15 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone To Record Audio in High-Quality

Gone are those days when you used to carry an audio recording device to remember an interesting conversation.

Now, you can use your iPhone, iPads as they come with a built-in voice recording app, Voice Memo. The only drawback of this app is that you cannot do anything else on it. This the story with most of the Apple apps.

Therefore, here we will enlist best voice recorder apps for iPhone that offer more features than the stock Voice Memo app.

Highlights – Best App for audio recording on iPhone

  • Helps take notes along with voice notes.
  • Offers cloud support
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Let’s bookmark, make transcriptions, etc.
  • Edit audio separately

Keeping all these points here are the best voice recorder apps for iOS.

Best Apps for Audio Recording on iPhone

  1. Voice Memos
  2. Rev Voice Recorder
  3. Voice Recorder and Audio Editor
  4. AudioShare
  5. Awesome Voice Recorder
  6. Voice Recorder Pro
  7. HT Professional Recorder
  8. MultiTrack DAW
  9. Voice Recorder – Audio Recorder
  10. Otter Voice Meeting Notes
  11. Evernote
  12. iTalk
  13. AudioNote 2 – Voice Recorder
  14. Say &Go
  15. Recorder Plus

Comparison Table

Here is the list of best voice recorders of iPhone:

1. Voice Memos

Before knowing about the third-party audio recording apps for iPhone let’s take a look at Apple’s built-in audio recorder app. This app offers basic features and can be found under the Extra folder on your iPhone’s home screen. Using it you can record restriction free audio and can even do some basic audio trimming if you have a long audio. To use Voice Memo app all you need to do, is tap the Record button and record whatever you want. Once done using this best voice recorder app for iOS you can save or delete the recording.


  • One tap voice recording app for iOS
  • Recording is saved by the name of new recording or name of your location
  • Uses built in microphone
  • Can edit, trim or delete part of recorded voice memo
    Voice Memos

Easy To Use
Free of Cost
Available for all iOS users
Unlimited recording time
Organized and background recording

Offers only basic audio editing tools
No file sharing
Needs space on iCloud to save the recording


2. Rev Voice Recorder

Rev Voice Recorder is another free voice recorder app for iPhone and Android. This voice Recorder app for iOS is convenient to use. In a single tap you can capture important audio, share it, and do a lot more. The app can record in background.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Free voice recording app for iOS
  • Record using built in microphone, a Bluetooth headset, or a compatible external microphone
  • Pause incoming calls and other disturbance automatically
  • View and share recordings
    Rev Voice Recorder

Free of Cost
Available for all iOS users

Need to pay for transcriptions

3. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Free version of this smart voice recorder app for iOS offers basic audio recording. However, if you go with the paid version you can also record phone calls. Some useful features offered by this app for audio recording on iPhone are speed listening, sleep timer. You can either save audio notes or upload them to cloud storage sites.


  • Multiple audio formats
  • Loop recording
  • Skip backwards/forwards 15 seconds
  • Mark favourite recordings
    Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Unlimited recordings
Cloud support
Transfer recordings

Need to buy app for recording calls
Text notes and transcribe recording (in app purchases)

4. AudioShare

Another iPhone sound file manager app that offers advanced import and export abilities. If you are a music lover this app is right for you. Using it you can organize sound files and midi files. Besides this, you can transfer files from one app to another or to a computer. Moreover, AudioShare best voice recorder app for iPhone allows recording audio from an external microphone.


  • Import and trim your own music
  • Export files to all apps
  • Organize audio recording in files and folders
  • Built in Dropbox client
  • Playback any kind of sound file
  • Convert sound file formats

Easy audio file management
Advanced voice recording features
Suitable for music lovers

Not for beginners
Audio effect selection could have more options

5. Awesome Voice Recorder

Ranked number 1 business app in 35 countries Awesome Voice Recorder is one of the best voices recording apps for the iPhone. Popularly known as AVR this voice recorder app helps record interview, lecture and more. To use the app, you just need to select the recording quality you want, decide the type of recording mono or stereo and that’s it. This iPhone audio recorder app reduces background noise that impacts output audio files.


  • Trim and cut audio records
  • Easy folder management
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Add description to voice records
    Awesome Voice Recorder

Versatile voice recording tools
Easy file management
Can add sound tags to one audio file at selected time

Supports only a limited number of audio file formats
For experienced users only


6. Voice Record Pro

Best for journalists this new voice recording app for iPhone is straightforward. In just a few taps you can record voice in all standard file formats and can convert the files to any format of your choice. You can also add bookmarks, photos, and merge multiple audio recordings into single file.


  • Export to and import from Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud Drive.
  • Export to FTP server
  • Post a movie clip on YouTube
  • Add noted, photos to records
  • Append records
    Voice Record Pro

Great file export options
High quality audio recordings

To remove ads, need to make in app purchases
No option for file transcriptions

7. HT Professional Recorder

With HT Professional Record best voice recorder app for iPhone, record conversations in a large room or when the phone is several feet away from the people. Using it you can record and edit business meetings, lectures, etc on the phone. Moreover, you can use bookmark feature to remember and replay important moments.


  • Auto record voice
  • Overwrite dictation to correct mistakes
  • Wi-Fi file transfer
  • Repeat mode, 3 levels of microphone sensitivity
  • Email recordings up to 30 minutes in length as .WAV attachments
    HT Professional Recorder

Make corrections using overwrite feature
Three level microphone sensitivity

No option for transcriptions
Audio editing tools aren’t great

8. MultiTrack DAW

Perfect for music industry professionals this voice recording app for iOS will lets you build new songs just like a real recording studio. You can move and trim audio, mix sound until you get what you want. MultiTrack DAW offers a wide range of input capabilities, including built in mic, USB interfaces and more.


  • 8 stereo audio tracks, upgradable to 24
  • Non-linear, non-destructive editing using regions and Bins
  • Inner-App Audio
  • Per track Compressor and EQ
  • Supports up to 16 inputs simultaneously
    MultiTrack DAW

Advanced audio editing and recording features
Supports various input and output file formats

Designed for sound recording professionals
Expensive audio recorder app

9. Voice Recorder – Audio Recorder

Fine-tuned to suit your day to day needs this voice recorder app allows recording meetings, lectures and other events. This voice recorder for iPhone lets you record anything within 10-100 meters around you. It offers multiple playback options to help decide how you want to hear your recording.


  • Different quality and format options
  • Resume recording existing recordings
  • Quick audio player
  • Email recordings
  • Allows sharing voice recording over Dropbox, iCloud Drive
  • Universal app
    Recorder Plus

Record voices via external microphone
Records sound from longer distance

Can offer better audio editing options
No noise reduction feature

10. Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting Notes app is an easy solution to record and transcribe lectures, interviews and business meetings. With near perfect accuracy you can record interviews in real time. The app’s AI also recognizes different speakers and helps stay focused on the conversation. With this app you get 600 minutes of free voice recording every month.


  • Share live transcript and externally via links
  • Take meeting notes automatically
  • Provide live captioning to deaf, hard of hearing
  • Search the text to scrub through the whole audio
  • Edit and highlight sentences
  • Organize conversations
    Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Automatic transcriptions of voice recordings
Varied collaboration options

No voice recording settings
Expensive monthly and annual subscription

11. Evernote

Trusted by 225 million people Evernote is the best audio recorder app for iPhone using which you can take audio notes. This note taking app also lets you record voice, organize notes, files, photos and voice memos all at one place. Not only this it even offers secure cloud storage to keep your information protected and private. You can use Siri or Google assistant to create, update or search notes via voice commands.

Anything saved on Evernote can be easily shared with your friends even when they don’t have an Evernote account.


  • Sync anywhere
  • Web clipper
  • Document Scanning
  • Set reminders, write to-do lists, capture and store all your thoughts

Take note, click image and attach them while recording audio

Free users get 25MB
Lacks advanced features like transcriptions and converter

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12. iTalk

A fully featured recording app with streamline and intuitive user interface. To record tap the big red button and to stop tap it again. Existing recordings can be appended and managed easily.

Recordings can be emailed directly from iTalk. This app for recording voice on iPhone supports direct file sharing through iTunes.


  • Supports iTunes file sharing
  • Email directly from iTalk
  • Built in search function to locate recordings by title
  • High-quality hand-held recording

Easy and convenient to use
Share recordings via iTunes, email, etc.

Offers only basic features

13. AudioNote 2 – Voice Recorder

Most of us hate taking notes yet notes are important. With AudioNote2, a digital notebook and its built-in sound recorder you can take notes and organize them easily. Just hit the record button and start taking notes. Notes are automatically time stamped with the audio and highlights when the audio reaches to that point.


  • Automatically adapts to room size and volume level
  • Notes are linked with recorded audio
  • Create folder to organize files
  • Highlights notes during playback
  • Sync between devices
    AudioNote 2

Different options for writing, drawing, and recording
Free 1 month trial version

Advanced Interface
Designed for business productivity

14. Say &Go

A powerful and convenient audio recorder app for iPhone and Apple Watch. To use this smart voice recorder all you need to do is open the app and start speaking. The app will start recording automatically.  Moreover, you can transfer notes to a computer via Dropbox, Evernote or e-mail.


  • Automatic start and stop of voice recording
  • Quick reminders
  • Automatic upload recordings
  • EverBox integration to automatically create notes
    Say &Go

Auto start and stop recording
Automatically create notes and upload recording

Recording time limit 4-75 seconds

15. Recorder Plus

Last on our list of best voice recorder apps for iPhone is Recorder Plus. This audio recording app is simple to use. Using it you can capture voice recordings that can last for a couple of seconds or a few hours. In a single tap you can start recording voice and this is what makes it a smart voice recorder app for iOS. Free version of the app offers basic voice recording and audio editing options.


  • One touch recording
  • Simple user interface
  • Record for seconds or hours
  • Record and playback in the background
  • Compressed audio format
    Voice Recorder

Quick voice recording setup
Adjustable audio quality

Sharing voice recording to cloud is only possible if you make an in-app purchase
Audio editing options are basic

That’s it, this is the list of the best Voice Recorder apps for iPhone. You never know when you might need it, therefore, it is recommended to install an app for audio recording on iPhone.

Below is a comparison table for the above 15 voice recording apps for iPhone.

NO. Voice Recorder User Rating Supported OS Price
1 Voice Memos Not available iOS 12.0 or later Free
2 Rev Voice Recorder 4.2 iOS 10.0 or later Free
3 Voice Recorder and Audio Editor 4.7 iOS 9.0 or later Free, but offers in-app purchases
4 AudioShare 4.7 iOS 10.0 or later $3.99
5 Awesome Voice Recorder 4.6 iOS 9.0 or later Free, but offers in-app purchases
6 Voice Record Pro 4.7 iOS 10.3 or later Free, but offers in-app purchases
7 HT Professional Recorder 4.7 iOS 9.0 or later $9.99
8 MultiTrack DAW 4.5 iOS 9.0 or later $9.99 offers in-app purchases
9 Voice Recorder – Audio Record 4.6 iOS 9.0 or later $3.99
10 Otter Voice Meeting Notes 4.8 iOS 10.0 Free, but offers in-app purchases
11 Evernote 4.6  

Requires iOS 11.0 and WatchOS 2.0 or later

Free, but offers in-app purchases
12 iTalk No rating  

Requires iOS 7.0 or later

13 AudioNote2 3.9 Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Free, but offers in-app purchases
14 Say&Go 4.6 Requires iOS 11.4 and WatchOS 4.0 or later. $2.99
15 Recorder Plus: Voice Recorder 4.4 iOS 9.0 or later Free, but offers in-app purchases



Where is the voice recorder on the iPhone?

iPhone’s in-built voice recorder Voice Memo app can be found under folder named Extra. To use it launch Voice Memo app and tap record button.

What is the voice recorder app on iPhone?

Voice Memo is a built-in app on iOS devices that helps record voice.

How do I secretly record audio on my iPhone?

  1. Lock the iPhone screen with the phone powered on.
  2. Now, press the lock key to brighten the lock app. Remember you don’t have to unlock it.
  3. Next, slide the camera icon a little > tap red record button while you are still holding down the camera icon.

That’s it! You can now secretly record voice on your iPhone.

How do I record a voice on my iPhone?

  1. Open the “Voice Memos” app.
  2. Tap the red record button to start recording again and tap the same button to stop recording.
  3. Tap “Done”

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    Reza Shakiba
    You may also want to try meCordi. You can use it to annotate your recording with related notes and pictures. meCordi will show you related picture at exact time that related to the audio. You can even specify who is talking in each section of the recording and then limit playback to an specific person. You can assign different playback speed for different sections, and much more.

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Srishti Sisodia
      Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We will test the app and add it to the list if suitable.

      2 years ago

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