help in ensuring that viewers stay stuck to the screen till the end of the video.

5. Design Attractive Video Thumbnails

This is where many YouTubers will agree upon that design an attractive video thumbnail that just makes it irresistible for viewer to click on.

While designing customized thumbnails, you can even use annotations and relevant images for your YouTube videos. Personalizing thumbnail will also increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) on your video. Make sure your thumbnail gives viewer minor details about your video before clicking on it, for which you can use annotations. Right now, YouTube presents three intervals for the selection of thumbnails, that are at, 1/4th mark, 1/2 mark, and 3/4th mark. Select the one, which suits best for your video.

SEO Tips To Get subscribers On YouTube Fast

SEO Tips To Get subscribers on YouTube Fast
Source: wpcookhouse

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays the major role in gaining YouTube subscribers. SEO helps in bringing channel up the order in search results. By using important keywords, one can get more YouTube subscribers fast and free. Here are some of the SEO tips to get free YouTube Subscribers.

6. Optimize Your Titles

Doing something different from other makes you stand out, and is an important aspect in getting YouTube subscribers.

To do this one of the way is to set an offbeat and distinctive title for your YouTube video. This will generate some curiosity in viewers to click on the title. Having unusual and quirky titles will help in getting more views.

But, also for getting maximum number of views you need to pay attention to YouTube video SEO as well, which is a part of YouTube marketing.

So, for this, here are some SEO marketing steps for optimizing your title to get maximum clicks and views:

Use keywords in the title:

From the very beginning keywords are a major part of SEO, and has a great impact when used. As viewers read blog posts, but they don’t watch as they read. So, by inserting a keyword in the title it will let Google know what your video is all about and when the viewer searcher for it, your video will be up the table and will get more clicks when searched for that keyword.

Use Google AdWords to identify the keywords for the title on the web:

Use Google AdWords to find the keywords for your title. Make sure you create an amalgamation of perfect high volume and low volume searches in your title.

Short and Sweet Is Always Better:

YouTube only allows 66 characters for the length of the video, which when searched on Google, it truncates it to 50 characters by taking 10 extra characters to add ‘YouTube |’ as a prefix. So, don’t make the title too long. Instead, short & sweet is always better.

And remember never use the word “video” in your title. As adding “video” to your title will take up extra space.

Both Descriptive and Engaging Title Is Must:

Make sure while writing the title, it should be descriptive and engaging as well. So that viewers can get a little info about what your video is all about. Whereas, engaging title would get your video more clicks and views.

7. Write Smart And Searchable Descriptions

Video descriptions are very helpful in getting YouTube subscribers on your channel. As to find your videos in search, a well-written description with good keywords can make your channel rank high in YouTube search results. For this, what you can do is:

  1. Try to write an overview of what your video is about in simple streamlined words.
  2. The most important and valuable keyword should be at the beginning of the description.
  3. Find the main keywords and try to add them in both the description and title. To search the keywords, you can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Google Trends, which will help you to get maximum traffic on your videos.
  4. Do not add irrelevant and inappropriate words in your description. As this may lead to poor rank and can also lead to violation of YouTube policies.
  5. Don’t overdo the keywords while writing the description, try to keep it natural and descriptive.

8. Use YouTube Annotations To Increase Your Reach

In YouTube, annotations are one of the most efficient and powerful tool that YouTube features to increase your subscribers and to reach out to the maximum. Annotations are the buttons that appears on the screen while the video is playing.

For example, in the end of the video, at the bottom right corner, you will see a white box labelled ‘Subscribe’. When you click on it, it will redirect you to the subscribe page. Where you can also use and add another similar annotation for promoting the video or some playlist. It is a great way to boost your ranking in YouTube search engine.

9. Select Suitable Video Category

While publishing video, selecting a category most suitable for your video Is pretty much confusing. Consider a title ‘A trip to Amsterdam with my cat Molly’, now this can fall under two categories, which are, ‘Pets & Animals’ and ‘Travel & Events’. This is where it becomes chaotic, which one to choose.

Mostly people search for categories based on their interests and likes, so make sure you select the one that suits the most for your video and could get you more YouTube subscribers.

Be Ruthless To Gain Subscribers On YouTube

Be Ruthless To Gain Subscribers On YouTube

Be creative enough with your ideas and innovations. This section will talk about the ways in which you can display your sense of creativity in your videos, which will also help you in gaining more YouTube subscribers free.

10. Edit Like A Mad and Creative Artist

Make sure you are good at editing. Because when it comes to editing, you need to let out your ruthless, creative mind. Editing makes the video much more effective and shows your sense of professionalism as well.

Don’t rush and stay away from creating a chaotic situation while shooting, as it may result in bad picturization. Try to record multiple shots, and add the one, which is perfect for the video.

Use the precise and correct editing tools to help you out with the editing process.

11. Form An Alliance With Fellow YouTubers

This is trending now days. Many of the YouTubers are coming together to join hands and collaborate with each other.

This is because we all know collaboration benefits everyone. And, it is also good for the audience as well. This step will obviously make your video more trending when shot in collaboration with some famous YouTuber.

So, make a list of YouTubers with whom you would like to collaborate and draft a letter to him/her asking if they are interested in working together for the betterment of your channel.

In this way, you and your collaborator will be able to target and connect with new audience. So, it’s a win-win situation for both for getting more YouTube subscribers.

12. Keep Interacting With The Viewers

This is a great way to stay active on your channel and to gain YouTube subscribers. When you are not able to produce videos, all you can do is interact with your viewers by using other ways.

Try to respond to the comments on your video. This will allow you to begin conversation with the fans. By this you will get to know, what things you need to change in content and what viewer is expecting out of it. It will give you the reality check of what your video was like, and will also help you out in future videos.

So, whenever possible try replying back to comments, as this is a great way to increase your viewers and will also create some user interaction with their likes and dislikes.

Another Hacks To Get Free YouTube Subscribers Fast

Another Hacks To Get Free YouTube Subscribers Fast
Source: greggstottproperties

That’s not all! We have some other hacks as well to get you free YouTube subscribers. In this section, we will talk about the hacks that are necessary to promote your channel and to increase views as well.

13. Give Your Video A Great Climax

Make sure you end your video on a great note, irrespective of the nature of the video. Just making it the most memorable of all times like in movies. And, don’t forget the most important things while shooting an end of the video, that is don’t forget to ask viewers for the like & share and ask them to subscribe your channel.

14. Create An Engaging And Exclusive YouTube Channel Trailer

There is a great feature that is offered by YouTube known as channel trailers. This feature auto plays videos on opening a YouTube channel. This is what one must create very carefully, as it will improve traffic on your channel.

Channel trailer is something with which you need to grab the attention of the viewers within seconds. The duration of a good channel trailer is between 30 to 60 seconds.

This is where you will tell your viewers what your channel is about and why they should stick to it. Just make sure you give a speedy and informative introduction.

In YouTube channel reports, you can even check the viewer retention rates. This will let you know whether the potential viewers or subscribers are interested or not in watching the video further.

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15. Stay Active On Major Social Media Platforms

Now that we all know that to stay up to date and to stay ahead of time we all need to have social media accounts. For developing a brand, you have to stay active on all the other major social media platforms, which includes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Google Plus. You need to have an account on all of them and keep updating about your latest videos. This will help in promoting your video, and also to get more new subscribers.

Your Thoughts On How To Get Subscribers On YouTube Fast And Free In 2023

Well, this was it guys! Keep experimenting and exploring. Remember, only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. So, make sure you use these best ways to get free subscribers on YouTube fast. Building a brand takes a lot of hard work and time. So, stay dedicated and be passionate about what you are doing. And yes, don’t forget to ask for like, share, and subscribe. If we missed some other ways you think should be covered, please let us know. And give us your thoughts on how to get YouTube subscribers in the comment box below. Follow us on social media – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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