Best Podcast Recording Software In 2023

If you are looking for the Best Podcast Recording Software, then I am sure that you would want an application that would be more than just a sound recorder. The applications listed in this guide can edit, mix, synthesize, and trim your audio inputs. It also allows you to add sound effects and isolates already existing different voices and sounds. Once isolated, you can either delete them and raise or lower their audio level.  Certain apps can help you on your Android Phone but this guide will tell you about many more features that are being offered by applications in this list of Best Podcast recording Software in 2023.

List Of Top Best Podcast Recording Software In 2023

1. WavePad


When looking for the best podcast recording software, one must also consider certain extra features apart from simple recording voices. These extra features could include editing your audio, adding effects, amplify and reduce different noise in the background. WavePad offers its uses a complete set of functions that can be used to fulfil miscellaneous tasks with regards to recording and editing an audio clip and making it ready for publishing.
It supports different types of audio formats such as FLAC, OGG, AIF, GSM, WMA, VOX, AU and even more.
The Extensive edit option allows users to cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, silence, auto-trim, compress and perform other tasks as well.
This app features a lot of different audio effects like echo, envelope, equalizer, amplify, reverse, normalize and reverb.
WavePad supports various sample rates from 6 to 192kHz, stereo or mono and 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits
It also has a free inbuilt library that contains royalty free music clips to add to your podcasts along with hundreds of different sound effects.

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

2. Audacity

Image: Audacity

Let us begin the list with a free podcast recording software, Audacity that is free and an open-source powerful audio editor available for all major OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Despite being free, it also offers a lot of tools and utilities that one can find only in paid software. Some of these features include Noise Reduction, Equalizer Settings, etc. The Interface may seem difficult to use in the beginning but there are other important features like:

  • Trim and Delete Clips
  • Add Fades and Splice sound clips.
  • Online tutorials and Manuals available

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

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3.  Adobe Audition Creative Cloud

Adobe Audition Creative Cloud

One of the best podcast recording software out there is Adobe Audition that is an easy-to-use and very efficient app. It also supports the integration of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and other Adobe software. This application offers a multitrack view that can be used to drag, drop, cut, and join tracks and provide voiceovers or background music.

  • Record multiple tracks using separate microphones at the same time.
  • Removes unwanted background noise and stray sounds.
  • It can enhance dialogues and creates a focus on them.
  • Allows users to set up a template with settings and certain audio tracks.
  • Inbuilt music samples, loops, and sound effects to choose from.

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

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4. Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools
Image: Avid Pro Tools

If you are looking for professional podcast software, then Avid’s Pro Tools is the one for you. The interface is easy to use and loaded with all the tools one would be looking for in the best podcast recording software for editing, composing, mixing, and recording. It will take time to learn about all the functions and work with audio on any project. Some of its features are:

  • Supports Real-Time adjustments.
  • Contains a MIDI editor and Score editor along with built-in virtual instruments.
  • The free version offers 16 tracks of non-destructive editing whereas the Pro version allows 128 tracks.

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

5.  GarageBand

Image: GarageBand

Another one on the list of best podcast recording software is GarageBand, which is a free app for Mac and iOS users. It is primarily used as a music creation tool which means it can also record podcasts. It allows users to create templates with optimized male/female tracks, various sound effects, and jingles. The interface is easy to use and supports the drag and drop feature.

The GarageBand does not offer a lot of extensive audio features but for simple editing needs, this is one of the best free podcast software.

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6.  ACID Xpress

ACID Xpress
Image: Acid Express

The next one in the list of Podcast Software is ACID Xpress which is an audio editor that supports multitrack for recording, mixing, cleaning, etc. This application is free to use and available for Windows users only. Podcasters can use this software to record audio and then edit them. Editing includes cutting parts of the clip and then arrange them where ever you want along with adjusting the pan and volume levels. Other features:

  • Supports MIDI editing
  • Adjusting Pitch and Matching Tempo
  • Supports In-Line recording.

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

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7.  Alitu

Image: Alitu

Alitu is a podcast software that offers a 7-day free trial before purchase so that users can understand what they are getting and how easy it is to use. It also features automating the technical processes which make it easy for anyone to obtain a professional podcast by just inserting original audio. Other features, including linking different audio files into the same project and recording directly from the Alitu.

  • It also helps to cut unwanted noises and silences.
  • Adjust Intro and ending music
  • Alitu can publish your finished output to a supported hosting service.

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

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8.  Hindenburg Journalist

Hindenburg Journalist

One of the most commonly used podcast software by journalists is the Hindenburg Journalist application. It has many essential audio processing functions built-in that run in the background like audio levels, optimized voice profiles, etc. It also offers a unique Clipboard interface that allows you to pick up the best clips from a collection of all that you have uploaded.

  • Allows uncompressed audio.
  • Equalizes consistent sound quality with an automation feature.
  • Easy to cut, paste, and arrange clips in the editor and upload the final product on your hosting account.
  • It offers a 30-day trial version.

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9.  Auphonic

Image: Auphonic

Moving to an amazing entry on the list of best podcast recording software is Auphonic. This application offers an automated audio editing environment and offers limited but essential services in the free version. By automation, we mean that users have to upload any recorded file and most of the adjustments would be done. The app would identify the different sounds, voices, music, etc, and optimize each one of them which would help to maintain the similarity of audio level of each sound.

  • It is available in a web-based
  • Available on Windows & Mac
  • Automated Software and Easy to use.

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

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10.  Reaper

Image: Reaper

If you are looking for an inexpensive and lightweight application, then Reaper is the best podcast recording software for you. However, despite being lightweight, this application has a great interface that is easy and swift to use. Reaper allows its users to stream live broadcasts with certain platforms like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

  • This application can also be run from a USB device.
  • Available on Mac and Windows.
  • Offers free trial of 60 days.
  • Users can import any audio file including MIDI and sample, compose, mix, and perform many other audio editing tasks.

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

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11. FuseBox

Image: FuseBox

The final one to make it to the list of best podcast recording software is Fusebox which is an amazing podcast player and editor, packed with all the features you could ever need. The Podcast player offered with this application can allow users to take benefits of a Full Player, Single Track Player, and a Site-wide Sticky Player.

  • It allows podcast listeners to download transcripts.
  • Podcast listeners using this software can subscribe to other podcasts.
  • Add links and text in the description of your recorded Podcast.
  • Users can integrate third-party email solutions and send emails to their loyal listeners.

To Visit the Official Website, Click Here

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Your Choice In The List Of Top Best Podcast Recording Software In 2023

I know, that it would be quite difficult to choose one software that would suit all your podcast requirements. But Audacity and Fusebox have proven to be very strong contenders in the list and I recommend Audacity as the best free podcast recording software available in the market today. Mac users can stick to Garageband which is the best compatible application with their Macs or could switch to Reaper with a trial version of 60 days.

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