Top 10 Project Management And Communication Tools

Despite of several advancements, technology has also alienated colleagues belonging to the same organization. Teamwork all about working together to reach a common goal. A goal that can only be achieved when there is increased communication and project management is top priority. Otherwise, the downside of lack of communication is that project management issues increase and the organization as a whole incurs a loss.

To prevent such disasters and increase overall productivity and profits within an organization, it is important that one improves the teamwork and increase communication too. Mentioned below are the top 10 project management and communication tools.

Best Project Management Tools

Mentioned below are 5 of top 10 applications that are must in offices. We begin with Project management tools. They help in generating goal settings, which are necessary to improve productivity.

1. Trello:



  • Cost: US $20.83/ year (Free version available for startups)
  • Download: Here

Trello is number one on our list for the best project management tools. It is a class apart as it gives its users a visual style of managing a project. It has multiple features which can be pinned on to a cardboard style home screen. It makes it easier to manage a project when one can organize cards which have comments, images, priority keywords and even works as a to do list. This gives a sense of transparency to a project because of which deadlines are clearer and met with more efficiency and speed.

2. WorkZone:


  • Cost: On Quote (Prices vary depending upon the size of one’s company)
  • Download: Here

Professional to the core, Workzone has a grid based user interface. Due to which, its very easy for all the teammates to keep themselves updated on the progress of individual sectors of a project. As it is cloud hosted, it is easily accessible by employees irrespective of their time zones and geographic locations. A feature that stands out is that it has a notification process which sounds an alarm when a deadline is missed and is overdue. It goes a step further when it automatically sends project managers updates on the same.

3. Cage:


  • Cost: US $ 6000/ year
  • Download: Here

Creative teams, this one is just for you. It enables them to hold discussions and stream them in 150+ styles of formats. It has automatic backup because of which there is less chance of one losing their day’s work. Another feature is that it updates the status of a file in its many stages of editing. With video calling, one can easily communicate with a teammate any changes that are required. This way one can keep abreast on all comments or feedbacks or changes that are demanded by the management or the clients and deliver them on time.

4. WIMI:



  • Cost: US $ 216/year
  • Download: Here

For increased productivity, this project management tool is a must. It offers its users to share and send documents with speed. With it one can delegate and divide task with teammates with ease. One can also monitor the given tasks and generate a progress report. It helps keep track of schedules and helps manage events. As it is cloud based, it gives one a secure access via registered devices even when the user is offline.




  • Cost: US $ 1068/year
  • Download: Here

It is the one stop for all your project management needs. They offer a whole variety of tools while maintaining a easy to use interface. It assigns the user roles while hosting online team discussions. Once task delegation and assignments are done, it becomes easy for the project manager to get reports on the same. It also offers the users a secure file storage option because of which while tracking a project and its history there are no issues or confusions.

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Best Team Communication Tools

Continuing on to the best team communication tools, we have listed applications that are a must in offices. Communication is the key with which the success of projects is dependent on.

6. Smartsheet:



  • Cost: US $ 300/year

The perfect tool for brainstorming and creating plans and schedule for a project, Smartsheet is the perfect application for teams at large. For communication purpose, it offers the users workplace Chat (part of Workplace by Facebook). Program roll ups helps one breakdown the different sections that are involved in a project and in turn results in better resource management. When it comes to team members who are placed in different geographical locations and time zones, budget tracking is a must and done with ease with this application.

7. Discord:



  • Cost: Free
  • Download: Here

This is the perfect example for team communication. This application covers all the check marks in our boxes as not only does it offer services such as video/audio/text chats, it even gives the users a separate mobile app. This enables the employees to increase communication with each other even after office hours because of which they can have a better sense of bonding. In chat options, there are channels to discuss topics, along with emojis.

8. VeriShow:



  • Cost: US $ 1188/year
  • Download : Here

What a twist this platform offers its users.  Not only can one use it for basic communication within team members and the company management, it even allows the user to interact with online customers with feedback for their queries.  They can do so with web demos, responding to their questions with chat and hence displaying the many features of their company.  All this by simply signing up and adding a HTML code on the user’s website.

9. Yammer:



  • Cost: On Quote (Prices vary depending upon the size of one’s company)
  • Download: Here

10. Kona by Deltek:

Kona by Deltek


  • Cost: US $110/year

Kona is a one stop solution for all team communication needs. It makes project work collaborative and helps keeps employees engaged in it till the end.  One of its key feature is that it helps keep track of tasks.  Synchronized task updates, deadline management and spaces catering to a particular group make project management and team communications easier for the managers.  A cloud storage platform, it even offers an app for easy coordination when members are working from home.

Last, but not the least on our list of the best team communication tools is Yammer. It is a very popular as a major teamwork and networking service.  One can host conference calls via video and manage a project on its integrated ‘Open Graph’ service.  Data management amongst members living offshore and other virtually accessible locations is made easy.

There you have it folks! The extensive list of the top 10 Project Management Tools and Communication Tools. They shall help you find the best balance for communication with the employees and working to achieve maximum profits.

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