10 Best Note-taking Apps for Android & iPhone in 2023

Developers of Best Note-Taking Apps realize the fact that one of the convenient ways to jot down thoughts, ideas, or notes is right there in your Pocket. While both Android and iOS devices come with their built-in note apps, there are times when you need more tools and features to make a perfect checklist, set reminders for upcoming events & appointments.

That’s why, after testing and using more than 35 Note Making Apps from both Google Play Store & App Store, we’ve listed the perfect options with powerful features set for your Mobile devices.

Best Note-taking Apps for Android & iPhone (Paid & Free)

Choosing the right app to jot down notes on-the-go will ensure that you never miss saving any important detail. Here are the best choices for Android, iPhone & iPad!

1. Evernote

Compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows & Web 

Price: For Basic Features – Free Notes App¸ For Plus Plan – US$ 34.99/year

Know More About: Evernote

It is certainly impossible to talk about Best Note-Taking Apps and not mention Evernote. It is an excellent application available for multiple devices and can manage notes in almost any format. It offers features such as:


Highlights: Evernote 

  • Add text notes.
  • Add audios, images, and PDF files.
  • Save scanned hand-written docs.
  • Add configurable reminders to notes.
  • Share notes via email.
  • Collate them to maintain a virtual notebook.
  • Supports offline access to notes & PDF annotations.

2. Microsoft OneNote

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac & Web

Price: Free Note-Making App for iPad/iPhone/Android & other OS

Know More About: Microsoft OneNote 

OneNote by Microsoft is a reliable and fairly fast note app available for multiple operating systems. It offers tons of text and drawing tools, just like every other note-taking applications available in the market. Additionally, it has a ‘Web Clipper’ to add notes directly from any of your favourite websites while browsing the Internet.

Microsoft OneNote 

Highlights: Microsoft OneNote 

  • Supports almost all Microsoft Office file formats.
  • Capable of capturing & saving information from emails.
  • Embed Excel sheets easily.
  • Works as a flexible canvas.
  • Ability to draw, write, and clip things you find from the web.
  • Option to scan notes from paper.
  • Manage notes using colourful tags.

3. Google Keep

Compatibility: Android & iOS 

Price: Free Notes App For iPhone & Android users

Know More About: Google Keep

Google Keep is a complete package of useful features and tools that makes it one of the best notes taking apps for Android and iPhone. It gets automatically synchronized with all of Google’s other services. Hence, you can easily search for and access important Notes using Google Drive & others.

Google Keep 

Highlights: Google Keep 

  • Capability to transcribe text from Images using (OCR).
  • Filter notes based on Topic, Location & Activity.
  • Colour code notes or adds labels for better organizations.
  • Features a dynamic canvas to create drawings & handwritten notes.

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4. Simplenote

Compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux 

Price: For premium version – $10/year

Know More About: Simplenote

As the name entails, Simplenote is one of the simplest notes taking applications available on Google Play Store & App Store. It offers tons of options and tools to maintain notes, a to-do list, and ideas. You can create and manage unlimited notes and edit them as and when required. Once you have a collection of your notes ready, you can add tags and pin them for better organization.


Highlights: Simplenote 

  • Lightning-fast search capability.
  • Allows you to backup your notes & other lists to the cloud.
  • Syncs your notes across all your devices. (Supports PC, Tablet & Phones)
  • Amazing sharing & collaboration features.
  • Drag slider to access old versions of notes.

5. Zoho Notebook

Compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Web 

Price: Free Note-Taking App for iPhone, iPad, Android & other OS

Know More About Zoho Notebook

A multipurpose note-taking app – Zoho Notebook is a great tool for maintaining detailed journals. It offers tons of options to jot down normal notes, manage a checklist, to-do list plus you can include photos, audios, etc. Using multiple kinds of gesture commands, you can perform batch operations to sort or group notes for making a virtual notebook, kinda thing.

Zoho Notebook 

Highlights: Zoho Notebook 

  • Offers a Sketch card for doodling.
  • Add audios or your voice.
  • Supports gesture-based functions to copy, sort, group, reorder & organize.
  • Supports automatic syncing across your devices.
  • Lightning-fast search functionality.
  • Compatible with Apple Watch too, so that you can record memos.

6. Notion

Compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Web 

Price: For Personal- Free Notes App, For Personal Pro – $4/month¸ For Team – $8/month

Know More About: Notion

All of the note-taking apps for iPhone, Android & other devices we’ve seen so far are mostly for jotting down notes for yourself. Sure, some of them can help you maintain virtual notebooks and share them, but what features make Notion standout.


Highlights: Notion 

  • Offers a reference Wiki.
  • You can add web bookmarks.
  • Enjoy support for audio, video, photos & documents.
  • Supports sharing & collaboration, to work together with your team in real-time.
  • Every page (Template) has a dedication section for adding comments & feedback.

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7. Bear

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & Mac 

Price: Free Notes app for iPad, iPhone & Mac, For Pro – $1.49/Month

Know More About: Bear

Bear is an easy-to-use and powerful note-taking app for iPad, iPhone, and Mac users.  It helps users club multiple kinds of photos, text, to-do-list, and code snippets. With the Bear notes app, you can enjoy a time-saving feature ‘Archive’ that simply takes a Note out of search and organize it without deleting it.


Highlights: Bear 

  • Offers clear-writing experience.
  • A Markup editor that supports 20 different programming languages.
  • Supports doodling.
  • A Focus Mode to get things right down to business.
  • Supports tagging for easy searching and accessing.
  • Inline image and photo support combined with Apple Pencil.

8. Nebo

Compatibility: Android, iOS & Windows 

Price: Free version, For Pro – $7.99 in-app purchase 

Know More About: Nebo

Next on our list of Best Paid & Free Note-Taking Apps For iPhone & other devices is Nebo. It’s an advanced notes app that goes beyond basic needs, it offers tons of features to structure notes professionally. You can create and manage office documents using the Nebo notes app, it allows you to add paragraphs, titles, bullet-lists, diagrams, flow charts, and whatnot.


Highlights: Nebo 

  • Supports ‘Rich content’ tools to add diagrams, formulas, flow charts & more.
  • Allows you to integrate sketches & other notes into a single document.
  • Export final layout into formats like Word, PDF, or HTML.
  • Handles complex documents with ease.
  • Best note-taking app for iPad with a stylus.

9. Dropbox Paper

Compatibility: Android, iOS & Web 

Price: Free Notes App version¸ For Plus – $9.99 /Month, For Pro – $16.58/Month

Know More About: Dropbox Paper

Looking for a Note-Taking App that helps you work in collaboration? Choose none-other than Dropbox Paper. Using the collaborative notes app, you can add and edit notes, brainstorm concepts, review ideas together, and manage meetings as well. You can even assign to-do lists, add deadlines, mention participants, and allocate work.

Dropbox Paper 

Highlights: Dropbox Paper 

  • Use annotations.
  • Integrate your calendar.
  • Add photos and audio.
  • Supports integration with popular apps like Sketch and Invision.
  • Has instant file previews.
  • Robust mobile word processor.
  • Comes with notifications and plays well with Dropbox’s cloud storage.

10. Whink

Compatibility: iOS Devices 

Price: $4.99/Month

Know More About: Whink  

Last but not the least, Whink is the best note-taking app for iPhone & iPad users. You can write with a stylus, type text, or draw with a finger, Whink notes app, makes the entire process super-smooth. It helps users add multimedia files like photos, diagrams, audios, and more. It’s an all-in-one application to make handwritten notes, create a to-do-list, annotate PDFs/Photos, organize & back up important documents.


Highlights: Whink 

  • Sketch, doodle, or write smoothly with your fingers.
  • Import PDFs using Dropbox, Google Drive, or Email.
  • Fill up forms, sign, or send contracts or important documents from your device.
  • Record lectures while taking notes.
  • Insert voice is PDFs.
  • Backup files via iCloud.
  • Capability to group docs and arrange them section-wise or page-wise.
  • Best note-taking app for iPad with a stylus.

Frequently Asked Questions – Note-Taking Apps For Android & iPhone

Q1. Which Are The Best Ways To Transfer Notes From iPhone To Android?

Let’s explore the most feasible ways to share notes from iPhone to Android:

  • Simply email notes.
  • Transfer notes from iPhone to Android locally using a computer (through third-party tools).
  • Use Google Keep for managing notes on iPhone or Android.
  • Use file transfer apps like Send Anywhere to share Notes, Documents & other multimedia files.

Q2. Is Evernote Better Than Apple Notes?

Both the Note-taking apps offer a native experience of iOS. But if we have to take one name, Evernote is certainly a better choice, and all thanks to its user interface, formatting tools, dark theme supports, and ability to add audios.

Q3. Which Is The Best Free Note-Taking App?

Microsoft OneNote is a fully-featured and best free note-taking application available for all the popular operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

Q4. Which Is The Most Secure Notes App For iPhone & Android?

Well, the overall best choice when it comes to the safest note-taking app is Evernote. It is simple and has powerful features that you can explore and make the most out of your tasks.

If we missed any of the Best Note-Taking Apps for Android & iPhone, mention them in the comments section below. You can further check out all of our Best Of Apps list here!


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