How To Mass Unfollow on Instagram

If you’re an avid Instagrammer, chances are that your Instagram feed is flooded with thousands of users that you no longer wish to follow now. While Instagram is such a popular social networking platform, it certainly lacks a feature that allows users to unfollow Instagram users in bulk. You have to unfollow each user individually which is a very tedious and time-consuming task.

There can be plenty of reasons why you wish to unfollow Instagram users, you have poor Follower/Following ratio, you wish less spam on your Instagram feed, you don’t want to follow people who don’t follow you or inactive accounts. Whatever the reasons, if you wish to unfollow all Instagram users at one-tap then without wasting much time, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

How To Mass Unfollow on Instagram

Best Unfollow Apps For Instagram

As the platform doesn’t allow bulk unfollowing & you are looking for different ways to clear your Instagram feed instantly. You need a dedicated Instagram Unfollow Tool that can help you remove followers from Instagram efficiently.  Here’s running down the best bulk unfollow Instagram tools!

1. Unfollowers + for Instagram

unfollowers for instagram android app on google play

Unfollowers + for Instagram is one of the best cleaner apps for Instagram that we’ve come across to. It lets you know your followers, unfollowers and fans in a list so that you can easily review which Instagram profiles to unfollow or make bulk unfollowing in few simple clicks. This nifty tool gives you the complete analysis of your Instagram profile in the form of following lists: Non Followers – People who don’t follow you back, Fans – People you don’t follow, Mutual – People who follow you and you also follow them.

2. Cleaner for Ins

cleaner for instagram app on google play

Meet another best way to auto unfollow Instagram users in bulk – Cleaner for Ins! A free social media management service that helps you analyse your Instagram profile in the most effective way. This Insta cleaner allows you to perform multiple functions such as: Mass unfollow users, Bulk unlike photos & videos, Mass blocking, Bulk deleting of posts and much more.

3. Mass Unfollow for Instagram

mass unfollow for instagram app for android on google play

One of the best cleaners for Instagram, this amazing unfollow tool boasts plethora of features that help users to make their Insta feed look keen & neat. As the name suggests, Mass Unfollow for Instagram allows you to bulk unfollowing, it also features mass blocking, bulk photos & videos deletion, bulk unlike posts and much more. What makes this Instagram app cleaning tool stand out is, it supports numerous filters to make your Instagram feed attractive.

4. Fast-unfollow

fast unfollow app on google play

Our list of best unfollow apps for Instagram is incomplete without mentioning Fast-unfollow tool that allows users to make up to 1400 unfollows per day. It works with fast engines that offers quick result by removing bulk followers. It offers Multi-accounting feature that lets users add 40+ Instagram profiles to your account & it all requires a single re-login to access all the profiles at once.

5. Followers Chief

Followers Chief app for android to unfollow mass instagram

One of the most efficient way to handle your Instagram profile, Followers Chief is another best Instagram cleaner app available for both Android & iOS. Equipped with stylish interface, this Instagram following cleaner possess several automation tools that helps in auto-like, auto unfollow Instagram users, auto comment, auto DM and much more. Followers Chief presents complete statistics that are relevant to your Instagram account such as followers/following count, number of media uploaded/shared etc.

For this blog, we’re using “Unfollowers + for Instagram” app which is super-easy to use and let users effectively find those accounts that are not following them back.

How To Get Rid Of Followers On Instagram?

This amazing Instagram cleaner Android app is a namesake for its functioning. To begin with, mass unfollow on Instagram, follow the steps below:

Step 1- Download Insta cleaner ‘Unfollowers + for Instagram’ from Google Play Store.

Step 2- After installing this unfollowers app, enter your Instagram Username and Password to login.

Step 3- You’ll be presented with a clear interface with different options such as – Unfollowers, Fans, Mutual etc.

How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram Using ‘Unfollowers for Instagram App - 3

Step 4- Click on different options to see the list of users categorized in each.

Step 5- Either you can manually unfollow Instagram users based on each list. Or you can use ‘Auto Unfollow Users’ option to automatically get rid of Insta unfollowers.

How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram Using ‘Unfollowers for Instagram App - 5

Step 6- Just choose the unfollow count and click ‘Unfollow’ button. The app will start unfollowing the people who don’t follow you.

How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram Using ‘Unfollowers for Instagram App - 6

Step 7- Keep patience and let the app unfollow all Instagram users. Based on the number of ‘unfollow counts’ the app can take time to clear your account.

How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram Using ‘Unfollowers for Instagram App - 7


That’s all! You’ve successfully clean Instagram followers in bulk in fraction of moments!

Note: If you’re using iPhone, you can use Cleaner for Ins, available on App store. To mass unfollow on Instagram, the process is almost similar as for Android.

Wrap Up: Top 5 Instagram Following Cleaners

However, always keep in mind that you must avoid getting engaged in aggressive followings/unfollowings. Because Instagram has its own limitations and based on how many people you follow or unfollow per hour can result in a temporary ban of your account.

Disclaimer: The app is not related to or sponsored by Instagram. This article is written for informational purposes only. At WeTheGeek, we are not responsible for any action you take using these apps. We do not support using any of the applications, since it can lead to the account ban!

If you know other Best Unfollow App for Instagram do share with us in the comment section below!


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    2019 Instagram bans you for mass unfollowing

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      Mansi Vijay
      Hey Jennifer, I myself is using Unfollowers + for Instagram tool & it worked well for me. I hope it helps you well!

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