Solved! Fix iPhone Screen Recording Not Working [2023 Guide]

Screen recording can be a very helpful feature on smartphones to record a short tutorial or a video call with your friends. iPhone comes with an in-built feature of recording the screen, which is one of the advantages over other phones. However Sometimes screen recording on your iOS device doesn’t work as expected.

So, what do you do when the iPhone screen recording is not working? What if iPhone screen recording has no sound in the recorded videos? Don’t worry! There is a fix. On this page, we presented you the solutions to fix the iPhone screen recording not working.

So let’s get started!

Common Fixes To iPhone Screen Recording No Sound:

While we need to use the screen recording on iPhone for multiple reasons. But for some reason If the recorded video has no sound, then we might get stuck. Therefore it is required we try these basic solutions to fix the issue ios screen recording no sound.

1. Check the Microphone:

Screen recording is working smoothly, but the video has no sound in it, which is why we must check the microphone. First, we need to go to Settings to confirm if the Microphone is turned on whenthe screen recording is going on. Follow the steps to check for the Microphone setting to fix the iPhone screen recording no sound issue.

Step1: Open Control Center.

Step 2: Locate Screen Recorder in the Control Centre. Long Press on the Screen Recorder icon to get its settings displayed.

Check the microphone

Step 3:  In the Screen recorder settings, you will see the Microphone sign at the bottom.

Check the microphone step-3

If it is grayed out, you might want to tap on it to fix the iPhone screen recording no sound issue.

2. Check App Limitations:

If iPhone screen recording has no sound in certain videos, then it can be because a few apps restrict the use of the same. Just like the screen recording will not work with a video or music app playing sound simultaneously. Sometimes the screen recording will not even initiate with a certain app, or the app will pause or stop while recording the screen

3. Restart iPhone:

If you have been using this feature all along, but this issue of iPhone screen recording no sound suddenly came up, then it could be a glitch that can be fixed with a simple restart.

Restart your iPhone by pressing the Power button and slide right to power off and again press the Power button to start your device. Once restarted, start the screen recording and check if it works now. With a lot of apps running on the device could also result in a malfunction of the system features.

4. Update to Latest Version:

Every iOS update brings new bug fixes, and it might be time to update your phone if you haven’t already. One of the reasons for iPhone screen recording no sound issue can be a bug related to audio recordings.

That’s why it is advised to check for the latest system updates and try to fix this issue of iPhone screen recording not working properly.

To update your iPhone, launch Settings. Go to General> Software Update, and Turn on Automatic updates. If there is an update available, click on Download and Install.

5. Check Restrictions:

Check Restrictions

If your iPhone Screen recording is not working, you might need to check for the restrictions. If you are not able to see the screen recorder in the Control Centre as enabled, go to Settings. Under the Screen Time section, go to Content & Privacy Restrictions> Content Restrictions> Screen Recording.

Select Allow for the Screen recording to let the iPhone use this function. 

6. Low Power Mode:

A reason can be that iPhone screen recording is not working as the low power mode is enabled. Certain functions on the iPhone stop working with the low power mode enabled. To start screen recording with the sound, you will have to turn off the low power mode from Settings.

Launch Settings app, go to Battery and turn off the toggle switch in front of Low Power Mode.

Start screen recording again after this step, and you will be able to fix the iPhone screen recording no sound issue.

7. Check Storage:

If the iPhone screen recording is not working, it can be because of low storage space. If the screen recorder fails to start or screen recording is hampered without saving it can be due to this problem.

Go to Settings app> General> iPhone Storage.

Remove the unnecessary duplicate photos which take up most of the space on your iPhone with duplicate photos fixer. It is a wonderful tool that will scan your iPhone for duplicate and similar photos and remove them to recover space.

8. Check Settings:

Check Settings

If all the above ways won’t able to solve the screen recording issue on your iPhone device. You Can Try to reset all settings.

Go to Settings app> General> Reset> Reset All Settings.

After this, check the screen recorder settings from the Control Centre as shown in the first point. As to make the iPhone screen recording work along with the sound, you must have the microphone working.

If none of this helped, you must check with iPhone support to fix iPhone screen recording not working.


I Hope the above-Given ways are able to fix the iPhone screen recording not working with sound. There are several other apps available to record the screen but it is best to use the inbuilt feature on iPhone. After you have fixed your issue, learn how to record FaceTime calls on iPhone.

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