Top Mental Health Podcasts To Listen To Right Now: Best Of 2023!

Binging is not just for Netflix or Amazon Prime anymore!

And believe me when I say that I have spent several hours just watching shows on these streaming platforms. For a long time, watching movies and shows was Number One on my “What to Do When You Are Feeling Lonely or Depressed?” list. But somewhere, I realized that I should rather focus on discovering & developing positive habits to improve my mood & be more focused. That’s exactly when I started listening to Podcasts about Mental Health, Self-Help & other inspiring ones. Now they’ve literally become my daily dose of encouragement & these top Podcasts have really helped me to overcome anxiety & other mental problems.

So, I’ll be sharing My Top 7 Favorite Podcasts to listen to about Mental Health. They cover different topics related to depression, self-care, self-help, anxiety, loneliness & much more that anybody wants to listen to for motivation & inspiration to lead in life.

List of Best Mental Health Podcasts 2023

Whether you are a seasoned mental health professional, a practitioner or just interested in all things psychological, there’s a podcast to listen to in our upcoming list.

1. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Admit it or not, several of us have dealt with mental & emotional traumas at some or the other point of our lives. Yet a few of us feel comfortable talking about it out loud. Mental Illness Happy Hour is one such top podcast to listen to, where host Paul Gilmartin aims to change the common stigma related to mental health. He invites popular celebrities & personalities to his shows, sharing their personal experiences of traumas & breakdowns.   

Favorite Episodes: The Mental Illness Happy Hour

  • Dating Anxiety, Loneliness & Reproductive Issues – Becky Feldman
  • FOMO, Shame & People Pleasing – Mary Holland
  • Chris Mancini – A Buffet Of Anxiety
  • Alt Depression Treatments – Shane Mauss

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

2. Calm Sage

Relatively new in the segment, Calm Sage has acquired a great market when it comes to spreading awareness about mental health, depression, anxiety & other issues. With the vision to help people, calm their minds & heal their lives with positive words, graphics, podcasts, webinar & personal chats, Calm Sage is a dedicated project to help people self-heal & improve overall health. Their podcasts focus on a new & more relatable approach to talk about mental wellbeing. You can even be a part of their open-discussions to interact with like-minded people every Wednesday on their Facebook Page.

Favorite Episodes: Calm Sage

  • Common Mental Health Myths & Facts
  • End of Heartache: Overcoming Heartbreaks & Relationship Failures
  • Channeling Positivity
  • Best Ways to Practice Self-Care Every Day (Because You Deserve It)

Calm Sage

 3. Mentally Yours

With mental health as an ongoing theme, Mentally Yours is an incredible podcast to listen to whenever you are feeling low. The platform hosts weekly podcasts where hosts chat about honest opinions on mental health. They even explore the role of the UK Government in dealing with mental problems, stress, grief, postnatal depression & money. You can listen to this best podcast on Spotify, iTunes & SoundCloud on every Sunday.

 Favorite Episodes: Mentally Yours

  • Actually Asking For Help
  • Nature Helps My Mental Health
  • Having A Healthy Relationship With My Phone
  • After An Abusive Relationship

mentally yours podcasts

 4. The Dark Place

Do you have a dark place? Do you ever feel alone? Well, this mental health podcast produced by Joel Kutz is all about confessing & sharing real-life stories about depression, anxiety, trauma & mental problems. The mental health podcast focuses on the tagline ‘You are not alone!’. The online podcast is all about encouraging people to come in front lines & speak about their mental health openly!

Favorite Episodes: The Dark Place

  • Being Brave with Jennifer Marshall
  • Teen Line (A Light Place)
  • Roominating with Ranjan Subbiah
  • Lizette: Honest Conversations about Mental Health, Depression & Anxiety

The Dark Place

5. The Hilarious World of Depression

A podcast about clinical depression . . . with laughs? Well, yeah, here’s another top podcast to listen to, The Hilarious World of Depression. It features a series of straightforward & fun conversations with top comedians who have dealt with mental health problems. First aired in 2016, the mental health podcast is well worth your time, if you are suffering from mental illness or just want to learn more about the world of depression.

 Favorite Episodes: The Hilarious World of Depression

  • Introducing Tremendous Upside
  • Depression’s Eleven Big Lies EXPOSED!
  • Jenny Lawson and Books That Get Depression Right
  • Jen Kirkman, Bad Therapy, Good Therapy, and Nuclear Invasion

The Hilarious World of Depression

6. Mental Health Today

A licensed therapist, John Cordray runs this mental health podcast. The host claims himself as ‘The Calm Expert’. The producer is passionate about helping & guiding people dealing with anger, depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress, lifestyle, relationship problems and whatnot. Generally, the podcast ranges from 20-30 minutes of duration, but once you subscribe to listen to this podcast, you’ll be all boosted up with lots of positive energy.

Favorite Episodes: Mental Health Today

  • JCS 001: Angry, Anxious, Happy: Find Out Which Zone You’re In
  • 085: Signs of Depression
  • JCS 055: How to Overcome Self-Doubt
  • 080: Is Anxiety Really a Thing
  • JCS 008: 5 Steps to Reframe Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking

Mental Health Today

7. Happy Place

Last but not least, Happy Place is a popular mental health podcast hosted by the author behind best-selling book, Happy, Fearne Cotton. The host has done a lot of popular TV Shows & has inclined himself to write & speak about mental health problems. It’s the Best Spotify podcast, aims to bring happiness in everyone’s life through candid conversations with people in the limelight. The conversations are all about managing their well-being & focus on aspects such as body positivity, motherhood, stress & recovery and similar topics.

 Favorite Episodes: Happy Place

  • By Erling Kagge
  • By Joe Wicks
  • By Hillary Rodham Clinton & Chelsea Clinton
  • By Niki Schilling

Happy Place

Which Is Your All-Time Favorite Podcast To Listen To?

While discussing mental health, illness & therapies, there’s literally a huge taboo around. Thankfully, there are some incredible trailblazers out there helping people to break the stigma. The more we talk about such issues, the less taboo they become. Hope you find these Top 7 Mental Health Podcasts informative & entertaining. Have any suggestions to add to this list?

Well, which is your favorite podcast to listen to relate to mental problems? Let us know in the comment section below & we’ll be happy to update our list!


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