20 YouTube Features You Probably Don’t Use, But Should!

Youtube has been around for more than a decade now. It is the first choice for most of us when it comes to live video streaming. But hey, the service has a lot more to offer!

Here are some features, tips, and tricks that’s gonna make Youtubing even better for  you!

1. Save Videos To Watch Later

If you are short on time, and want to watch a video later, you can add them to Watch later playlist in YouTube to watch videos when you are free.  To create it, click the Add to button as shown in the image below below the clip then select the playlist to which you wish to add. Alternatively, you can also click on the clock icon that present at the top of the video thumbnails.

Save videos to watch later

2. Define Data Usage Limit

If you’re using your mobile data for video streaming on YouTube app you would like to set a limit to avoid high data usage. To do so, go to Settings in the iOS app or General under Settings on Android and look for the toggle switch to limit HD video playback to be played when connected to Wi-Fi.





3. Change Video Quality

YouTube automatically selects the quality of videos based on your connection speed. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot change it, if you want. To alter it, click the gear icon on web videos, or the three dots followed by the gear icon on videos on mobile to set playback quality.

Change video quality

4. Clip Sharing

If you want to share a video with someone at a specific time, open YouTube on the web > Share. You can share the video you are watching also ensure that the Start at button is checked. Next enter the start.

Clip sharing

5. Exploring Videos In 3600

No need of a VR headset to enjoy 3600 degree video. If using it on web, just click and drag to have a look, and if using the app move your device to get a different view. You can give try to YouTube’s official VR channel.

Exploring videos in 360

6. Edit Online Videos

YouTube gives a handy option for video editing, it has its very own video editor which save time. You don’t have to install a desktop application on your computer, just create a channel of your own. Add videos to your timeline then split clips, drop in music, add titles make changes and more, and enjoy watching it on your browser. Not only this, you can even change video settings, shorten the video, add filters and what not. To do so visit www.youtube.com/editor.

Edit online videos

7. Control YouTube With The Keyboard

Using keys is easier than using mouse to control video playback. Press Spacebar to start and stop playback, use the cursor keys to jump forwards and backwards.

Control YouTube with the keyboard

src: obamapacman

8. Filter Videos

YouTube makes your search easy, you can type the search criteria and then use the Filter drop-down menu to sort through the results. You can look for videos longer than 20 minutes if you have enough time and want to watch something extensive.

Filter videos

9. Find Latest Videos

As already explained about Filter drop-down menu, you use it to find videos uploaded in the last day or an hour old. It is an easy option to find clips related to breaking news or recent updates.

Find latest videos

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10. Change Video Playback Speed

You can change video playback speed on the YouTube website. To do so click the gear icon > click Speed > choose between 0.25 (quarter speed) and 2 (twice as fast) parameters for watching your playlists quickly.

Change video playback speed

11. Re-play YouTube Videos

You can set your favorite music track or a particular video on replay using this hidden feature. To get it working, right-click on the video window itself during playback, then choose Loop from the menu.

Re-play YouTube videos

12. Change YouTube History

To change it, visit your Google Account page on the web > click Manage your Google activity > Go to activity control. Here you can search for and edit your YouTube activity (searches and views), an easy option to reset or edit your comments.

Change YouTube history

13. Watch Already Seen Videos

Using the History link on the web or on the profile tab in the apps, you can watch already seen videos. You can even delete them from history, and stop YouTube from tracking what you watched.

14. Turn On The Subtitles

For better understanding of multilingual videos click the subtitles button present just under the playback bar > Captions link on mobile to switch them on.

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15. Read Video Transcriptions

You can even get transcriptions for few YouTube clips, provided by the uploader and sometimes generated automatically by YouTube. Click the three dots under a video on the web and click Open transcript to see it.

Read video transcriptions

16. Get Instant Alerts

To stay updated with the latest news first from click on the bell icon that you see on the right side of the subscribed channels can do so by visiting YouTube settings.

Get instant alerts

17. Secure Your Privacy

Your YouTube activity can be visible to others if they click your profile or follow you. To keep a check on what is shared, visit YouTube privacy settings page, and untick the box next to the activities you want to keep secret.

Secure your privacy

18. Look Up For Music

You find tons of music on YouTube for free. If you want to search for the artists you just need to enter his name in the search bar and on the right you will see list of popular tracks and album from the artists.

19. Collect Your Playlists

YouTube has a basic playlists feature, and it can be collected too. You can edit it from by opening your your playlists on the web > click Edit > Edit again look up for the Playlist settings. Now make the playlist public or unlisted as you wish, and the Collaborate tab in the dialog box becomes active.

20. Create GIFs From YouTube Clips

YouTube has a GIF maker of its own, but it’s only available for a limited number of clips. To create GIF from a YouTube URL you can try using Giphy and Imgur.

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The Final Word On 20 YouTube Features You Probably Don’t Use, But Should!

Using these amazing tips and tricks you can smartly use YouTube app and use it on the web. A handy way to edit, add subtitles, collaborate video clips. This few tips will certainly add to your YouTube experience. Follow us on social media – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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