How To Save Battery On Iphone?

If you are an Apple fan like me and own an iPhone, then I am pretty sure that you share the same pain of having a ridiculously small battery as I do. While Android phone manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi provide their users with 5000 mAh and Asus did release its ROG 2 with 6000 mAh, iPhones have not crossed even 3000 mAh.

After a lot of complaints and dissatisfaction showed by iPhone users, it seems that Apple finally introduced iPhone 11 Pro Max with 4000 mAh battery. And with that, it released iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 with 3046 mAh and 3110 mAh respectfully. However, the iPhone 11 Pro Max with its incredibly large screen of 6.5 inches would require more power and consume more energy, and hence a large battery has been provided for the screen, not for the users.

Battery on iPhone

We have established the fact that Apple will not provide larger Battery to its users and make bizarre decisions regarding Battery as in the case of iPhone 11 Pro (3046 mAh) and iPhone 11(3110 mAh). Detailed research is needed to understand why Apple made two separate batteries for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11, when the difference between them was only 64 mAh, for Christ’s sake?

This will be a never-ending discussion with no conclusion, so instead let’s change the topic and discuss a few essential steps on how to save Battery on iPhone. Instead of shelling out $50 to $70 once a year to replace your iPhone battery, it would be wiser to follow a few simple tricks will help you use your iPhone for one full day without having to charge it.

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How To Save Battery On iPhone By Following The Best Practices?

Before we discuss a few iPhone battery saving tips, let’s talk about good habits that you must maintain to increase your battery life.

Habit 1. Do not expose your iPhone to extreme temperatures that include both High and Low as lithium-ion batteries work best in room temperatures.

Habit 2. Do not overcharge, i.e. keep it on charging even after it has reached 100%. Always remember to unplug it when it has reached 100%, and if you have something important, you can unplug it at 85% and charge it later. This will not harm the battery at all.

Habit 3. Do not drain your iPhone below 10% and connect it to a charger as soon as possible. If you have the habit of draining the battery to 0%, then stop this practice immediately for this will kill your iPhone battery.

Save Battery on iPhone

Don’t Stop until you Drop, is not for smartphones.

Habit 4. Always use the chargers supplied with the device and never use super-fast third-party chargers. These charges might charge your iPhone quicker than usual, but at the same time,it will degrade the Battery and decrease its life.

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How To Save Battery On iPhone By Changing The Settings?

If you toggle a few settings in the right way, you will be able to maintain your iPhone’s battery charge for at least one full day. It depends on what you do on your iPhone like if you have to keep it connected to Wi-Fi for long, then that would consume a lot of battery juice. On the other hand, if you can let your iPhone stay offline for a couple of hours each day then that you would see the difference in battery consumption.

S.N. Categories How to Save BaWhat can you gain What could you lose
1 Switch to Low Power Saving Mode on iPhone


More Battery Life Only the calls and messages would be working, and this will pause all the background tasks like updates and downloads.
2 Adjust Screen Brightness More Battery Life Nothing, instead you could save your eyes
3 Disable Location Services More Battery Life You lose nothing if you choose ‘ While using the app’
4 Disable Background App Refresh More Battery Life You will have to wait for a minute after you launch an app to get new content
5 Disable Push under Fetch New Data. More Battery Life Your emails and calendar will be synced every hour
6 Cut Down on Notifications. More Battery Life Might miss an important notification if you forget to check your control centre for a while.
7 Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirDrop. More Battery Life Absolutely nothing, you can always enable any of these options when you require them
8 Disable Siri More Battery Life Siri
9 Disable Automatic App Updates More Battery Life Nothing much, provided you turn it on when you have charged your iPhone
10 Remove Motion Effects More Battery Life Just the stimulating effects.
11 Disable Vibrations More Battery Life Might miss a phone call or message during silent mode
Bonus Buy a Battery Case More Battery Life Somewhere between $30 to $80

Method 1. Switch To Low Power Saving Mode On Iphone

Low Power-saving Mode on iPhone is a unique battery mode which, when activated, performs the essential activities on your iPhone and pauses all background tasks like email updates and other downloads. This mode is automatically activated when your iPhone battery reaches 20% and can be activated manually after the Battery reaches below 80%.

Try to use your device after activating low power saving mode on the iPhone, and if you think you can survive, then this method has accomplished all you need and will prevent your battery from draining quickly. To activate this method manually, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Settings on your iPhone and select Battery.

Step 2. Tap on Lower Power Mode and slide the toggle switch to the right.

Note: The Battery icon located on the top right corner of your iPhone will change to yellow. This is one of the most efficient methods on how to save Battery on iPhone.

Battery icon

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Method 2. Adjust Screen Brightness

The bigger the screen, the more battery power it will consume. This is true for all smartphones, including iPhones, and you cannot decrease the screen size, but you can reduce the brightness which will save the battery juice. Another reason to dim the brightness of your iPhone is that the blue light is harmful to your eyes. You must always use a blue light filter app and keep the brightness level slider to a balanced position. There are two ways to do this:

  • The first way is to activate Auto-Brightness, which will enable the iPhone to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically after taking into account the light available from your surroundings. When the light around you is enough, the auto-brightness will automatically dim the screen light, and this will save iPhone battery. To enable this option to follow the path below:

Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Auto-Brightness> Toggle ON


  • The second way is to manually decrease the brightness level and set it to a fixed measure. It will then remain the same always. This slider can be accessed from the Control Panel by swiping up from the bottom and moving the slider up or down. You can also navigate to Settings and then select Display & Brightness and change the brightness level.

Note: if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 13 then, you can also enable the Dark Mode in your iPhone that is one of the most trending iPhone battery saving tips and is also not too harsh on your eyes.

Heath Tip: The artificial blue light exerted by any computer or smartphone prevents the creation of the Melatonin Hormone in our body which results in a decreased quality of sleep and the feeling of being tired even after good night’s sleep. It is strongly recommended not to use any smart blue light-emitting device at least one hour before sleep. You can always read a book instead.

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Method 3. Disable Location Services

Every iPhone has a feature that provides the current location of the device to various app servers and retrieves appropriate data from them. This is true in case of Google Maps, Uber, Yelp and Weather and any other app which requires your device location and then calculates the distance or the time considering another location.  This constant communication between the app server and your iPhone consumes Battery. To turn off the location services, navigate to the path below and toggle the switch towards the left:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Location Services

If you are worried that some of your apps would not function without location services, then there is a resolution for that too. Apple has three provided options on how the location services is being used by the app as Always, Never and While using the App. The last option is optimal as any app would only use the location services when it is being used. This is one of the easiest steps on how to save Battery on iPhone.

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Method 4. Disable Background App Refresh

There is an amazing feature in iOS, which allows an app to keep running in a suspended state even after the app is closed by the user. The app can update itself with new content and features if available, ensuring that the user gets an updated version of the app always. This removes the burden of having to manually update the app or even wait while the process is being carried out.

Even though this a preferred feature but again it does consume a lot of battery, and one of the most popular iPhone battery saving tips is to disable this option for some app if not all. Your email and social media app drain your battery while being updated with new content every couple of minutes. If you turn this option off, there will be no effect on your apps except for the fact that when launched, they would take some time to update themselves to the new content. To turn this feature off, navigate to the following settings:

Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh

Method 5. Disable Push Under Fetch New Data

The Fetch New Data setting in your iPhone helps to sync your emails and calendar items with the server and remain constantly updated. But these frequent checks will consume battery power, and the frequency can be increased from automatically to Hourly, which means these apps would connect to the internet and sync with the iCloud server every hour. It is not recommended to turn off the data pushes completely by switching to the manual option because you might miss an important event or update. To modify the Fetch data settings, navigate to the following path:

Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Fetch New Data

Passwords & Accounts

Method 6. Cut Down On Notifications

Another method to save your Battery on iPhone is to turn off the notifications for most of the app. Unless you do that, your iPhone will alert you of every single message, WhatsApp notification, alerts from various apps etc. These alerts are of multiple types like vibrations, beep sound, the screen lights up, icons or banners and others as well, all of which consume your Battery. If you were to unlock your iPhone to check every notification, then this would reduce your battery time significantly.

Navigate to settings > Notifications and makes changes on notification behaviour for each app. You can turn off notifications for most of the apps. Although this is a time-consuming process, it is one of the most followed iPhone battery saving tips.


Method 7. Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth And AirDrop

If you are on the move or not using the internet, then it is recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi in your iPhone. The iPhone Wi-Fi feature is designed to constantly search for nearby Wi-Fi networks and establish a connection to the best network possible. This search consumes power, and unless you are using the internet on your device, it is better to turn the Wi-Fi off. Similarly, if the Bluetooth and AirDrop feature on your iPhone is turned on, your device will constantly be searching to connect with a compatible device or network.

To turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirDrop when not in use:

Open Settings > Wi-Fi > toggle the switch to the left.


Open Settings > Bluetooth > Slide the toggle switch.


Open Settings > General >AirDrop> Receiving Off.


These settings can also be enabled and disabled via the Control Center. Turning off features that you don’t is one of the most popular steps in how to save Battery on iPhone.

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Method 8. Disable Siri

Most of the iPhone users are in love with Siri, and it would be heartbreaking to turn her off. But this is an effective way to lower your battery consumption daily. The fact is that Siri never sleeps and is continuously working in the background and analysing our activities. This way, it can provide suggestions based on the historical activities of the user. Also when you say “Hey Siri” without touching your iPhone, this implies that Active Listening was enabled on your iPhone and any extra feature turned on could drain your Battery.

To turn off Siri, Navigate to Settings > Siri & Search. You can toggle off many options here and keep those on that you need. Though this step is not preferred by many who adore Siri, the ruth is that Siri consumes a lot of battery juice and disabling Siri is one of the top iPhone battery saving tips.

Disable Siri

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Method 9. Disable Automatic App Updates

Apple provides frequent updates to iPhone users through the iTunes app. These updates could include OS or individual app updates and add new features and security patches. However, as important they might be, these updates consume a lot of battery power in the process as they check for new updates, download and finally install them. It is not wise to turn off updates for an extended period. But if you are in the middle of a battery crisis and you want your iPhone’s battery to last longer than usual, then this can be considered as a temporary option.

To disable updates, navigate to Settings > iTunes & App Store and toggle the switch towards the left.

iTunes & App Store

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Method 10. Remove Motion Effects

If you want your iPhone battery to last longer than usual, then you can turn off the Motion effects in your device. Motion Effects and Dynamic Wallpaper are high Battery consuming features that are of no use at all but do provide a surprising look and feel while using the iPhone.

To turn off the motion effects, Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Reduce Motion>Turn On.


To replace the dynamic wallpaper to a still one, Navigate to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > Stills.


Note: When your iPhone battery reaches below 20%, it enters a low power-saving mode, and both these features are automatically turned off. Though this step is not preferred by many, yet it is one of the most efficient steps on how to save Battery on iPhone.

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Method 11. Disable Vibrations

Did you know that your iPhone vibrates because of a small motor placed inside the device? This motor consumes energy to generate a vibrating sensation when you receive notifications. This feature was introduced so that you can keep your iPhone’s ringtone silent and get notified about incoming calls via vibration. To disable vibrations and save battery power, navigate to:

Settings > Sounds & Haptics and turn off Vibrate on Ring or Vibrate on Silent.

Disable Vibrations

Bonus Method. Buy a Battery Case

If all the above methods do not provide you with sufficient battery power for a whole day or you cannot compromise by turning off some of the settings, then there is another alternative. The final method which can set you back a couple of hundred dollars is to buy a battery case, which has a great backup and nearly doubles your Battery.

Which Method Did You Like From How To Save Battery On Iphone?

An iPhone has impressive features with increased security, something that other smartphone manufacturers may not be able to replicate. But not being able to use an iPhone for one full day brings severe doubts in the minds of potential customers. Apple has to start making some serious and effective decisions when it comes to the battery in their devices. The above tips and tricks can help you retain your battery life for one full day provided you are careful and cautious as to when to turn off some of the features described above. Also, remember to turn them back on when you are home.

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