Best Free Online Podcast Players 2023

A podcast is a radio and TV combined in general terms. It can be better defined as a series of audio and video files played on any device. Also known as netcast,  it lets its users download the complete series automatically as and when they are published.

You might be surprised to know how many people are using podcasts. It is a service where people come to listen or talk about anything in the world. Up for discussion, get into making your own podcast right now. All you need to do is create a channel and follow a bunch of accounts which can help you connect. There are a lot of audio & video streaming services available for free.

Best Free Online Podcast Players

Audiences regularly listen to the series podcasts and follow it with keen interest. Newbie to Podcast players? Need help in determining which Podcast Player is best for you. We discuss the best available online podcast players which are evidently free:

Player FM:

This is the most loved podcast players online, as it offers a large variety of podcasts every day. Player FM is available for web browsers and Android users. It has a feature that enables its users to get suggestions for podcasts as per their taste.

player FM

You can access them from anywhere as it can be played offline. A single account can be used for both phone app and web browsers. So you can freely listen to podcasts while driving your car as this does not need an online connection.

You can also use Chromecast to play the podcasts on your TV at home while relaxing. This is a great source of news, entertainment, live events coverages, etc. One might find it helpful if they love the idea of being accessible to the world. But what makes it genuinely likeable is the fact that it is ad-free, along with it supports Android Auto and WearOS. Continue with your podcast when heading out of the home on your Android phone, as it syncs the devices with your Google account.

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Cloud Caster:

Cloud caster helps sync your playlist and podcasts to give you better user experience. It has millions of plays being reported every year. It can be accessed from desktop and is supported by all smartphones therefore available on Google Play store and iOS. This can be added as an extension to your Google Chrome. It will keep the episodes in the records for you to resume it as it was left off.

Cloud Caster

Another distinct feature helps in deciding what would you like to hear next. As it shows you what are the other users listening to, as what’s trending. You can comment on your views for a podcast and read comments from others as well. Also, it offers you to choose from the categories- Education, news, business, science, history and many more.

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Apple Podcast:

Apple Podcast gets a due mention because of its wide approach. iPhone, iPads, Apple TV and iPod Touch all have the native app which is easy to access. So, you do not have to wander around sites to find out best podcasts. Apple Podcast currently is used in 155 countries and its content is spread in 100 languages.

Apple Podcast

It can be accessed on macOS and PC with the help of iTunes. It might come as a surprise but Apple Podcast is actually a user-generated show. If you want to submit your podcast, go ahead and create your content using your Apple ID. You will be happy to find out some original content here and not the cliche work.

You can tell the speed indicator to what rate it should be playing the videos for your comfort level of listening to podcasts. Apple Podcast stands out with another ‘feather in the hat’ feature called Spoken Word EQ Settings. It basically reduces the bass frequency and thus contributes to avoiding a lot of mic drops and harsh noises that occur in the podcasts.

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It is most commonly known as a streaming music platform giant. Some might not know that it also has a range of podcasts under the section “Shows”. It already got thousands of audio podcasts and now under the videos include short clips from TED talks, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Daily Show, etc.


With Spotify, users can have a music library and podcasts on the same app. It makes the competition tough for big names in Podcast players with this feature. It works on all platforms including smartphones, desktops, and tablets. It is ad-free streaming of podcasts for the Premium accounts. After being launched on Spotify, people are loving the podcasts provided by them. The user reviews are good therefore the company is bringing originals to Podcasts.

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If you have been around listening to Podcasts, you are familiar with Stitcher. For those who are new to it, Stitcher is a free service which focuses on news, informative podcasts and radio. It has over 2 million shows with NPR, the New York Times, Earwolf shows. You can schedule to watch the podcast shows a simple option of Listen Later.


It supports Alexa on Sonos speaker systems along with Android Auto for listening while traveling. So, be it at home or outdoors, you can listen to your Podcasts anywhere. It allows you to browse free on the computer and its free app is available for both Android and iOS. One tap reaches to downloads is what everybody is loving after its latest update.

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To conclude:

You can try all of the above-mentioned podcast players to find what’s best for you.  If you are an iOS user, Apple Podcast is what you must start listening to. Podcasts are useful for promoting the business and also showing your creativity if you want to make your own shows.

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