How to Fix “FaceTime App Not Working On iPhone and iPad”

Apple’s FaceTime app allows users to make free audio or video calls to other Apple users over internet connection or Wi-Fi. However, users all around the world are complaining that the app is not working properly and crashing frequently. In this blog, we will try to understand the reasons that why FaceTime app is not working on iPhone and what are its practical solutions.

Check and Fix Your Wi-Fi and Cellular Connection

If your FaceTime app is not working on your device, then check your internet connection. It is possible that your internet is performing other tasks efficiently but having issues connecting with FaceTime app. To check the internet connection,

FaceTime app

Go to settings> search Wi-Fi on an iOS device and System Preference > jump to network and then check and fix the connectivity corresponding to your local router.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Sometimes, the cellular network of your phone suffers from certain problems. You can fix this problem by jumping to setting section of your device and then switch on the “Airplane mode”. After few seconds, switch off the “Airplane mode” and try FaceTime again. This process will refresh your network and re-activate cellular data or Wi-Fi.

FaceTime app

Update the Software

When was the last time did you upgraded your device’s software? Apple keeps upgrading the software along with the apps. Not updating the software might cause your apps to crash or work inefficiently. Hence, check out the latest version of iOS and upgrade it. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

FaceTime app

Relaunch FaceTime

While opening FaceTime app, if your camera is turning black or displaying black screen, close all other apps that are open and restart FaceTime app.

FaceTime app

Ensure Your FaceTime Is Turned On

Sometimes, we forget to turn on the FaceTime on and start panicking. Just calm down and then go to settings > FaceTime and switch on the app. On Mac OS X, restart the FaceTime app and then tap FaceTime > Turn FaceTime On.

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Check your Apple ID

It is possible that you are signing in with wrong Apple ID and therefore your FaceTime is not working. Ensure that you have signed in to all FaceTime accounts with the same Apple ID. Visit Settings> FaceTime and check the Apple ID. Click FaceTime > Preferences in Mac OS X and then check the Apple ID.

FaceTime app

Check Your Phone Number

Like Apple ID, you might be using wrong phone number. Just go to Settings of your iOS device > FaceTime and check your phone number. Also check your Apple ID mentioned below as “You can be reached by FaceTime at”.

Restore A Missing FaceTime App

Go to Settings > General > Restrictions and ensure that FaceTime and Camera of your device are working as well as turned on.  If you have turned on the restrictions for your app and camera, then FaceTime will not work.

FaceTime app

‘Waiting for Activation’ Mode!!

If your FaceTime is showing “Waiting for Activation” mode, then close the app and launch it again. In fact, whenever your device/app shows this mode or keep hanging, turn off the device/app and restart it. In iOS device, reset the app by

Go to Settings > FaceTime and set FaceTime to Off. After few seconds, turn on the app.

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Check Date and Time of Your Device

Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and reset the time zone. Also, turn on the “Set Automatically” feature of the device and turn on your current location.

P.S. But before jumping to the solutions, we first need to assure certain things. Make sure that FaceTime is not working on iPhone due to some local issue and Apple has nothing to do with it. Check out the status of the app whether it is under maintenance or not. Apple sends notifications if something goes wrong with the app. And now, we can go ahead.

So, these are some of the trips and tricks to understand why your FaceTime app is not working on iPhone. If your app is still not working on your iPhone, then contact to the nearest Apple app store to resolve the issue.

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