How To Cure Social Media Addiction With 11 Easy Steps

Social media helps us communicate with our loved ones and cherish wonderful memories with them. However, if you are addicted to social media, it can affect your life negatively as well.

It may come as a shock, but there are people in the world who are addicted to social media and struggling with their lives. Like any other addiction, social media addiction also affects your relationships and work life. It imbalances both personal and professional life and degrades human productivity. Basically, it’s a serious problem which needs to be addressed at the earliest. Thus, finding yourself deep inside a perfect strangers album or surfing aimlessly on social media platforms every time you go online are symptoms of social media addiction. Treat yourself immediately and reclaim your valuable mind and time by following these easy steps:-

  • Don’t Let Social Media Trick You

Don’t Let Social Media Trick You

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It isn’t completely your fault if you’ve evolved into a social media addict. Websites like Facebook, Instagram etc. are designed to capture human attention and keep humans engaged all day long. Games like Farmville are engineered with a motive to keep you attached to it for as long as possible. It’ll encourage you to act against social media addiction when you realize that social media is trying to make a fool out of you.

  • List Down Things That You’ve Missed Due To Social Media

List Down Things That You’ve Missed Due To Social Media

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After deciding to reduce your time on social media, enlist things you’ve been missing due to immense social media usage. The list will motivate you to take down your addiction more aggressively. Here’s a sample list. Jot down your list accordingly.

  • Time developing work-related skills
  • Time with loved ones
  • Travelling on Weekends
  • Time spent on Hobbies

Hence, list down everything you’ve missed for some of those lousy hours you spent on social media.

  • Commit to the Cause and Follow The Rules

Commit to the Cause and Follow The Rules

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Vow that you will never use phone during:

  • Meal time
  • At bedtime
  • Stay awake late nights and surf mindlessly.

Implement these rules and ensure that you abide by them regularly.

Leaving social media doesn’t mean that you can watch TV instead. It carries the same harmful effects as social media addiction. Therefore, you need to pursue some other activity rather than watching TV. For instance, register yourself for a volunteership for a good cause or spend the time following your passion. Just do anything but keep yourself away from glass screens.

  • Install An App To Control Your Social Media Activities

Install An App To Control Your Social Media Activities


Installing an app to monitor and manage your time spent on social media can help you cure social media addiction quickly.

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Social Fever app for Android by Systweak Software is a great way to keep a tab on your social media activities. It records time spent on social media and notifies users when the time limit is exceeded. You can set timers to limit your on-screen time on all social media applications. The app educates users about wise usage of digital technology, to avoid any addiction. Social fever does not need any sign-in. You can install it directly and simply add apps you wish to track to the list. The application works on the latest Android OS as well.

Click here to download the Social Fever app from Google Play Store.

Cure Social Media Addiction

The application can also help you manage your time wisely by reminding you to take breaks. The Quality Time feature can be used to set your phone on DND mode when you are engaged in other activities. This will help you concentrate on other things without the phone being a distraction. Social Fever also takes care of your health by reminding you of excessive screen time, earphones usage and also reminds you to drink water regularly.

Get it app now and avail the benefits and curb social media addiction.

  • NO Social Media On Weekends

NO Social Media On Weekends

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We know that two-day off from social media accounts can’t cure social media addiction. But, taking such breaks will replenish your mind and remind you that it’s much better to live in the real world than to gaze at a glass screen. You can develop your creativity and direct your life once again.

  • Schedule Social Media Usage

Schedule Social Media Usage

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Schedule social media activities to organize things. However, you should know the purpose of visiting a site rather than logging in and surfing mindlessly. Further, divide your on-screen time into three intervals of fifteen minutes in the daytime. You can arrange the intervals as per your convenience. In the evening, you can spend hours playing games and surfing.

  • Exit All Unnecessary Social Media Groups

Exit All Unnecessary Social Media Groups

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We’re sure that there will be social media groups where you’re inactive. Unsubscribe those groups to avoid viewing posts by them. Again, unfriend people, with whom you don’t need to connect, for example friends of friends with whom you seldom chat, people who create Facebook drama etc. It will again help you view less number of posts while visiting social media.

  • Reward Yourself For Sticking To the Schedule

Reward Yourself For Sticking To the Schedule

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You deserve at least a small reward to meet the targets. Stroke your back to complete the goal. It will motivate you to meet your further goals. However, ensure that you are setting your goals reasonably. In addition, after reaching the goal, reduce the amount of time again.

  • Don’t Post Or Surf Unnecessarily

Surf only with a purpose on social media. Ask yourself about the motive of logging in and decide if you want to continue. For example, it’s stupid to login to Facebook to wander around and peek into strangers’ profiles. Try doing something which is more engaging like reading a nice book or talking with a friend.

Don’t Post Or Surf Unnecessarily

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Also, introspect your posts on social media sites and find if they are really worth posting. For example, don’t post the fifteenth image of your child that you’ve shared this week. Be sensible while posting images or status. Instead, spend more time with your baby or share those images exclusively with your parents to cherish the moments.

You can also write down, sketch or talk to your loved ones about the moment. It will create long-term memories in your mind which cannot be achieved by mere posting on social media (proved scientifically).

  • Respond Offline

Respond Offline

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It is more appropriate and affectionate to call your friend to wish him on his birthday than to type “happy birthday” on his Facebook wall. Be the offline person who connects with and talks to real people. It will build your inner-self.

  • Embrace An Offline Hobby

Embrace an Offline Hobby

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Finally, embrace an offline hobby or interest that doesn’t need a smartphone or computer, at least no social media. Hence, you will have an activity that can help you become more creative. You can also draw in a friend who shares similar interests. It will help you to reconnect with your friends.

Remember that genuine connections happen in the real world and not behind the screens. Consider the real world and not the virtual one as your oyster. Enjoy your life to the fullest!

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