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Who doesn’t know about JARVIS, the highly advanced computerized A.I. developed by Tony Stark? Isn’t it impressive how it manages almost everything technical in Tony’s life. Well, having a fantasy to own a personalized assistance just like JARVIS seems reasonable, who can take care of all your tasks and come handy when needed. Now, if you are planning to get your very own personal assistant, the market has currently four major players that are racing to acquire the top position: Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa), Microsoft (Cortana) and Google (Google Assistant). Let’s find out which one is best for you.


Apple’s Siri is easily accessible on nearly any Apple device. Whether, it is your Mac, iPhone or iPod, Siri is reachable to each product including iPod Touch. However, it is not available on any third-party speakers. The setting up process is not complicated and because of its intuitive nature, it takes less than 45 seconds for preliminary access and that includes the time to turn on and off the device. Hence, Siri is comparatively easy to set up.

When in loud surrounding, considering context or the value of the response or just basic recognition becomes muddled. Also, Siri falls short, whenever you are not specific about your queries. For instance, if you are looking for a reservation in hotel, Siri will not only find the hotel but also place a reservation. But if asked incorrectly, it might respond with a list of Google results instructing on how to find a hotel.

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Amazon’s smart assistant is reachable via Amazon Echo line of speakers and it’s line of Fire tablets and Fire TV. Alexa is also supported by some third-party smart speakers and other devices. Moreover, Alexa has its own app that acts as a supplement to another Alexa device and not as a separate AI assistant. Plugging in Alexa is easy and it takes less time to get the assistant up and running. Also, you can customize your personal assistant experience for more adaptive responses from Alexa.

As far as voice recognition is concerned, Alexa lacks uniformity in voice recognition quality. As compared to Google and Siri, Alexa cannot respond even when soft music is playing.  But when it comes to answering basic questions, it outstands all the assistants. However, you might experience hurdles while booking reservation or purchasing tickets for yourself with Alexa!


The story of Microsoft Cortana is different all together. It is a complicated affair, where you cannot use a common email address to log in into the device and therefore cannot access the voice features of Cortana. You cannot successfully log in by downloading the Cortana app and signing in on your phone because it is not a Windows account. It is rather impossible to sign in with your name, common email address and phone number.

As far as basic voice recognition is concerned, Cortana is worst of all. Microsoft’s assistant has issues in understanding zero noise interference. Integrating third-party apps with Cortana is lengthy as well. Smart answering is an issue for Cortana as it Bing things aloud and then obtains answers on your laptop, rather than a complete virtual assistant for business.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is accessible on all iOS and Android devices as well as on Chromebooks. Google has its own range of Google Home speakers with built in Google Assistant. Also, it is available on various third-party smart home speakers. By far, Google Assistant is the best personal assistant available in the market as they are also available in headphones and other third-party devices.

Like another AI assistants, Google Assistant is easy to set up. As far as voice recognition is concerned, it gives a tough competition to Apple’s Siri. But it outstands Siri, when it comes to answering our queries. It acts smart just like any AI based personal assistant is supposed to.

Bottom Line

For now, technology related to AI assistant is at exploration stage and it has got a long way to go. And therefore, none of the assistants are good enough to be adopted now. But judging on same basic functionality, for now Google Assistant seems to be taking the lead.  Well, that is all about AI assistants, if you have any query, feel free to ask.

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