ACR Call Recorder: Call Recorder Application For iPhones

Apple does not allow every other app to be on the app store. It needs to be pretty authentic in doing its job. That’s why you don’t see too many apps on an iPhone in comparison to an Android one. It’s a similar case with call recording apps on iPhones.

If you want to record important calls on your iOS-powered iPhone, then ACR Call Recorder is undoubtedly the best tool to do so.

From an interactive interface to an organized collection of call records, ACR Call Recorder is a ten-pointer in all the things it can do. It is a full-featured call recording application that can help you record high-quality outgoing and incoming calls. Plus, it does not work like others where you have to clear off call logs due to automated call recording regularly. ACR works on a different concept and allows users to choose which calls they wish to record.

Reviewing ACR Call Recorder, let’s dig into its features and use:

How ACR Call Recorder Works?

Apple does not allow call recording apps to live track calls and record them simultaneously. So, ACR doesn’t record any call, incoming or outgoing automatically. ACR instead works on the conference call settings of your iPhone.

When you make a call or receive a call, you need to open the ACR app there and then. Once opened, you tap on the dialer button in the app, and ACR makes a second call to its recording line. Then the user must merge the two calls and start a 3-way conference with the person at the other end and the recording line. This is how ACR Call Recorder records app.

Though it’s a bit of a hassle, it works the best for iPhone users who do not have call recording support on their phones.

ACR Call Recorder

How to Use ACR Call Recorder?

Step 1: Install ACR Call Recorder from App Store.

Step 2: The app gives you a three-day free trial. After that, the plan you choose is billed on your iTunes account.

Step 3: Now suppose you’re making a call. Call on the receiving number first. Once that’s connected. Open up the ACR Call Recorder app.

Step 4: There tap the dialer button. That’ll automatically send a call to the recording line.

Step 5: Merge both caller and the record line from the iPhone dialer. Your recording would start.

Step 6: The call recording would end once the call is disconnected. The recordings can be accessed from within the app.

Step 7: You can then save the recordings on your cloud or Dropbox and Drive accounts.

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Best Features of ACR Call Recorder

– The selling point is the interface. Believe it or not, a colorful interactive interface does attract users towards the application, and ACR does the same.

– The recordings are organized pretty well within the application.

– There is no limit to the number of calls you can record regardless of the plan you choose.

– The recordings can be saved and shared over a variety of platforms such as Dropbox, Drive, etc.

–  One of the best features is that one can edit recorded videos by making modifications in the recorded voice.

– Recordings can be uploaded to Slack.

– The recorder works with both international and domestic calls.

Drawbacks of ACR Call Recorder

– One of the major issues is the pricing. There is a three-day free trial. The iTunes account will be billed after that. The weekly price is $6.99, and monthly pricing is $14.99. The monthly plan is billed annually and is renewed automatically.

– For a monthly plan, $14.99 is pretty expensive, which adds to users’ concerns.

– Calls are not recorded automatically; however, no other recording app for iPhone can do that.

– Is not compatible with iPhones running on operating systems below iOS version 10.0.


Size: 150.3 MB

Category: Business

Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Languages: English

Age Rating: 9+

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The interface, the editing feature, and the organized library features are enough to mark this app as a worthwhile experience. It’s designed specifically for business use where callers may require saving important conversations even when they’re mobile. And that is the reason that it’s priced at $14.99, which is more expensive than your Netflix subscription plan.

But for a business-person in need of such an application and if he/she is an iPhone user, ACR Call Recorder will serve that purpose at best. Moreover, since it’s a paid application, no annoying advertisements are causing any kind of hassle. The reviews also suggest that the app support is very efficient So there’s one more reason to go with this one.

Rated 4.2 on the App Store, ACR Call Recorder is the best call recorder app for iPhone users.

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