Does your iOS 11 Battery Drain too Fast? Know the Reason Why

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It was just a few days ago, when we were all eagerly waiting for iPhone 8, 10 and iOS 11. The response for iPhone X is still awaited as it is yet to hit the market. However, the release of iPhone 8 didn’t have the same charm as with earlier version of iPhones. And oddly, same goes with the latest iOS 11 which too failed to impress its users. If you actively use social network apps or websites then you have surely found a lot regarding battery drain problem in iOS 11.

iOS 11 battery drain

Many users on Twitter were found tweeting that their battery drains from 80% to 60% in just an hour. Many others posted that iOS 11 has ruined their battery life drastically. So, is really this is a buggy update? Isn’t iOS 11 thoroughly tested by Apple before the release? Will Apple release an update to resolve this problem? All such questions are  certainly creeping in everyone’s mind.

If you are the one which faced this battery drain problem after updating your iPhone to iOS 11 then go through this article before downgrading your software update.

Have said this, we should also not forget that there is a major change between iOS10 and iOS11 as the latter has several new features. But since a new OS should be superior and more optimized than its predecessor, this problem has been heavily panned by reviewers and users.

Reasons for battery drain:

 ios 11


Frankly speaking, there is no big reason for the battery drain apart from Apple constantly re-indexing all your data.  With frequent re-indexing you will find that your phone consumes battery even when idle. So, do not get worry as it is organizing and re indexing all your data to give you a smoother experience in future.

ios 11

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The Photos app too, has improved a lot and is now comes with an animated slideshow from your gallery.

photos app


So, we hope this problem will soon be addressed by Apple. Till then we recommend you to enable low power mode on your iPhone.

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