7 Best Podcasts About AI and Machine Learning That You Must Listen To

The technologies are advancing rapidly each day, and it is difficult to keep pace with them. No matter how hard we try, we cannot read about them and thus to catch up, we need alternatives. Podcasts are one of the best mediums for doing the same!

There are a few people who think that podcasts are just for entertainment, well they are not wrong entirely as the informative podcasts have yet not gained popularity! But they are a great source of information and one-stop destination for those who seek to gather information in an interesting way. However, it is quite crucial to identify podcasts that actually help us gain valuable knowledge and not waste our time. So, here is a list of the best podcasts that you must listen to if you are genuinely interested in knowing more about machine learning and artificial intelligence:

1. Artificial Intelligence in Industry (Dan Faggella)

The average duration of these podcasts is 30 minutes, and in such a short span, Dan Faggella interviews experts of AI from all over the world and try to know about the applications and implications of AI. There are approximately 100 episodes of this and are quite a rich source of information.

podcast fro AI

Source: martechtoday.com

2. Concerning AI

This podcast focuses on slightly different area of AI, it tries to find out the threats and the negative influence that advancement of AI will have on our society. It also discusses on the topics such as whether we are ready for such advanced machines, will jobs get extinct for humans soon, and many others. Each podcast lasts for 20 to 40 minutes.

3. The O’Reilly Data Show

These podcasts get too technical at times, and is a great source for information for those who have considerable knowledge on the topic. The host Ben Lorica focuses on current issues each time. An average episode is of 20-60 minutes and if you have sound technical know-how, you’ll not even realize when the show ended!

OReilly Data Show

Source: www.stitcher.com

4. Learning Machines 101

The aim of this is to demystify the field of Artificial Intelligence. By listening to the podcast, you will get to know basic things about AI in an entertaining manner. The best thing about this podcast is that you need not be well-versed with the concepts of AI as it covers even the most basic questions that might arise on your mind.

5. Talking Machines

If you have recently inclined to learning about new technologies, then this podcast will be the best for you. An average episode in this lasts about 60 minutes and you can hear what the experts have to say about certain things. Although, it has not yet gained mass popularity, it will eventually match the level of others.

talking machine

Source: robohub.org

6. This Week in Machine Learning & AI

The current issues, topics and future scope of the same are discussed in this. This podcast is fairly popular and churns out topics smartly so that the listeners don’t feel left out. Moreover, the podcasts last only 45 minutes and you’ll not regret investing your time on this one!

7. Partially Derivative

This has been included in the last because they have recently stopped recording. However, you can go through their archives and get hold of the amazing topics that they have discussed about. The hosts Chris and Vidya have left no stone unturned to make this podcast interesting. We hope that they come back soon again and enlighten us more on the topics like, “The Future of Deep Learning” and “The Limits of Deep Learning”, not to forget their podcast on how AI is affecting the artists all over the world.

Partially Derivative

Source: soundcloud.com

These are a few of the best podcasts that are worth listening to. There are many more that you can listen to, and the content and the way of presentation varies. Don’t forget to scoop out time from your busy schedule and know more about your favorite topics. Also, mention if we have left any podcast that is informative enough.

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