Step-By-Step Guide To Get Instagram Verified

There are tons of people who want to know how to get verified on Instagram? Why? Because it’s one of the most prestigious “Blue Tick” any individual can earn. To signify their status? No, the popular social networks have designed them to signify Authenticity!

Having an Instagram Blue Tick ensures your followers that you are the real deal. It indicates that people can find the correct account when they search for a particular entity.


What Does It Mean To Be Instagram Verified?

Facebook’s photo sharing platform only wants to verify people whom they deem important enough for somebody to want to set up a fake accounts or mimic. According to Instagram’s terms & regulations, if you’re an ordinary person, there’s no reason for anyone to impersonate you, hence there’s no reason to verify you!

  • Being Instagram Verified, means you’re Authentic, Unique & Notable.
  • That cute little ‘Instagram Blue Tick’ increases your or your brand’s credibility.
  • Instagram Verification makes your account look trustworthy.
  • Instagram Verified profiles appear at the top of the search & suggested accounts, hence increases brand awareness & also helps in gaining more followers.
  • Instagram verified accounts receive an access to special set of features that helps in monetizing their profiles.

What Does It Mean To Be Instagram Verified

So, with all these perks who doesn’t want to get a chance to verify Instagram account.

You do? Read the following guide and know the whole process to get Instagram Verified Badge!

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What Are The Requirements To Get Instagram Verified?

Though it’s unclear on what actual factors Instagram determines which profile is of public interest and which not. But there’s the set of verification criteria that your profile should pass through in order to have better chances to get Instagram Verified.

What Are The Requirements To Get Instagram Verified

Any misleading or wrongful information found during verification process, can drive Instagram to remove your account permanently.

How Do I Request For Instagram Verification?

To begin the quest for Instagram Verified Badge, one must fulfil all the requirements mentioned above, along with account adheres to – Instagram Terms of Use & Community Guidelines!

Step 1- Remember, you don’t have to be famous to get Instagram Verification, but you do have to somebody that Instagram thinks is worth verifying. So, be Authentic, Unique, Notable, Provide Complete Information, Be Thorough & Stay Active.

If you really think your Instagram profile deserves to get Instagram Blue Tick, then follow the further process to request for Instagram Verification.

Step 2- Launch your Instagram Account. Go to the Settings (three-horizontal lines icon) located at the top-right corner.

How Do I Request For Instagram Verification step-2

Step 3- Click on gear icon, Settings (below).

Step 4- Under Account tab, find & click ‘Request Verification’ option.

How Do I Request For Instagram Verification step-4

Step 5- An application to ‘Apply for Instagram Verification’ would appear. Fill in your Username, Full Name, what you’re ‘Known As’, & your category (as a media, influencer, brand, etc.).

How Do I Request For Instagram Verification step-5

Step 6- Upload your photo (If you’re getting Instagram Verified as an individual)

or Business ID (If you want to get verified as a brand or have an Instagram Business account).

Step 7- Finally, hit ‘Send’ button to submit your verification request to Instagram!

Quite easy right?

Now wait for Instagram to review your application! If it thinks your profile deserves the Instagram Verified Badge, it would notify you in your Notifications Tab.

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Bottom Line

Getting that Instagram Verified Badge might just be a goal you have right now. But let us warn you it’s not at all an easy process to get Instagram Verified! Because, the platform has particularly the most difficult verification programs when compared to Facebook & Twitter!

Your application could take several years, so it’s not a bad sign if you don’t hear back from them. However, once the Instagram makes their decision, they’ll notify you whether you’re are eligible to get Instagram verified or not!

If your request gets denied, don’t lose hope. You can follow the same process to submit Instagram Verification request after 30 Days.

Hope this simple guide was useful for you to get in the right direction!

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