Advantages of Cloud Storage – Backup your Important Data on Cloud

Data storage has become such a major problem these days. People keep on migrating their data from one storage device to another storage device. Yet, people could not unearth permanent and robust solution for it.

The solution should be such that it makes data storage process easier, flexible, and secure. And yes it is Cloud Storage. Storing data on the Cloud has its own  advantages for both personal and business purpose

Before jumping on to its advantages, let’s get an idea:

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a cloud computing model that helps people in saving their data securely on remote servers and which can be accessed through the internet.  It is maintained, managed, and operated by a cloud service operator.

Conventional storage methods have their own disadvantage, like the limit on capacity, security issues, wear and tear of the storage device, and performance issues.

Therefore, it’s better to update yourself with time and make better use of technology.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Let’s take a look at the advantages offered by Cloud service;

  • Anytime- Anywhere access

Cloud storage facilitates you to open documents on any of your devices and at any location. You just need to have internet access! It gives you the flexibility to work when and where you want.

Forget those days when you have to transfer files through email between home and work!

  • Work with others- Anytime

Cloud storage enables users to work with n number of people collaboratively on the same project. The revamping feature allows the team to work together in order to achieve great efficiency in work.

Taking the instance of tender documents which take around weeks to prepare and pass between departments, can be reduced to a few days when all the teams can work simultaneously on the same document.

  • Get Unlimited space

The Cloud service offers unlimited storage space. However, other services can also be used for controlling the access to data and archiving. No matter how huge space we have to store data, it will fill up since we keep on storing more and more multimedia data in the form of video, image and audio files.

From the business perspective also, storing documents on the Cloud will eliminate the need for every user to save documents personally; consequently, saving disk space.

  • Data security

Data security is about protecting data from loss, corruption, and inappropriate access.

With the increment in the cyber-crimes, you never know your data can be hacked anytime by criminals or your system may crash due to some technical faults.

It is better to ensure the security of data by storing it on Cloud. Cloud service uses encryption techniques, automation and password features to enhance the security of data.

  • Backup data regularly

Backing up data, such as documents, systems and software keys, on Cloud is quite cheap than burning data onto a DVD. And above all, the data is accessible from anywhere on the internet.

Unexpected events like fire, theft or hardware failure can result in data loss and could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in the business.

It is better to take prevention and use backup service for backing up data regularly. You can download pictures anytime even if your system crashes or you accidentally delete pictures from hard-drive, there is no need to worry!

Since Cloud service has its advantages, we recommend Right Backup Anywhere to backup data safely on the Cloud. It offers following features:

  • Creating backup of all the data on Cloud
  • Quick restoration
  • Easy access to files
  • In-built scheduler to create backup automatically
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access.

Start using Right Backup Anywhere and relieve yourself from transferring data from one device to another! Download now!

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