How To Screen Record FaceTime With Sound On iPhone

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You might want to record FaceTime with sound on iPhone to preserve precious moments with your friends and family. You might also need it to record an interview on FaceTime for business purposes. FaceTime has been providing this great service to make voice and video calls to iOS and Mac users. With the latest update in the iOS version, a number of features have been changed. We discuss the method on how to screen record FaceTime with sound on iPhone. 

Can You Record A FaceTime Call On iPhone?

Yes, you can record a FaceTime call on iPhone, which is possible with in-built screen recorder.  You can also take Live Photos in FaceTime on your iPhone, which works for devices with iOS 12 and above versions.

Note: You will be able to record your FaceTime call along with sound up to the iOS version 13.3. Further versions have recently applied restrictions to record the audio for the FaceTime call. So make sure of your iPhone for its iOS version before trying to go forward with the process. For the iOS versions above 13.3 one can use an alternative way.

Can You Screen Record FaceTime With Audio On iPhone?

Yes, you can record FaceTime with sound on your iPhone. Unlike, most Android devices which require third-party apps for screen recording, no such apps are needed for iPhone. The screen recorder on the iPhone is good enough to capture the screen you are in the FaceTime call.

Step 1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down and locate Control Centre and tap on it.

iPhone Control Centre Settings

Step 3: Make sure, you turn on the toggle switch for Access within Apps. Tap on Customize Controls.

Customize Controls iPhone

Step 4: This will show you a list of apps which are allowed to appear in the Control Centre. To add the recording app, click on the plus sign in front of Screen Recording. It is now included on the list, which will make Screen Recorder icon in the Control Centre.

Step 5: Launch FaceTime app, select a contact, and make a FaceTime call.

Step 7: Once the call starts ringing, you need to open the Control Centre. Tap on the Screen Recorder will start a recording, this will only record the screen with no sound.

Control Centre iPhone

Now if you wish to record FaceTime with audio, you need to follow one additional step.

Long press on the Screen Recorder, and you will see all the options while recording. It shows a sign for a microphone which appears greyed out and the says Microphone Off.

Screen recording iPhone

Step 8: Tap on the Microphone sign, and it will show you the sign get colored and the command shown below changes to Microphone On.

Microphone On iPhone screen recording

Step 9: Locate the Start Recording button and tap on it, to start recording. This will immediately start a countdown, and you can continue your FaceTime call.

Remember everything on your iPhone screen is recorded along with the audio. Therefore, close any notifications or sounds turned on for them to avoid interruption on record FaceTime with sound on iPhone.

Step 10: Once you are done with the call, close the recording by tapping on the red bar which appears on top of the screen. It shows you a confirmation dialogue box, tap on the Stop button from the options.

While you are changing the microphone settings, you get options to change the default saving location of your FaceTime with audio call. It can be changed to Skype or Messenger. This will broadcast your video via any of the chosen.

To play the media file on your iPhone, go to the location of the saved screen recording. This is how to screen record FaceTime with sound on the iPhone in an easy way without any help from third-party apps.

Alternatively, you can use another phone or camera to record the ongoing FaceTime call on your iPhone. This method works every time and does not have a restrictions for the iOS versions. We advise to record the FaceTime calls while notifying the other person as well.

Wrapping up:

This is how you record FaceTime with sound on iPhone. So, record your FaceTime calls with audio and share it with your friends or save them on your photo’s album.

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  • Krystel
    I followed every single step in this article. Yet, it stops recording sound as soon as I start a FaceTime call. Yes, I have the microphone turned on. It records sound prior to me starting the FaceTime call. Yet, once I have started the call, all the sound is gone.

    2 years ago Reply
  • Zaxb
    Same!! Open to any suggestions!

    2 years ago Reply
  • Dano
    I am having the EXACT same problem as Krystel and Zaxb. PLEASE HELP!

    2 years ago Reply
  • MlePatron
    Having same problem as everyone else. Sound is there until FaceTime starts.

    2 years ago Reply
  • Jason
    Exact same issue. All other applications are turned off, ios fully updated, all sound/mic options enabled yet as soon as facetime engages no sound.

    2 years ago Reply
  • kapil
    i am pretty sure apple updated it to mute the audio for calls for security reasons

    2 years ago Reply
  • K Lyzy
    Ditto and trying to find a solution.

    2 years ago Reply
  • David
    Same problem! I see the question was asked over a month ago and no reply. Are you still there or did COVID19 get you?

    2 years ago Reply
  • Jenny
    Me too. The audio turns off as soon as FaceTime connects. Anyone have a solution!

    2 years ago Reply
  • Bob G
    Same problem as the others…no audio on FaceTime recordings, even though microphone is ON. Another site said Apple does not allow this type of recording. Know anything about that?

    2 years ago Reply
  • Bob G
    Thanks very much for your suggestions!

    2 years ago Reply
  • Lenya Erdt
    Apple did this because of laws. of course you need the other persons consent for stuff like this, and it cannot be changed. so u have to stick to screen recording a call without audio /:

    2 years ago Reply
  • Mike richard
    Having same problem any answers on why this happens

    2 years ago Reply
  • Mike richard
    Having same problem any answers

    2 years ago Reply
  • Zinny
    call first then screen record ? like the instructions say ?

    2 years ago Reply
  • Nancy Laws
    I have the same issue! Called support several months ago about this and they didn’t even know there was such a thing as screen record until I showed them how!

    2 years ago Reply
  • Ica
    Having the same issue.
    Has anyone figured out how to record facetime with sound?

    2 years ago Reply
  • Rahul
    This helps. Thanks a lot

    2 years ago Reply
  • Vladimir
    Not work audio rec. !!!! This is bad !!!???

    1 year ago Reply
  • LovesHamilton
    What you can do, is you can do a screen recording without sound, and then record audio on another device using Voice Memos or some other voice recording app, and then send the audio and screen recording to the same device and use iMovie or another video editing app to put the screen recording with the audio. That’s what I’ve been doing.

    1 year ago Reply
  • LovesHamilton
    What you can do is you can screen record your FaceTime, and then record audio on another device using Voice Memos or another voice recording app. Then get both the audio and screen recording on the same device and use iMovie or some other video editing app to put the screen recording with the audio. That’s what I’ve been doing.

    1 year ago Reply
  • Todd
    I followed these instructions for recording with sound during a FaceTime call however, when I play back the video, there is no sound. Any solutions or ideas? Thanks

    1 year ago Reply

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